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Effective people management


Understanding how to manage people makes life much easier. Learn how to do it correctly and efficiently, you can from our article

Managing people has a fairly broad conceptAnd borders. It can be knowledge of how to properly manage people at work, at work, in some subdivision, at the scale of corporations and public organizations, in relations between colleagues, business partners, in a seller-buyer relationship or, for example, in a family , Among neighbors, friends and acquaintances.

In any situation and relationship there may be some influence of a person who has the ability to control others.

Psychology of human management

Effective people managementKnowing how to manage people gives the person additional serious opportunities that can be transformed into material benefits or moral satisfaction.

Examples of this are many, if carefullyLook around. So, the most popular and rich politicians are those who are able to manage well, or even manipulate others.

It is this skill that brings politics to the top of popularity, which it can already successfully use, sell or exchange.

However, examples of manipulation can be observed inMore familiar to all circumstances, for example, in family relationships. Everyone is familiar with the situation when a child can influence his parents by hysterics among passers-by on the street. In this case, he will receive everything that he asks.

Many people have an innate ability to control, and some need to learn this art in order to use it effectively and unnoticed for their own purposes.

The psychology of human management is a whole science,Which is studied by all who want to achieve success in their careers, personal lives, as well as for those who want to stealthily and successfully manage people in personal relationships.

Plus and minus

Effective people managementIt is not always worthwhile to put a minus sign to the words "control"And"Manipulation". After all, these actions are aimed at obtaining a result that would satisfy us, but these are not always bad goals.

Management can relate to professional relationships in the team, or the relationship between people in love.

In the formation of a good family relationship orUnexpected situations in the company of unfamiliar people, always stand out and achieve the maximum exactly those people who are able to manage primarily by themselves and partners.

With the help of manipulation it is possible to achieve bothBad, and good goals. It goes without saying that in this case, in different cases, the people from whom this is sought will experience either comfort or discomfort, or maybe disgust.

As with any object that is in good handsCreates, and in evil - destroys, the art of controlling people in everyday life or at work will either make a person desirable and popular, or he will be quietly hated if he presses on feelings of guilt or fear, achieves his blackmail, threats and deceit. The boundaries of manipulation are chosen by everyone according to their own conscience.

Management Rules

  • Train

We need to understand for ourselves that all the rulesManipulation requires regular application. It's like a juggler: until the reception is perfected to automatism, it will not bring the performer any desired result, nor pleasure.

Therefore, in order to achieve the perfection of the art of management, it is simply necessary to regularly repeat the foundations.

  • Do not be shy and not afraid

Many people who overcame resistance and decided to use this skill in practice, brakes fear. To overcome it, there are special tricks.

The simplest, which experts advise,To imagine effective results and future success that can be achieved by overcoming fears. The motivation for acquiring confidence in this case is greatly increased.

  • Find charisma

It's no secret that a huge impact on peopleHave charismatic personalities. Charisma is the inner strength and beauty of a person, this is his energy and uniqueness, which distinguishes the possessor of this feature from others. All known and famous people who influenced or influenced destinies, this does not take away.

Charisma made dictators adored by theirPeople, and ordinary people with shortcomings - idols. If you find such a unique feature in communicating with other people, in time to start using it, then to achieve success in managing people will only be a matter of technology. It can be a charming smile, a beautiful posture, certain turns of speech.

  • Effective people managementArrange the interlocutor

By setting a goal for yourself - influence, you needArrange the interlocutor to yourself, so that he feels comfortable in communication. Stay next to him in an open comfortable and similar to his pose, deliberately repeating his gestures and words.

Thus, it is possible to arrange from the first minutesPerson for understanding and possible manipulation. Next, it is necessary to observe the gradual relaxation of a person in his behavior and postures, approving his actions, leading him to adopt his own, but necessary solution to the manipulator.

As is known, people often listen toInterlocutors very similar to themselves. As a result, having achieved apparent similarity and establishing trust with the interlocutor, you can see that now he begins unconsciously to copy your behavior, that is, he takes an example from the authority he just created.

  • Learn more about your partner

Having reached such a position, when a person is readyUnconsciously support the manipulator, it is necessary to find out from him how he makes decisions, what criteria he puts forward for their approval. This is how successful sellers act by manipulating the client's knowledge, which can be obtained by placing it in their own known ways.

Using this knowledge and wrapping them in a beautifulWrapper, you can so represent the information received that the client will simply have no choice but to buy the offered goods. There is another side: one who wants to control people should be able to listen to them. Many people are very fond of talking about themselves. Use this.

  • Believe in your own words

To influence the interlocutors, so that they believe inThat which is represented to them as a blessing, it is necessary to state it convincingly enough, and for this it is necessary to believe in it. One must be ready to disharmony in the soul, if the information you are trying to instill does not correspond to the truth, and it is difficult or unusual for you to do this.

In other words, if a person does not believe inHis words, it will be difficult for him to inspire others by offering them an idea. There is such a belief that a person can withstand any "how" if he clearly understands "why".

  • Thanks

Having reached the desired goal, and hoping for furtherAchievement and victory, it is necessary to express their gratitude to people, so that they feel their importance and irreplaceability. Gratitude really does wonders and even sometimes replaces material encouragement.

However, it should in no case be a permanent substitute for it, and abuse in this matter is fraught with consequences, up to the breaking of communication and loss of control over people.

  • Controlling emotions

Relations with people are not always built smoothly, but any Uncontrollable emotions Can break the harmonious system of people management. To successfully influence others, you need self-control and self-control.

In conclusion, it should be said that science does not stand still and modern psychology can offer newer techniques that will help in knowing how to learn how to manage people.

A separate niche is occupied by the books of Paul Ekman. For a detailed study and improvement of the art of management, start with them.

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