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How to survive the separation?


The gap is usually painful for both passes. It does not matter what caused the breakup. Past will not return. We need to accept and move forward with our heads held

You have been together for much time, but the relationship is notglued, and everything goes awry. What if your guy wants to leave? How to pull yourself together, get out of the situation with the head held high and not drop the self-esteem?

How to survive the separation?If the initiative belongs to a woman, it is mucheasier to cope with the rupture of relations, although excitement is likely to be a hardball anyway. After all, not every girl has the experience of difficult conversations with former lovers and hardly knows exactly what to do, so that the news was received by a man stoically.

How nice to leave with a guy and at the same time, withon the one hand, not to drop their dignity, and on the other hand, does not offend the person who recently shared with you a warm, positive emotions and innermost thoughts?

Take the situation

To begin, it is necessary to accept the fact thatrupture of relations is inevitable. If you do not have ways to retreat and parting is inevitable, whether the matter is that cheating partner, a new love, moving or banal boredom at some point, should take the situation for granted. This will help to mitigate the negative emotions boiling inside.

Twice in the same river not start, life goes on, and this ismean you have to look forward, not backward. Forget the memories, they only serve as salt on the wound. Since difficult to part with a guy, regardless of who initiated the break, the first time after a farewell meeting should try to hide all the things that could remind of the past happiness.

Close heart gift, joint photos, souvenirs- All the better to hide it for a few months until the emotional wound is healed. Later, you will feel when they can be returned to their seats, or discard as useless (this also happens).

No need to make from the break in relations cult. If you want to learn how to leave the guy, ask those who have already been through this. First of all, it is important to come to terms with the new reality in which there is no ex-partner.

How to survive the separation?"If" Forget the phrase with the word. No need to scroll through the images in my head from a past life. "Everything could have happened differently if ..." Do you really believe that? Even so, that it will change, except for the strong mental suffering and demotivating?

If you think that all is not lost, andrelationship can be returned to talk to someone who would appreciate the situation from the outside. Perhaps, indeed, there is a chance that a man will be ready to return soon. Objective advisor can become a psychologist, a close friend or a fellow traveler on the train.

It is important to talk to and get feedback from the speaker. You never need to jump to conclusions. Only time will dot the "i".

Should I join the fight?

When a guy wants to leave with the girl, he often inflexible, because it is not easy to decide on a frank conversation. And if he started talking about the break, then the relations have given a deep crevasse.

Most likely, the return is not reversed anything. What does a woman do if she found herself in a similar situation: whether to fight for the love of the gentleman, or to surrender in silence, admitting defeat? How to leave a man so to quickly recover from the shock and not to undermine confidence in themselves?

The girl needs to understand how young peopleher sweetheart. If deep down she is aware that the feelings come to an end, relations have become obsolete, it is better to leave the prayers and tears of cheap melodramas.

Why appeal to the conscience and compassion, men,if it can only humiliate you and not the return of the former partner? But suddenly you realize that next to you the love of life. What if a guy wants to leave, but you feel like losing your heart and soul?

True love crosses all the stereotypes andbarriers. For it is necessary to fight to the last, or later you're bound to regret that did not use all available methods to influence the situation. But if we are not on such a high sense, right to accept and let go of the young man.

Long live the maximum transparency!

Many girls are racking their brains over the question,how beautiful part with the guy. The decision was made, but to start the final conversation is not easy. It is important to gather the courage to one day put a decisive end to the joyless relationship.

It should be as open and sincere. Whatever the reason for the gap, the man deserves a banal explanation. It is not easy to cope with the situation, if you do not understand what is your fault, and there she was. Do not hold back the causes of separation and hide their emotions.

Express everything that you think, and do not torment a young man with phrases like "Let's think about it" or "maybe, we will from time to time to meet, to talk."

So you either run the fog and only leave the false hope in man's heart. Why manipulate a person who was dear to you recently? It does not hurt him.

Move forward

Mistakes of the past can be corrected if talkwith those whom we have offended. Remember the last break in relations, and if you are someone violently throwing or rough answered no to feeling unlucky gentleman, it makes sense to ask for forgiveness and turn to the page itself life.

How to survive the separation?

After all unfinished business and the shadows of the past can notallow you to plunge into a new relationship. Each parting brings the beginning of something new. No matter who was the initiator of rupture, you should try to take a positive to the situation.

Can really "your" man walking on the streets somewhere nearby, and you're doing the right thing, to make room for him beside her.

For the transitional period should be treated in the worst case, as a slight discomfort, which quickly evaporate.

To replace him will come a sunny day with new acquaintances, dreams and plans.

Action plan

You've decided that relations have become obsolete, butnot fully imagine parting with a guy. Before you start a conversation, think what you will say, in what circumstances and how you will react to his emotions.

It is necessary to pay attention to several points:

  • ask yourself if you are 100% sure you want to break your relationship with a man, because the back roads, most likely will not be;
  • If the answer is yes, choose where and when you talk with a young man;
  • best avoided iconic locations: both of you will be unpleasant and embarrassing, if the conversation takes place, for example, at the site of your first date;
  • try to choose the right moment, when youBoth in a calm state, you are not piled other problems, not near a noisy group of friends (for others is very frustrating when a couple begins to sort things out for all to see);
  • It can be explained in some neutral public place - coffee shop or park; so you leave for men the way of escape, and here at home, and alone can be very awkward situation;
  • most easily and clearly explain to the young man, why you broke up, that was the reason for such a radical decision;
  • pity - not the best assistant in a situation whereIt refers to the rupture of relations; better to speak confidently and firmly, leaving no room for dual interpretations of what was said (if she is too gentle and caring man simply decides that she plays with him, but no more);
  • do not be distracted from the main line: do not start a lengthy conversation about the situation at work or at a university news - if you have decided on a difficult conversation, act decisively;
  • it is best if she did not leave the offense in the heart and sincerely wish the young man to find a decent second half;
  • it is not necessary to blame the man, and even if he had committed some unforgivable act, it is better to try to forget about it, do not throw in the face of accusations;
  • Remember that in order to wriggle out of the conversationtête-à-tête: very ugly and very wrong to write farewell SMS or emails, have the courage to look the guy in the eye and tell him of his decision.

If you do everything right, the young man will sooner or later put up with your decision, and will be grateful for the tact and careful attention to his feelings.

Did you stay friends. In any case, you can confidently step into a new life, not leaving behind unfinished business.

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