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How to calculate the pickup among men?


Pikaper - who is he? Effective advice to women how to identify a pick-up among men, as well as recommendations on how to behave if you met a pick-up

As for romantic relations - male and femaleFemale psychology is completely different in this regard. And this is a fact known. A real discovery for many modern girls is the phenomenon of "pick-up" (for men "Female pick-up truck"). That is, "science", allowing you to take everything from a woman and in the shortest possible time. Who is such a pick-up artist, and how to define it?

What is a pick-up truck and who is a pick-up truck - it's true for women

You can meet a pick-up anywhere - in a cafe, in a club, on the street, etc. Pikapera singles out Insistence When meeting. Therefore, if your new chevalier behaves unnecessarily suspiciously and unusually, it is quite possible that he is the very pickup whose relationship with them is unlikely to go beyond the bed. For such a person Girl is just a sexual object, And on a serious alliance, and even more so Mendelssohn's march, it's pointless to count.

  • Pikaper is "macho" and "seducer". In any case, it is to them that he considers himself.
  • Pick-up studies On special trainings, Devoted to the theme of seducing girls.
  • Pikapery - fans of their business. Each girl, laid on the shoulder blades, for them - the next trophy in the list of victories.
  • Well, if the girl was just a fun for pick-up. Much worse, if this victory is confirmed Evidence (video and photo) And is presented to like-minded people (sometimes it happens).
  • The main task of the pick- That the girl herself rushed to him in the arms. Aerobatics of the art of pick-up - fast (in other words, sex after dating).
  • Age of the pickup can be different - and quite young, and closer to forty years.

A young unfamiliar handsome man complimented you? Do not hurry to smile at him in response and spread his wings - perhaps this pick-up Practice his skills after training.

How to recognize a pickup truck among men? How to understand that you met a pickup artist?

It is clear that no normal girlWant to be "pomatrosili" and abandoned, after posting a frank photo on the Internet. That this does not happen, you need to be able to distinguish pick-ups from other cavaliers. By what features Can I calculate it?

  • A nontrivial acquaintance. Pikaper will never ask you "How to findNofelet? "," How to get to the library? "Or" What time is it? ". His way of dating will be unconventional. The first phrase of a pickup is an "opener". That is, a pre-thought-out phrase (or impromptu) that instantly places you towards it and opens it up for more horizontal (subsequently) communication.
  • After dating a pickup artist Immediately develops tactile contact - hugs, holds, touches, blows off specks and corrects your hair. Do not confuse with Non-verbal signs of sympathy.
  • By taking your phone number, Pikaper never calls on the same day, or the next. He will take a break, so you can miss him.
  • How to calculate a pickup truck among men

    Pick-up itself appoints a meeting place, In which, by tradition, all the conditions have already been created, so that you voluntarily fall into his arms.

  • Pikaper does not cover himself, his work And so forth. He will certainly be mysterious, and all conversations will be reduced to your person.
  • Do you have a boyfriend? This is not a problem for a professional pick-up artist. Certain psychological techniques allow them To lead a girl to the fact that she herself will give up her permanent chevalier.
  • Pikaper Will be caring with you as a native father. He will gently shake the snow off the hat, wipe your shoes after the splashes left by the passing car, etc.
  • How to calculate a pickup truck among men

    Pikaper will not call you for a walk in the park. The appointment will necessarily be creative, becauseThat night should be your thanks to him. He will invite you to your favorite snotty melodrama, to swim in the pool with dolphins, to fly on an airplane, etc.

  • One of the favorite methods of pick-up - "I would gladly dance with you all night in some classy club ... But I'm so nice here with you ... I want to listen and listen to your voice ... Tell me about yourself ..."
  • Pikaper is always neat and stylishly dressed. They pay extra attention to the appearance. Invariably - fashionable haircut, grooming, Expensive brand clothes, Manicure. Often - a solarium. Almost all pickups are engaged in sports, take care of their health, during the day repeatedly take a shower. But it is worth noting that a well-groomed, stylish and athletic man - not necessarily a pick-up.
  • Pikaper never worries when meeting - he is confident in himself.
  • How to calculate a pickup truck among men

    Pikaper will not spend all his fortune on the girl. He is neat with money and spends them wisely. How much money he has, you will never know.

  • Professional pikaper does not even hint at you for sex. He will nobly convince you that your pure soul and unordinary personality for him is the main thing. And thus put you on the shoulder blades.

How to breed a pickup truck and resist a pickup truck?

How to calculate a pickup truck among men

It is clear that otshivat each well-groomed gentleman, who gets acquainted with you unconventional phrase, should not. But if all the same doubts crept in ...

  • Try not to spread Plombirom from sweet speeches and erotic "guessing" on the hand. Limit his touch to you as much as possible.
  • Pay attention to the manner of communication. Pikaper will win your trust in all ways. Including, taking poses similar to yours, and even copying your manner of speech.
  • How to calculate a pickup truck among men

    Ordinary gentleman will rarely flash when acquainted with eloquence and fantasy - all his thoughts are occupied with a flushed feeling, and the excitement inside does not allow him to be a "male" one hundred percent. Pikaper never gets lost. Of course, and the average man can blurt you out so that you immediately melt, but holding the ears on the vertex will not hurt you.

  • An ordinary man will be very careful with you- he will not hug you around the waist half an hour after dating. If his intentions are serious, he will be afraid to frighten you with his lustful touch. For pickup, touching is the main weapon. Protect your personal space. Do not let it break its boundaries.
  • If three hours after the meeting you are offered to go somewhere, be vigilant. Even if he takes you to the museum, then after viewing the relics you will somehow find yourself in his bed.
How to calculate a pickup truck among men

It happens that the girl is not against seduction andPassionate night, after which she will not see her partner again. But, as a rule, no one wants to be in the position of a woman who was conquered "once" (not to mention the possible consequences in the form of compromising materials in the network and sexually transmitted diseases). Of course, you do not need to send every potential gentleman to such and such a grandmother just because he is "too male" or damned charming and self-confident. But caution never fails.

And you are familiar with the pickup truck? Share your experience: how to learn, seduce, and break a pickup?

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