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How to get rid of her husband's mistress


How to trick helps in the war against her husband's mistress. How to deal with an opponent, if you intelligent? When a man's time to end the relationship on the side? Danger mistress-psychopath

Fatal razluchnitsa or "moth"- her husband's mistress will always be a rival, subject to liquidation. Want to know how to get rid of her husband's mistress - connect psychology.

How to get rid of her husband's mistress once and for all

How to get rid of her husband's mistressThere are several tactical tips that will help discourage a husband from going left.

Take the wife of family affairs, so thatHe absolutely did not have time for amorous adventures. Repair, education of children, the need to earn more, a long and distant rest of the whole family - all this requires maximum involvement "Walking"Men. If he is a good family man, he will make a choice in favor of the family, if not - act the other way.

Arouse in the husband fastidiousness towardsTo foreign women in general or to a particular person - his passion. The method is good in the case when he is not aware of your awareness. Do you personally know your opponent? Excellent! Tell your husband accidentally what kind of sloven she is, put her suspicions about possible uncleanliness in bed and - a murderous way - about sexually transmitted diseases.

The psychology of these methods is simple. A man does not want to have a close relationship with a loser. And his opinion can be helped by playing "Dirty game"Rumors and conjectures. As she does with you, so are you with her. There is nothing to be celebrated here.

5 ways to intelligently get rid of her husband's mistress

For many women to hunt down a couple of rented apartments and arrange for them small tricks means hitting your face in the mud.

The levels of communication are different for everyone, and if you do not want to start "War"In the spirit of the Mexican TV series, do as you do in high society:

  • If she is married or in a serious relationship,Tell her about this to her partner. He, like you, has the right to know. And in a way, you do him a favor. If he practices unprotected sex with her, then he must know that he is not the only man in her bed;
  • Confront it with the public. Do not make big scenes, but you have to let her know that she's acting meanly. If she has at least a drop of decency, she will be ashamed to destroy someone else's family;
  • If you are friends - stop communication. Do not deny her existence, after all, she may have a desire to explain in an amicable way. But in the old way everything can not be. The bet here, again, on her conscientiousness and decency;
  • Give her the man. Having received it completely at its disposal for 24 hours a day, it will quickly understand what "happiness" has fallen on it. Mistresses prefer to have a good time, but hate to share life with their victims. Very quickly, she will abandon him and put her suitcases on the street;
  • Direct and concrete way, which is possible inRare cases - when you can really influence her life, alone or through relationships. Arrange for her at work a transfer to another city, an internship abroad, a doubling of the working schedule. This will separate your husband from her physically - and the question will be closed.

When and how can a man get rid of a mistress?

How to get rid of her husband's mistressMost men judged by surveys and interviews inMagazines, consider the best moment of the gap the next day after the act of treason. The main calculation in this for married - wife will be much easier to forgive a single sex on the side, find out about what happened.

If the romance is protracted, the man gets into "scissors": Remains with his mistress - will break his wife's life, give up his passion - he risks gaining the enemy in her face. And abandoned lovers are known to be capable of cruel and protracted revenge.

As soon as you become aware of The husband's novel On the other, every minute you look for an opportunity to convey to him a simple truth - the earlier he interrupts the relationship, the quieter and safer everything ends.

Caution! Mistress-psychopath and how to recognize her

Do not mess with this type of women, even ifSure you want to compete with them for a man. Perhaps your husband himself is not happy that he got involved in the story with an abnormal lady, so do not let him hide behind your "Wide back".

Wanted to the left - let him get out, and you're not his fighting friend, but his wife, mother of children and the keeper of the family hearth, and therefore you can not spend your energy fighting the feverish hysterics.

To find out that the rival is potentially dangerous to your nerves and capable of inadequate actions, for example, harassment, threatening calls, etc., you can by several signs.

Firstly, such women can not restrain their emotions and from the first day of the novel they attack your husband with their "The fluids of passion". From here come all these public confessions of love, romantic gifts-badges in "Classmates", The desire to learn about her forbidden passion with your husband, if possible, the whole world.

Secondly, psychopaths perversely see reality. Your husband could say nothing about this, but this woman is already shouting at you to the phone that she is planning a girl and a boy from your husband that he has almost started repairing her at the dacha and next week they are going to Paris.

Of course, every man has something to promise a mistress, but psychopaths fantasize about what in life can not be.

How to get rid of her husband's mistressThirdly, they are too suspiciously craveCommunication not only with your husband, but with you and even your children. At first it surprises, then offends, and, finally, you can become scared of persecution.

In critical situations, there is only one way,How to get rid of a lover-psycho-patient - to file an application with the law enforcement agencies about harassment and encroachment on private life, it is possible and about hooliganism, if that was the case. This is guaranteed to stop the raging lady, and you can calmly deal with her husband.

Fight for conjugal happiness is not a matter ofEasy, so be patient and constantly monitor your emotions. If such an excerpt seems to be a feat, think about the years of calm life ahead, for which it is worth to pull yourself together.

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