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Happinnes exists! Drink and sleep ...


How to find happiness - hardly even any question was worried people more. And what about this thought by modern science?

"How to find happiness, how to find happiness ... I do not know. I'll go eat something".

Happinnes exists! Drink and sleep ...You have never paid attention to an interesting life law: the simpler the question, the more difficult it is to answer it?

  • How to switch the synchrophasoid high-temperature spoiler on neodymium crystals to the cold-normalization mode at normal atmospheric pressure?
  • Press the blue button.

And now let's try to answer the simplest questions:

  • Why do we live?
  • What is good and evil?
  • What will happen to us when we leave the earthly world?

Tons of paper, parchment and papyrus were written down by thinkers with ink tanks in search of an answer to these questions, without approaching their solution by one iota. Among such questions are "How to find happiness". Only in contrast to the abstract questions of philosophy, the answer to this question is literally vitally important, after all, how can life be considered to be full, lived without happiness?

What is happiness?

In order to answer our main question,We can not do without talking about what exactly we are going to find. If we ask friends about what is happiness, then what are we likely to hear?

  • When everyone is alive and well;
  • When you are understood;
  • To visit there, where for a long time dreamed;
  • Wake up next to a loved one.

Well, and so on. But if you think about it, it's just a description of external influences, circumstances and events that people perceive as happiness, but we did not learn anything about the phenomenon as such. For many years, while only philosophers were concerned with the matter, the question of the nature of bliss was open. And then, finally, the biologists took up the matter.

A number of experiments wereWas the study of the brain activity of experimental animals under the influence of various environmental factors. The result was the discovery of substances produced by the brain, called endorphins or hormones of happiness.

Endorphins are thrown into the brain supplying the brain with the pituitary gland, and, having got into certain zones of the brain, called "Pleasure centers"Cause a response depending on the concentration. A different dose of hormones of joy can cause the subject to have a whole range of feelings from mild joy to ecstasy.

It would seem that the last step remains until the acquisitionUniversal bliss - ate a pill with a stimulant for the production of endorphins - and is happy. But let's think about what the world will turn into, in which in order to find happiness, it will only be enough to eat a pill? You do not need anything to achieve, work, create, love, give birth to children, ate a pill - and you are happy. I would like you to live in such a world.

However, you do not even need to strain your imagination, "Pills of joy"Exist, and they even differ in strength from completely homoeopathic"Pills" before "Potions", Containing killer (in the literal sense) concentration of bliss. «Slaughter jellyfish"Is alcohol and drugs.

These substances or their decay productsStimulate the production of endorphins, thus causing a state of euphoria. Look at the appearance and lifestyle of alcoholics and drug addicts (of course, it is better not to live) - that's the effect of the blissful tablets in reality, and not in fantasy novels.

Concerning "Homeopathic joy pills", Then these are some products, especially sweet, especially chocolate. So dependence on food and sweets in particular is really akin to narcotic. «Get off the fork"Is a little easier than"With a needle". Although by and large the same can be said about any dependence.

I think you will agree that the artificial stimulation of pleasure centers is clearly not our method, the result is very unseemly. We will go to happiness to others, in a natural way.

Why do we need happiness?

Happinnes exists! Drink and sleep ..."Well, how is this, why is it necessary ?! So this is ... for happiness!"- for certain you will be surprised. But this is from the point of view of man as an individual, but what do we see from the point of view of man as a biological species? What is the biological function of the pleasure of joy in general, and their highest form - happiness? After all, if you look for a natural way to happiness, you must understand what is its natural purpose.

As a living being learns, "What is good and what is bad"? What is good for him, and what is quite the opposite? For this, there are two signals - red and green, also called "carrot in front and carrots from behind" or more habitually "carrot and stick". It is on the alternation of these two factors that any training, any training, any upbringing is built.

Slap-stroking, two-five. A fine-premium. The outside world affects all life in the same way, and his whip and carrot are pain and pleasure. I ate some sort of muck, touched it hot, put my nose in the thorns - get the pain. I slept, I made mating with the female, I ate well - enjoy it.

After all, why is sweet so attractive for everything?Living? Sugar is a pure source of energy, the best food in terms of energy, because it tastes pure pleasure. Progress has made the sweet popular only recently, in nature, sweets are extremely rare, except honey.

But to get wild honey, it was necessary ... Well, I think,A cartoon about Winnie the Pooh was watched by everyone, because everyone remembers with what adventures the extraction of honey is connected in the forest. The energy extracted from honey just compensated the energy costs for extraction.

But now, not only is the sweetness absolutelyIt is not necessary to spend energy on its extraction, so cunning producers also add sugar absolutely to any products - spices, sauces, ketchups, marinades, canned food and even ... sausage! Do not believe me - read the composition. That's right, without wanting to, and "podsyadesh" on the pill of joy, becoming a nutritional addict. However, this is a separate big topic.

Thus, if pain repels us fromWrong way, and pleasure indicates the right way, then happiness, as the highest form of pleasure - a bright guiding light on the right path of life. So it means that To find happiness, Joy and love It is enough to choose the right road in life and dostapat to the "lighthouse"?

No matter how. Our brain is designed in such a way that it ceases to produce endorphins in response to a constantly acting stimulus or repetitive stimuli. Do you remember your condition when in childhood you received a long-awaited doll? Joy, rapture, euphoria, happiness! You did not part with the new favorite for an instant, you could sleep with her, or jump in with the first rays of the sun, rushing to your best toy.

But only a couple of days or weeks passed and you started "cool down", The favorite toy became only oneFrom many, and a month later went to dust in the closet. And if you, remembering the former joy, started to give the same type of dolls from time to time, then you could soon and at all feel irritation towards them.

Alas, but this applies not only to toys. Do not count how many couples broke up due to the fact that people were not ready for the moment when the ecstasy of a sensual upsurge caused by an unknowable sense of bodily and spiritual merging with a loved one will be replaced by an inevitable cooling.

And, if people did not have anything to do, exceptBodily and sensual delight, there is a risk of waking up one day next to a completely different person. Cruelly? Nature does not know the concept of cruelty, there is only inexorable expediency. If not for this property, we would have stopped forever next to the first favorite toy.

What to do about it?

Happinnes exists! Drink and sleep ...So thinking about how to find a woman's happiness, do not forget that "Would be nice near"Works only if from a nice one sometimes rest, but otherwise it can turn out"You will come home - there you sit".

Happiness is unattainable, it can not be obtained once andForever, moments of joy - guiding lighthouses on the right road. We are destined to go all the way along this path to the lighthouse, but it's worth it to reach it, to receive a reward in the form of a fleeting instant of bliss, as the reached beacon immediately dies away, and a new one lights up on the horizon.

So go all my life: my favorite toy, the first class, the graduation, the first love, the intimacy, the wedding-motherhood, and now the child has gone to the first class. And the cycle of happiness has gone to a new turn.

Only the smallest thing remains - to determine which road is right for you, where you are waiting for the sparkling beacons of happiness. But nobody can solve it for you.

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