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How to restore the passion in a relationship - 15 effective ways


15 ways to restore the passion in your relationship. How do I get my husband to perceive you differently. Tips and tricks of seduction. Ideas for romance.

Recalling the beginning of your relationship, you wonder? Bright Goodbye, hot kisses, languid glances, passionate night constantly agitated your blood. Now things are very different now, coming home from work, you do not aspire to get into the arms of its second half? You experiencing that love is overOr worry about that at all, and initially made the wrong choice? You are thinking about what to do next and how people act in such situations?

In fact, nothing terrible happens. If the beginning of the relationship the passion is the main link - as long as the partners are not too much in common. If they match, then gradually relations to a qualitatively new level. You get not only a hot lover, but also a trusted friend, support. It goes without saying that the passion wears off, if not provoditprofilaktiku for its preservation. I delivered you from the feeling that something is wrong, will the novelty in the relationship. And how to make it? You are welcome to find out in this article.

15 ways to regain the passion

  1. Take care of yourself. This method should be applied in the first place,since it is no secret that most of the people started to live together, and are accustomed to, no longer take care of yourself as you did before. It is becoming the norm does not apply make-up, or walk around the house in baggy robe. Forget about it! Throw this "inventory" and go to the store for a beautiful, sexy and practical household suit. And leave makeup in the bathroom and in the morning, after washing, apply a light make-up, even if you're not going to leave the house. It will be of interest to the second half of your person. And do not forget to buy a couple of sexy dressing gowns and seductive lingerie sets. See also: How to become a mysterious and desirable for your beloved?
  2. In a healthy body healthy mind! Work out and try to attach it to your other half. Give physical activity at least 30 minutes a day - they increase the libido, besides help keep the body normally.
  3. Interior. According to psychologists - if you want to keepsexual life is not - make a bedroom in shades of gray. The same goes for the bright lights, spare parts - Remove all is not right in the other rooms - a bedroom environment should have a sex life, not prevent it. Buy a beautiful and pleasant bed linen - like silk or satin.
  4. Romantic dinner. Prepare dishes from aphrodisiacs productsApply for intimate lighting (candles arrange the room). Try to avoid overeating at dinner, bearing in mind the objectives of his mission - dinner should be a smooth transition into a passionate night. Be sure to wear something sexy.
  5. Take a break. Remove a good room in a suburban hotel andinvite to her lover - a new comfortable environment will give sharpness sensations. Better yet, if you will attach to such a date element of role-playing games - imagine yourself secret lovers. Get to the place apart.
  6. Seductive "buffet". You can suggest a favorite destination "table" - cream, honey and pieces of fruit, which must be overcome to achieve intimacy with you, set it to the desired fashion (if you know what we are).

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    Each has its own role.

    You always thought that the role-playing game - is somethingfunny / ridiculous / vulgar? And in vain! This is actually a great way to add spice to your body and overheated. After trying the role play once you'll want to continue and you will find new images and match situation.

  8. Nature. It is a good idea to go on a picnic in the picturesque, secluded spot. Soak up the country, Have sex - fresh air will contribute to this.
  9. Clean - the guarantee of health! Join her husband when he takes a shower - a powerful jet of water will set both the desired fashion. Sex in the shower will give you a great feeling!

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    Touch the inner core.

    Going to a party, disregardthe need to wear underwear, and on the road, let passion about it. You'll see - the consciousness of man to cloud your way - it will get you mentally undressing.

  11. Room is not for the faint of heart. This point follows from the above standing - beingvisiting, use your favorite clouded consciousness - Have sex, alone, for example, in the bathroom. Adrenaline Rush will provide you with a terrific orgasm.
  12. Jealousy. Assign a favorite rendezvous, inviting him toa restaurant. Carefully prepare for the event - hair style, dress and accessories should be as sexy and at the same time must not contain any hint of vulgarity. On you must pay attention to other men - it will wake the spirit of rivalry in your second half that positively impact on your relationship. Do not go too far with jealousy - it can lead to disastrous consequences. And then have to look for ways of dealing with male jealousy.
  13. The early bird catches. It gives a positive effect ... morning sex! It energizes the whole day, and brings incredible partners. Seduce your favorite chat before going to work - you will not regret!
  14. Car. Going on a long trip on your own car, make a stop at the snack, but instead be engaged in sex in the car.
  15. Through the shop. To help add variety and spice upsexual relations, will visit a sex shop - buy some erotic toys, a variety of exciting lubrication and actively use them during lovemaking.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the keyaspect of a healthy family life is communication. Do not forget to take an interest in the affairs and problems of a loved one, to share their experiences. Learn to feel each other, and will experience the family life only positive emotions !!!

If you have anything to add on this subject or want to share with us your ideas, leave your comments. We need to know your opinion!

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