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Learning to relax emotionally and psychologically


You need to relax - these words are surely heard repeatedly by each of us. At first glance it seems - what could be simpler? However, to relax without harming yourself, you still have to be able to

Our excessively active life with a constantStress and stress can lead to serious health problems. Every person needs periodic relaxation and rest. Unfortunately, in most cases this concept is inextricably linked with a great waste of money and alcohol. It is worth considering how you can relax in simple home conditions, without huge costs and the use of harmful substances for the body.

Learning to relax emotionally and psychologically

How to relax without alcohol

For many people, alcohol seems to be the onlyAn effective solution to any psychological problem. Indeed, its effect on the brain makes it possible to calm down for a while. However, after its action is over, our brain suffers from a lack of concentration and activity. As a result, the next day we get tired even more.

If you are serious about your ownHealth, then think about how to learn to relax at-home and completely harmless means. If you include the imagination, it turns out that there are a lot of activities that allow you to relax psychologically or physically.

If finances permit, you can go toMassage parlor or swimming pool. If you want to calm down and get distracted from daily business without extra costs, then you can wear sports clothes and sneakers, and make a small circle in the yard. This will not only bring the thoughts in order, but also help maintain the body in shape.

If you do not want to go out into the street, you might think how to effectively relax at home. And apply for this to yoga classes. It is attractive because after performing fairly simple, but requiring physical efforts, it is time to meditate under pleasant music. This allows you to relax with your whole body and free your brain from extraneous obsessive thoughts.

It is worthwhile to give some more methods, how to relax without alcohol in your own home:

  • Reading jokes and funny stories;
  • Viewing a light television show;
  • Listening to your favorite music;
  • Cooking delicious food;
  • House cleaning;
  • Taking a shower or a bath;
  • Doing sports, yoga, gymnastics;
  • Massage;
  • Playing a guitar, synthesizer or other instrument;
  • Computer games;
  • Board games;
  • Solving crossword puzzles.

In fact, there are over 200 ways to learn how to relax after a hard day's work. In this case, it is not necessary to go to the store for beer or wine.

Relax the mind and body before sex

If you live with a loved one, then one of the ways to relax can be having sex. However, as psychologists say, very few know how to really relax During this lesson and get the maximum pleasure from it. It is interesting to reflect on what it is related to, and how to relax during sex, in order to get an influx of energy on the next day.

To begin with, remember that sex is not easyPhysical exercises for two. Sex is the union of bodies and two minds, this is the physical expression of love. In many religions, sex is a special ritual meaning. So why not learn how to learn to relax during this already enjoyable lesson. After all, the kisses and embraces of a loved one magically remove all the fatigue and stress that has accumulated over the whole day.

Learning to relax emotionally and psychologicallyTo get the maximum pleasure and selfSex did not seem boring, should be pre-prepared. To get rid of obsessive thoughts about the past day, you can go to the shower or enjoy a fragrant bath with oils and foam. This will clear the body and mind. Moreover, for any woman it is very important to always look beautiful. And to relax before sex, knowing that you look tired and not particularly attractive, it is very difficult.

It is impossible to ignore the surroundingSituation. Muffled light, soft bed and erotic underwear will quickly calm down and forget about oppressive problems. In addition, such an entourage will give additional excitement for both partners.

If the head does not leave the intrusiveThoughts about problems and daily affairs, it is worth giving in to sexual dreams and fantasies. Our brain is designed so that even the mental experiences and representations of sexual scenes allow you to have some fun. That is why it is important to pay special attention to the issue, as Maximally relax before having sex with a loved one.

7 Ways to Relax Before You Go to Sleep

If there is a problem with sleeping, insomniaOr nightmares, you should reconsider your evening classes. For example, watching mystical films or thrillers does not allow you to relax in a dream, because our brain is trying to digest the information. And if the film left a lot of vivid impressions, then insomnia and no further rash is guaranteed.

Therefore, it is worth considering how to learnRelax in the evening and how to properly prepare for bed. After all, from healthy dreams depends on the recovery of the next day. If the night is not successful, then for the morning will be felt insuperable apathy and, as a consequence, a strong decrease in productivity and mood.

If you have a favorite pastime or hobby, then it's time to pay attention to it - it's in the evening before Sleep.

Below are listed the actions that help to calm down quickly and bring your mind in order:

  • Reading your favorite books;
  • Listening to classical music;
  • View cartoons;
  • Walk on the street;
  • Embroidery or knitting;
  • Gathering puzzles;
  • Painting.

All of these classes are suitable for home use, when you can put on your favorite soft pajamas and completely give yourself to what you like most.

When you turn off the light and go to a soft bed, but still can not fall asleep, try to prepare yourself psychologically to get sweet and joyful Dreams. To do this, you can put into practice meditation and complete relaxation of the body. Learning how to do it is very simple.

For this it is sufficient to use the following step-by-step instruction:

  • Lie down and close your eyes;
  • Adopt a comfortable position and allow the muscles to fully relax;
  • Align breathing, it must be smooth and deep;
  • To pay attention to the left leg, to feel how each of its cells relaxes from the fingers to the thigh;
  • Do the same with the right foot, hands, abdomen, chest and neck;
  • Pay special attention to relaxing your head;
  • Learning to relax emotionally and psychologicallyWhen the body is completely relaxed, it is as bright as possible to imagine how you leave it lying on the bed, and yourself, being weightless, go up;
  • Present how your house, city, country looks like from the top;
  • Mentally go to the ocean and visualize the flight over its surface;
  • Try to hear his noise and feel the touch of water.

Such visualizations will help to calm down quicklyAnd relieve nervous tension. When you try to clearly present a picture of the city or water, try to hear the surf noise or feel the touch of water, then your brain simply can not be distracted by the comprehension of problems. Therefore, meditation, as Way, is an excellent solution to quickly relax before going to bed.

If you know another way, how can you quicklyCalm down and relax as much as possible, then be sure to try it out and share it with others. But remember that our body needs a healthy rest, because only so he can stock up on us with new energy the next day.

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