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If the husband is an alcoholic ...


My husband is an alcoholic - a great sorrow for the family. Alcoholism - a disease for which treatment should be approached with the utmost seriousness. From the wisdom of his wife in many ways depends on the outcome of recovery

Alcoholism is a disaster that destroys destinyAlcoholics and people close to them. The burden of responsibility for the family and the salvation of the patient rests, as a rule, on the fragile shoulders of the wife. What should I do if my husband drinks? How to reach him and wean from the addiction? How to persuade her husband to stop drinking?

Why does alcohol control the mind?

Many women, faced with the disease of their own(And in fact alcoholism is nothing but a terrible disease), they are asking themselves why the husband drinks. You can write off everything for the lack of will and lack of character of the alcoholic, but all the same you have to dig deeper, that you understand the true motives that prompted your native person to seek happiness at the bottom of the bottle. Perhaps, having understood, why the husband drinks with friends every weekend, you can find the right words and convince him to begin treatment.

How to help her husband stop drinking? Realize what became the root cause of addiction. Below are listed the most common circumstances that prompt people to turn off the right path:

1. "Alcohol" is equal to "pleasure"?

If the husband is an alcoholic ...Your husband drinks every day, and it can not failCause panic anxiety in a loving wife. Perhaps, he is dependent on that sense of pleasure and euphoria, which invariably appear after getting alcohol into the body.

This substance acts on the brain centers. As a result, hormones of pleasure are produced, the alcoholic is completely relaxed and generally feels excellent. At this time, there is no thought of a hangover and a payment in the form of a reality that has collapsed from nowhere.

There are enough 100-150 grams of excitatoryDrink - and a wave of bliss overwhelms your head. As soon as you try to wean your husband to drink alcohol, but nothing happens. Probably, your influence on the spouse is not enough, you need to organize treatment in the conditions of strict control by doctors in a specialized clinic.

2. Life is a heavy burden

The modern world is cruel and full of difficulties. If your husband drinks every day, perhaps in this way he runs away from reality with her problems and adversities. Very often alcoholism begins to develop in periods when a person is put in a difficult situation. Acting boldly and decisively not everyone is able to.

When a man experiences extreme stress,Feeling of helplessness, insecurity or self-abasement, he begins to reach for the bottle. How to persuade her husband to quit drinking if getting acquainted with the "green snake" happened after the dismissal from work, the collapse of business or the death of a loved one?

What to do if thanks to a man of liquorGoes from having to make decisions and overcome the problems that have piled on the family? It is important to maximally support the spouse at the slightest attempts to take responsibility.

Is he taking any active steps to overcome the current situation? Great! Do not allow yourself a word of criticism, praise. Only love and support will help a man to get on track.

3. Alcohol as part of culture

If the husband is an alcoholic ...

Look closely at whom your spouse drinks every weekend.

Maybe he goes to his parents and, out of habit, acquired from a young age, discusses news with a bottle of vodka with them.

Your spouse is a recognizable person (an artist, an athlete with whom everyone wants to talk and drink) or a representative of the working profession, where it is customary to stay after work and "sit" in a male team?

Then, probably, the problem in the culture,Pushing your loved one to visit friendly gatherings. What to do if the husband drinks in the company of relatives, comrades or the first oncoming, so to speak, by inertia?

Show him other ways of communicating andEntertainment, let it be realized that in a cultural society people can do without doping in the form of alcohol. Try to break the vicious circle and change the conditions in which your life goes on.

4. Blame all the character. Or lack of character?

Every weekend you persuade your manTo think better and stay at home with children, but he goes to friends-drinking companions. Every time after drinking, you hear assurances that you will not see him again in a state of insanity. But these are only words, and everything happens again and again.

Think about how emotionally stable yourMan. Perhaps he is weak in spirit and simply can not say "no" to the persistent proposals of his friends. A weak-willed husband becomes more confident when alcohol acts on him.

Does your father, mother, brothers or sisters drinkLife partner? Does he have a specific heredity in the issue of alcohol consumption? To people from the risk group, even small doses of alcohol are contraindicated.

How to identify alcoholism?

The disease can be distinguished from an innocent habit occasionally to miss a glass of a second beer in the company of friends on a number of signs:

  • If the husband is an alcoholic ...The partner drinks regularly - at least twice a week;
  • Lies about the amount drunk, minimizing the consumed dose of alcohol;
  • Now the amount drunk for an evening more than a few years ago in a similar situation;
  • When you start talking about drunkenness, the spouse reacts aggressively;
  • Does not hold back promises not to drink;
  • Cases of heavy alcohol intoxication have become more frequent;
  • After drinking, a loved one behaves aggressively and rudely;
  • There are dips in memory;
  • Drunkenness lasts for several days;
  • In a sober state, the spouse is depressed, is in search of a means to calm;
  • Problems at work become an excuse for consuming alcohol.

If many of the signs match yourSituation, we can say with certainty that there is an addiction that needs to be treated. How to force a husband to stop drinking, if he does not realize that he is sick? Consult an experienced narcologist who will advise on how to behave. Independently, you probably will not cope with the problem.

Algorithm of actions

Next, consider step by step how to help her husbandQuit drinking and return to normal. The main thing is not to press and be wise. Until a loved one decides to heal, no sound arguments will affect the situation. It is necessary to have patience and try to push the man to the correct decision by all his actions. Think about the causes of the problem.

What gave the impetus and prompted the partner to go beyond the normal behavior? Understanding the situation will help you choose the right strategy.

How to force the husband to stop drinking without provoking aggression on his part? Operate consistently:

  • If the husband is an alcoholic ...Do not ignore the problem. Often, wives cover their spouses, considering it shameful to "take the rubbish out of the hut." Understand, denying the obvious, you only aggravate the situation;
  • Get away, loving. Do not need to cut a man, threaten him and make hysterics. Become a support for your spouse, and he will think about whether it's worth to drink, if with him such a woman! Make it clear that you love and are ready to accept your loved one as he is, but alcoholism is a problem, so there will be no compromises. Let the alcoholic husband understand that the problems arising through the fault of the "green snake", he will have to decide on his own;
  • Apply penalties as if you are raising a child. Here you need to feel the measure and not recoup for your nerves and suffering. Let the sanctions be adequate and only in the case;
  • Try to form a positive motivation. Ultimatums, especially voiced drunk with a clouded mind, as a rule, do not bring the desired effect. They simply do not work. Help the patient imagine what prospects will open if he quit drinking. Friends, relatives, children can come to the aid - significant people who use authority;
  • Help the spouse, if he decided to stand onThe right way: take him to the narcologist, stay close while he is in treatment, support the "dry law" in the family during the rehabilitation of the house. Bring changes in your life, so that you will never face a terrible problem, which is the alcoholism of your loved one!

Do not seek excuses for the one who drinks overMeasures. Alcohol in large quantities is detrimental to the body, destroys a person from within, destroys families. Do not risk the relationship and health of the closest and dearest to you men, act wisely!

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