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Character name: particular combinations of sounds


It is believed that the way the man's name, is of great value and easily determine the nature of the name. Of great importance is the first letter of the name, which is defining

Even Sigmund Freud said that the name isthe main component of personality. His influence on the character and destiny studied since ancient times. At different times, this interest in astrology, psychology and numerology, laying the basis for this phenomenon very different theories.

What's in a name

Character name: particular combinations of soundsProbably everyone at least once in life, but couldI guess the name of the person with whom just met. That is, looking at him, considering his appearance, manner of speaking and emotion, can roughly imagine how it must call.

And if one tries to compare charactersacquaintances and relatives, bearing the same name, it is easy to notice that they are somewhat similar to each other. So what is the relationship between human nature and the value of the name?

It is believed that a person's character is formed tothree years on the basis of certain instincts and personal qualities, obtained at birth. However, throughout life, a person hears an appeal to itself and this set of sounds affects him.

The subconscious as if tuned to a wavecertain combinations of sound, which is reflected in his life. That is the nature of inherited personality can be corrected, bearing the name begins to adapt to its effects. For example, a soft, mellifluous blend of sounds such as Savely, Matthew, Michael, Natalie, Olesya give the character a more flexible, delicate shades.

But such a solid, hard and clear names like Karen, Sergei, Alexander, Peter, Olga, Jeanne will allocate its wearer cool and firm disposition.

What's in a name?

According to people with hard folk wisdomnames and get more complicated fate. Perhaps this is what tempers their character. Of course, to say exactly what will be the nature of a person on his behalf is not possible, because the formation of personality is influenced by the social environment, upbringing, also need to take into account the impact of the name and patronymic.

Of course, people with the same set of sounds notmay be identical in nature, but some similarities are present. For example, Alexandra or Sasha rarely moody and silent - likely this person is the soul of the company, and everyone's favorite cheerleader. Peter more silent and morose, but if you start talking, you listen to it.

Nicolai kind and accommodating, but Constantine -non-permanent nature. Olga - a lot of masculine traits can be found a natural leader, and Tatiana. Owners of rare exotic names often arrogant and arrogant, because they feel their difference from others and fate itself choosing difficult.

However, we can not say that a person's identitychanges under the influence of a sound set is accessed dramatically. Rather, it can be argued that a set of sounds that one hears when referring to himself, emphasizes the existing character traits, Pushing them to the forefront, making on this basis to draw a portrait of a man.

First name "breaks"Man, but only gives one of hisquality more strongly, others removes the wayside, and the third activates, causing get out of the dormant state. To say that the proper name is responsible for all the failures, mistakes, ups and downs would be at least incorrect.

But speaking about the nature of being generated on behalf ofman, you must take into account not his passport information, and then, as his name is family and friends. And of particular importance is the first letter, since it is a character trait, are subject to this letter, and will be the dominant person.

The character defined by the first letter

  • Character name: particular combinations of soundsand - hardworking. This man is like a rooster - a lifetime will scrape paws the ground in search of grain and other food;
  • b - thrill seeker. The man is in great need of people and situations that could cause a surge of adrenaline;
  • in - scrupulous and diligent. These people set a goal and go for it. Most fully revealed at the workplace, where no one is independent;
  • g - squeamish;
  • d - thrifty. But to what extremes in this respect comes the man will depend on him and his entourage;
  • e - contradictory. Such people often rush from one extreme to another. To switch from one to another and are not adjusted to follow through;
  • Well - behold. These people have a fine nature, and good taste. Romantics and mods - they often burn their lives;
  • s - intrusive. We tend to see only the bad people and do not forgive anyone mistakes and errors;
  • and - incredulous. In addition, these people are shy and very difficult to go on contact. Holders of the letters "th" in the name of overly inclined to take care of their own health;
  • to - the secretive and mysterious. Surrounding them are trying to "see through", but it turns out it's not all. For loved ones remain "undisclosed book";
  • L - loving comfort. Such people are wasteful. They spend money on something that may increase their comfort and peace of mind;
  • m - self. These people are always on the move, they have time and everywhere;
  • n - cautious. They first think and then speak. Suffice selective in their dealings with people;
  • of - a conservative. Wide shower - it's not about them. People closed, principled and hard to perceive changes in the usual way;
  • n - seeker. These people rush chest on recess, they always need to strive for something, to overcome obstacles;
  • p - is responsible. These people are honest and binding, keep their word;
  • with - love luxury. Having in its name, this whistling sound value wealth and material goods;
  • t - changeable. These people are not sitting still, they love to travel and do not suffer monotony;
  • y - cunning. They say one thing, think another, and making a third;
  • f - principle. Confession order in everything and do not tolerate any opinion but his own;
  • x - responsive. Such people are always ready to help and a shoulder;
  • i - an optimist. She believes in a bright future and other charges with its energy;
  • Character name: particular combinations of soundsw - a cold-blooded. Excellent endurance - that's the first thing that catches the eye when meeting with such people;
  • s - just. These people are fighting against injustice to the end;
  • e - thrifty. These people can be called the owners, not only of things;
  • Yu - romantic. He looks at the world through rose-colored glasses;
  • I - dreamy. Head in the clouds and build castles in the air.

However, studying the character of a person on the basis ofdeciphering the letters that make up its name, you must remember that we can talk only about the susceptibility of its owner to a particular quality.

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