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How to meet a loved one: recommendations of psychologists


Every woman wants to be happy. But how to meet a loved one? To do this, there are a few guidelines that will help attract happiness

No wonder there is a saying: "Opposites attract." Many of us have noticed that there are couples who seemingly totally incompatible: it is a boor and she intelligent, he sloven, but it pedant, etc. In fact, it is not so simple... We always criticize someone for what is really in ourselves and there. For example, do not like greed, hence, can be found at the line of avarice. So, it turns out that there are couples who are unhappy with.

But what to do to really meetthe perfect man? Firstly, to be ready for a change. After all, if you change your outlook, then, and people around us will be treated in a different category altogether. Second, relax. Do not get nervous and worry due to the fact that the ideal does not appear on the horizon. Everything has its time.

As recommended by psychologists?

What you need to do to meet the guy, and one who would be a potential husband? This question is of interest to many.

That is why psychologists have deduced a set of rules that will help deal with this problem:

  1. How to meet a loved one: recommendations of psychologistsNerve cells do not regenerate. Expectations should be adequate. If a man has not called or presented flowers, do not worry. Firstly, it could interfere with, any objective reason, for example, at work, there was a meeting, or to the salary left just a couple of days.

Negative reaction - is when our expectations are notuntrue. Rather than kick up a row, you can subtly hint at his desires. It should be treated with indulgence to the shortcomings of others.

But if negative emotions still attacked, thenyou need to escape as much as possible. You can use the best known way to relax - to go shopping, as well as an alternative - to do the cleaning. Physical activity is always a distraction from negatives.

There is a very good phrase: "If a person does not love you the way you want it, it does not mean that he does not love you". Scandals and proceedings will not help fixthe current situation, but the humor will avoid negative emotions. Especially eternally dissatisfied people radiate from him this pessimism, which is why around trying to stay away from them;

  1. Before you meet really loveda man must learn to forgive people. In fact, this quality is very important in building any relationship. Offense carries a destructive effect primarily on very offended. And all negative emotions accumulate and threaten to further go into neurosis.

In such situations, good to be selfish whenI understand that any abuse shall not be any benefit. But here we must be sincere. If the emotions are there, they exist and they should not be hidden. But, if they are absent, then there may be a little play to the audience. But the main thing is not to overreact.

It is necessary to focus onPositive moments to remember the good deeds. Whatever the sad past experience was not to be considered a person with only good side, especially a man. By the way, this approach helps to increase "quality" potential suitors. All the people who are near us, are a mirror of our own personality;

  1. "I want him to be ..." and now there should be very careful in their wishes. Even the most Positive character traits in extreme become negative. For example, a girl impressed with the care the men, but overprotection begins to give to individual freedom. There is a great expression: "For that fought for it and ran".

How to meet a loved one: recommendations of psychologistsIt is important and necessary to give thought,which can be expressed in words. If a woman is constantly berates men for various negative phenomena, for example, greed and lust, then the probability that it will fall just such "Sweetheart"It is very high.

In order to meet her lover, it is necessarydo the following - forget about the negative feelings about the men's shortcomings. Yes, it's hard, but who said that to meet his fate so easily?

The main thing to remember that all thoughts are material, and allour words come back like a boomerang. Therefore, if you want to find a favorite prince with all the qualities of entitlements, and the thoughts should be of an appropriate nature of all men.

  1. We need to dream in moderation. Yes, we have already noted that their partner should only be considered in a positive direction. But do the cult of his personality is still not worth it. For example, a woman wants to meet her husband - that he had a prestigious job, and achieved a certain social status. This is called Adequate dream, but regenerate it in a maniacal idea is not worth it. To learn that a search of the favorite meeting degenerated into a cult, is it clear to whom is now drawing attention - only for rich men or the middle class is also included in the category search?

Dream must be able to let go, not hold on to her stranglehold;

  1. Keep in mind that each person has hisstrengths and weaknesses, over which should work. If there is a desire for a husband to men, then a man will appreciate the sincerity of feelings. Here we have in mind that finding a ideal, it is not necessary to study it in detail habits and habits in order to best meet them. Pretending sooner or later will come out to the outside.

It is better to develop your interesting qualities, to find a zest in yourself. Then the person will become interesting to others, which means that the probability of meeting a beloved man will increase significantly;

  1. How to meet a loved one: recommendations of psychologistsYou need to be able to think positively. Sincere laughter, a positive outlook on life, skill with
    Humor to take any failure - all this is a pledgeHappy meeting. In fact, if a person is filled from the inside with a positive, then the surrounding feel it. Firstly, such a mood helps to endure life's troubles more easily, well, and secondly, a dull person will attract the same bore to himself.

Also it is necessary to develop your erudition. "I want to meet a rich beloved man, so that I do not need anything!".

Secured people who have achieved everything with their own hands, appreciate the mind and erudition in others. Few need a beautiful, but stupid woman.

Therefore, you have to read books, and if there is a desire to completely conquer the heart of a loved one, then you need to delve into specialized literature that is related to his business;

  1. Trust is the key to success! To make yourself happy, and also your chosen one, you should learn to trust people. If you want a secure life, then you have to accept that a man needs to stay at work, especially when he has his own big business. Do not ask unnecessary questions about where he was and with whom. Sooner or later such behavior will start to irritate and then scandals threaten to end with a break in relations. Especially this behavior is dangerous at the initial stages, when everything is still fragile.

A loved one should be able to let go. If he needs to relax with his friends, a woman must understand this and let go, because she also has her own way of rest, which can be expressed in sitting with her friends.


The main thing to do is select the object of claimsShould be a worthy man and know what to do to meet your loved one. The couple should not look at each other, but in one direction, and then they will always have harmony, mutual understanding and respect.

If you listen to all these moments, then inSoon meet a real beloved man who will not get his negative and pessimistic attitude to this life, but bring harmony and happiness to your life, beautify the world with bright colors!

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