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What is envy


Not only you can meet people who are not faced with such a feeling as envy. Need to know: envy is destructive acts if and when he envy you

Envy - it's just a human feeling, in most cases negative. It prevents a person to develop a destructive effect on the psyche, does not enjoy life.

What is envyOf course, there are times when jealousy gives rise toactions, and use it to succeed - this is called the white envy - but mostly it degrades the quality of life. And it does not matter, jealous or envious of himself. The problem of how to get rid of their own and human envy, need to be addressed immediately, as soon as the feeling becomes obvious.

How to understand that envy was born?

In this feeling just to see. As soon as you begin to notice for themselves, that with relish taking part in the conversation, during which for the eyes discusses the behavior and actions of a friend or colleague, presenting them in black, at night for a long time can not sleep, remembering the success of familiar or unfamiliar people, it can be diagnose - illness "envy".

Becoming an object of human envy, it immediately feel myself. Around constantly spreading gossip, learn about yourself "a lot of interesting".

Is it possible to cope with their own negative emotions and prevent adverse side promises?

Multicoloured envy

Before you begin to solve the problem. how to get rid of feelings of envy, should be found, and how it manifests itself.

Adopted this feeling "paint"In different colors:

  • White. It is considered even a good sense - ostensibly so the admiration expressed. But in fact it is based on a comparison of himself with the more fortunate. But this is bad. Every person - a person, and it should not be equal to the others;
  • Grey. The feeling, which is not suspected. But here he's met someone, compared - even accidentally - and a bad mood;
  • Black. This is the worst type of negative emotions, which leads to self-destruction, and sometimes pushing the path of crime. Why do not, why do not I? And then in the course are all sorts of actions aimed at bring about the destruction of the man, who jealous. The object of black envy be scary;
  • Green. This satisfaction because envy, trying to emulate, contempt for those who are watching, open-mouthed, and hatred of those who try to denigrate or hinder. At the same time the negative feelings are trying to cause intentionally, demonstrating the superiority;
  • Yellow. This film, which is clearly felt by the people around them. It's frustrating: every word is submitted for discussion, actions examined under the microscope. This attitude causes complexes.

What is envyHow to get rid of his envy and the people around them? There are psychological techniques to help cope with negative emotions.

How to discard the negative emotions

Do not feed the envy positive. How to explain this? Some, noting at the negative destructive feeling, trying to stop himself such arguments: "Bob richer, but I have a better education, better Lisa sings and I, on the other hand, better dancing, nothing to envy". No "but"Should not be. Bob just richer, and it is not necessary to think about how he got this wealth. Lisa just have a good singing. All.

Sometimes there is a negative feeling becauseunfulfilled expectations, due to the misconception of justice. Constantly I think it is unfair that someone puts less work and get more wealth. Why not me? - Inevitably comes to mind. Why not think about what someone else is worse?

That someone talented is not able toshow your talent and someone who works at times more, but lost due to the rough and tumble of life. The world in general is unjust. How to distribute the fate of a higher power, we understand not given. Do not envy those who are better. You just live. And, preferably, to help those who are worse.

We must learn to rejoice in others' successes,to share other people's interests are not in terms of his own self. It's great if something someone happened to commend someone on merit. Hence, there is a chance that the next time will be noticed and rewarded just for you. It should be noted that compassion is easier than to share the joy and wonder, and why?

Why, now if you would like a good man isspoil the mood? Once you learn to be honest with others, openly showing emotion, envy is not necessary. Excellent help to cope with their own negative compliments. Sincere interlocutor smile makes you forget about the fact that not long ago in his own soul was conceived dark feeling.

If you can not think why someone better,prettier, faster, more capable, and begin to improve ourselves, to remember and envy will be no time. In other good car? Improve skills, find new and promising jobs, earn, save ...

Yes, God is with her, with the machine, there is an interestingmanufacturing task! Or a friend has a good figure, I sit on a diet and going to the gym. And then, what's the girlfriend figure, and I meet her once. I painted all day every minute, due to a change in appearance has a new fan.

The next step is to get rid of envy - to understandthat is self-sufficient person with a unique spiritual qualities and abilities of the individual. It is required to determine its own path and go precisely to the target, without thinking about what is given to others. They, too, identity, and they have their own way of life.

If a mistake is committed - it is your fault thatunique. There can be identical purposes. Even there are different ways to achieve goals in a professional environment. Each individual develops in their own way.

When it comes to material things, it is necessaryevaluate, and which, strictly speaking, jealous? Most likely, if he wanted to have the same, it would surely be gathered and purchased. Something is stopping you? For example, a friend bought a beautiful dress that looks great on her. Will this dress also look to you? Or a friend's expensive car, which I would like to have, but ...

Really worth a look at things. Maybe, you know, you do not want to think about what the car can steal, hit the road, and it will require large cash infusions. Sometimes the desire to possess is the desire to not because of lack of funds, but because you know - not yours. So why not have the courage, and do not express this idea openly?

If you try to call himself the envy of otherspeople, you need to think about, and why? Camouflage complexes, self-doubt, to explain some solitude? Yes, where such ideas can come from, if people admire, look "bottom-up"? If you stop to show superiority, and people will be pulled, and bad thoughts have no place.

To take concrete steps

What is envyBrief is to formulate principles that tell us how to get rid of envy:

  • you need to understand for yourself that brings joy and makes you happy;
  • All own energy and force to send to the goal;
  • stop to look at the enemies and try them to prove anything;
  • obstacles should be taken as an opportunity to relax and look around.

And then life will be no place for suchlowly feelings like envy, and someone else will get the negative side. Healthy selfishness, respect for others and a sense of purpose - that is the basic recipe for the destruction of a negative feeling.

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