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How to cease to hesitate?


Many people suffer from shyness. How to cease to hesitate and to believe in themselves as free to express their thoughts and desires, how to believe in themselves and gain confidence - read our article

Many are familiar with the childhood situation where it is very difficult to make any step if this step becomes the property of the public. No matter how many people are looking at you, one or many.

How to cease to hesitate?No matter what age they are, but you suddenly covers some consternation when nothing and no one can force you to say something, or speak, or even to ask about something insignificant.

This feeling is known to many, and some are notputting up with this situation and how it can try to overcome. It's called a sense of shyness. How to cease to hesitate to get rid of unnecessary shame they do not blush said, and make your life more comfortable in this sense?

I see the goal

First you need to understand the causes, which liesroot of the problem of shyness. Some experts giving advice to people on how to stop blushing and shy, insist on a genetic predisposition to a certain legacy that is passed from parents.

But a more reliable theory is that the causeshyness becomes intrapersonal restrictions imposed bans, their own doubts and fears, which have to be guided by a shy person. All this, as cement, reinforced by various doubts about his strength, fear and lack of confidence in their own ability.

How to cease to hesitate?In its majority, all these fears are drawntrain from the past, as a result of past events, situations and even education, often right where it's like in the classroom: wrote in the consciousness and remembered for years to come.

Hence the conclusion for those who think about the fact,how to stop being overly shy person: shyness is often unnecessary and disturbing burden of the past, from which you want to get rid of both the old unnecessary things.

After that there will be change and awareness, andhuman life itself forever. To rebuild a number of simple rules and exercises, after which mining will be a miracle of rebirth consciousness, and certainly human self-esteem will be much higher.

We are working on a

What you need to understand the one who is concerned about the problemhow to stop shy of all people? To start, stop to think about the impression you make on others. We must really try and stop guess how you look at other people, and no end to focus on this. When you cease to be a desperately shy, will leave a number of challenges in communicating and interacting with others will become much easier.

How to cease to hesitate?More often faced with the problem of shynessgirl. The first exercise in the question of how to stop, finally, shy men and to combat their lack of confidence there is a very simple rule, called it "the hour"?

So, you have a problem in communicating uncertaintywith people, you can not say a few words to the audience, you can not talk to a guy on a completely neutral topics because of their shyness. This is really a problem, but try the easiest way to acquire confidence.

Drawing the attention of Man simple andunpretentious question, "What time is it?", you can for a couple of days to achieve what did not reach for years. Start with people you just met on the street, strangers, you have seen for the first time.

You'll notice that a few respondentsmen you will feel much more confident already. Several days of intense workouts and you will quietly start talking to all the people who earlier you seemed inaccessible. Moreover, it may take unnecessary embarrassment, and you will be quite a sociable person, especially if you do not stop, but will work out this technique.

Boys, too, are wondering how to stopI was too shy. Guys overcome this drawback is even easier. It is enough just to show confidence in words and deeds. How many men who do not have an attractive appearance frankly, could win the women easily.

Recall, for films with Adriano Celentano. Very good in this regard to help pickup technology. For example, ask a strange girl unexpected question, and taking advantage of the confusion to start talking to her compliments. Fires - check!

I believe in myself

The next necessary step in overcoming thiscomplex shyness is the development of self-belief. Invented a lot of auditory training to raise their own self-esteem, until exercise, which should be repeated every morning, something like "I like myself" or "I will succeed".

How to cease to hesitate?Entire scientific articles devoted to the results of suchtraining, because it is proved that recovery goes better in the category of patients who every morning are repeated like a mantra: "I have everything goes smoothly", "All is well, but today will be even better." Such Motivational adjust the subconscious to positive and give confidence.

I do not see obstacles

Walk in his quest to further stopI think that everything revolves around one person, and that person in the world - you. Think about what each do not care what you're doing. Imagine that no one wants to make fun of you, and you will get better.

Fasten your knowledge about it, changing its imageshy, take a photo with a new hairdo and put himself on display. Know that the world is not perfect people, and all have advantages, but also disadvantages, and if you think it is not, then just someone who is very well-hidden one or the other.

If you praise yourself for achievements, to encourage for the statement, perhaps even on a daily basis to write down the small "victory", it will also add you confidence and dispel shyness.

Communicating with the people to be friendly andopportunity to smile. If you meet the same, then your approach is correct, but if you do not get the desired result, praise yourself for what you have done, and the result will come later.

But in any case, do not begin to reproach myself for failure, and this is the cause of insecurity. A simple rule of "nine times did not work, on the tenth lucky" works perfectly.

How to cease to hesitate?It is worth to success will be to go to crowded places, in gyms, clubs. Exercise relieves stress, make you slim, and, of course, more confident.

In addition, such seat is always allowed tonew acquaintances, and if you have completed the first exercise, to get acquainted with a neighbor or a neighbor on the simulators will have no difficulty. Some girls, leading to tone your body, do not even notice how the guys are no longer shy. They accept it as fact!

Many complain about the technology and the Internet to communicate learned the new generation. Indeed, all the new means of communication do not add communication skills in the real world.

However, the problem of shyness is not trendygadgets, and yet in the man. As in the days of cassette recorders, and now, people are divided into self-conscious and self-confident. So what you want to be, it depends on you, not on the time or technology!

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