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Combating energy vampire


In the environment of any person, if you look closely, you can easily find a couple of energy ghouls who constantly complain about their fate, thereby pulling the forces out of their interlocutors

This is not familiar to us from the horror movies of the creature,Who drink at night the blood of innocent victims and are afraid of garlic, sunlight and silver like devil incense. They do not stick fangs, and the skin does not frighten deathly pallor. They chose a different path of parasitism, being ordinary people in appearance. It is worth to be wary of energy vampires and be able to resist them, almost, to magical effect.

Combating energy vampireThe existence of sinks of foreign energy is not proved by exact sciences, but almost all psychologists and bioenergetics unanimously affirm that they exist, and in considerable quantities.

"Bloodsuckers" live among us, we only need to carefully look at our environment - neighbors, friends, relatives and distant relatives.

These specific people are able to take you out of balance in a matter of minutes, although it would seem that they did not say anything bad and acted openly to you at the expense.

Protect yourself from energy vampires at times.It's not easy, because they affect the victim with such methods, insensible at first glance, as complaints about unhappy share or health, hidden or obvious threats, whining and petty dirty tricks.

Leave the state of calm after communicating withSuch a person is very easy, but to return a good mood is not possible for a long time. If you are affected by an energy ghoul, after talking with him you will feel a deterioration of well-being, depression, fatigue, impotence and apathy.

How to see a ghoul in his environment?

How to protect yourself from an energy vampire,Build barriers that can withstand its impact? This can be done if you learn to recognize this type of people in your environment. It turns out that they themselves may not understand that they are harming friends and acquaintances.

The make-up occurs by itself, even ifIt happens unconsciously. But it is not a question of accusation or justification, but of what to do in order not to become an innocent victim and keep mental health. Yes, the risk is so great! Those who do not know how to resist the pumping out of vitality can easily fall ill, because ghouls undermine the protective functions of the body.

Combating energy vampireSo as not to fall for the bait of psychologicalManipulations, you need to understand how to recognize the energy vampire at the first meeting. The main advice - trust your intuition, try to feel the person.

Conscious "bloodsuckers" in the white world are not so many, you can often meet those who do not even suspect that it is "sucked" to others at an emotional level.

Whatever the root cause of such behavior - child psychological trauma, problems in the family, dissatisfaction with life or low self-esteem - a thief can be identified by a number of signs:

  • Even after a short communication with a vampire, you become tired and irritable;
  • After a meeting with him and you want to go to sleep and recover, you feel like a squeezed lemon;
  • Such a type will not miss the chance to quarrel,Get involved in a dispute, support a quarrel, or somehow throw out your dissatisfaction and bile on others; In a remarkable way, his mood after that improves, he shines with a radiant smile, when the other becomes not to laugh.

How to recognize an energy vampire if heDoes not show obvious aggression towards you? Observe the behavior of your "friend": does he not complain at each meeting with colleagues, family members, problems here and there, does not require increased attention to himself and compulsory sympathy?

It would seem, paradoxically, this manNothing changes in his life for the better, does not try to take active steps towards success. It turns out that the manipulation of your feelings gives him strength, so he recovers after a difficult day or accumulates energy for the future.

Combating energy vampireTo understand how to protect yourself from an energy vampire, you need to consider several of its features.

A separate type of emotional ghouls -Individuals who like to "chat about life", the so-called massively-entertainers: they try to constantly be in the center of attention, get into your personal space, attach, stroke or at least touch.

If this behavior causes you outrage and seems aggressive, immediately stop the dialogue. You can not let a stranger take you out of balance and be fueled by your energy.

Pay attention, ghouls often likeBeg for money "before payday". Then, naturally, the debt returns soon. And you are gradually experiencing and passing a piece of mental energy to the "well-wisher".

Put a comma in the right place: you can not quarrel with each other

The best method of dealing with the "bloodsucker" isConclusion of a nonaggression pact. It is important to build a reinforced concrete protective psychological barrier around yourself, so as not to let him close to you. Facing such an individual can be at any time - on the street, in a store or transport, so it's worthwhile to be on the alert all the time.

Use some simple tips to help you stay safe when meeting a vampire:

  • Remain calm, whatever happens, what words are spoken;
  • You should not enter into controversy with a ghoul, in any case the conflict will be in his hands, not you;
  • Try to avoid the direct look of the person you suspect in energy vampirism, the eyes - this is a powerful channel, which is the conductor of energy exchange;
  • Know how to say "no" to your interlocutor, especially if you feel that you are wasting valuable time, asking for something beyond a reasonable measure, violating personal plans or requiring you to depart from your principles;
  • Minimize communication with people who constantly complain about a husband or wife, boss or destiny in general, even phone conversations with such interlocutors can lead you out of the rut;
  • Carefully share your secrets, important plans for the future;
  • If you are forced to be in a vampire society, cross your arms over your chest, place your foot behind your leg, or clasp your hands in the lock;
  • If the defense is broken, and you have already given up some of the forces,Stand next to a tree - preferably an oak, a birch or a pine tree; Hug the plant or lean your back, imagine how bright energy fills you.

Create a mental shield

In order to be able to protect yourself from thePsychological attack, it is important to take preventive measures: to erect an emotional barrier around yourself, capable of letting out of the environment all the positive and pushing away the negative.

For this:

Combating energy vampire

  • Take a contrast shower in the morning and in the evening - the water will help wash away all heavy thoughts, restore the energy field;
  • Regularly supply your body with vitamins, drink healthy herbal teas, eat fruits, fish, vegetables and milk products;
  • Provide yourself with all the conditions for a full-fledged comfortable sleep: rest favorably affects the body's resistance, helps restore energy balance;
  • Give preference to silver jewelry, this metal has a striking property to take away a negative from a person, absorbing it;
  • Do not attract unnecessary attention to your person: look closely, do not you dress defiant or pretentiously behave in society.

How to stop being an energy vampire?

What to do if, while reading about the featuresBehavior of psychological ghouls, did you see in this image of yourself? To get rid of the bad habit of sucking from the surrounding force and learn to draw energy within yourself, it is worth turning to the principles of safe energy exchange.

In fact, you will need to rely on the rulesEtiquette, courtesy, general culture and upbringing. To understand how to stop being an energy vampire, take a closer look at the behavior of positive people surrounded by real well-wishers and like-minded people:

  • Hold doubts and fears to yourself;
  • Do not impose your society;
  • Try not to make value judgments, especially in a negative way;
  • Respect the boundaries of others;
  • Stop complaining about your fate.

Control over the behavior and emotions will allow you to get rid of such misfortunes as domestic vampirism, and with the mind the created protection will not let the manipulators and energy thieves come close.

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