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The nature of man - we read in the face


Physiognomy - the science that allows you to identify character traits by studying the structure of his face. To view some of the discoveries of science, you can now!

The ability to identify at a glance character traits - An important psychological skill that willespecially useful for people who have their businesses, often hire workers who work closely with the staff. And in everyday life the skill to read a person's character by litse can be very applicable.

The nature of man - we read in the faceTo help attain this unique opportunity can special science - physiognomy, who came to the modern psychology of ancient China and the Japanese islands.

A detailed study of the psychological branchIt requires a significant amount of time, however, highlights that allow to conclude that human nature is easy to remember - will be enough to read this article.

Entertaining physiognomy

Physiognomy generally considered humanperson in terms of the characteristic manifestations in the totality of the features, but the process can not be called simple and a novice will be difficult to identify negative or positive character traits stranger in this perspective.

Especially difficult this task will be against women, who with the help of make-up can change the face beyond recognition.

However, there are parts of the face, which changenot possible with the help of cosmetics, they remain static and over-age: it is the mouth, eyes, nose, ears and eyebrows. They also may provide important information on the fundamental qualities of human nature.

The qualities of human nature: how to define the eyes

No wonder they say that the eyes - a mirror of the soul. If we learn how to read a person's character by facial features, the start will surely be with the eyes. The eyes are often referred to as a reflection of the soul, and with this conventional wisdom statement agreed and ancient sages and masters of modern psychology.

The form and the expression of the eyes is powerless to change even plastic surgery - they will be "issue"Its owner and are able to provide comprehensive information on major good or bad character traits man complete list.

For example, owners of large eyes are endowed with sensibility and sensitivity, they are characterized by imperiousness and courage. Small eyes can talk about your remarkable stubbornness "host"Jealous and self-satisfied nature.

Physiognomists are taught to pay attention not onlythe size of the eye, but also the shape of the edges if the corners of the eyes "look" down - the man - an optimistic, cheerful and has a light-minded, good-natured and caring towards others.

The edges of the eye is slightly skewed upwards? Their owner or possessor capable of decisive action and special courage.

Do not forget about the form of parts of themselves - narrow angle speaks of high mental abilities, enhanced insight and rounded the format of humility and shyness.

Attention is given to age and: it is also a very informative part of the human face. Swollen eyelids talk about fatigue and internal tensions, decaying eyelid is a sign of heightened sexuality, and forever, crawling eye center, symbolize a certain agility vital to its owner.

Chinese sages provide for the study of the whole listpossible forms of the eye in which the human eye is very symbolic associated with the eyes of different animals: dragon, tiger, lion, phoenix bird, and so on.

Accordingly, animal species and manifestation of nature: because "the eye of the dragon" will talk about the strength and power of the phoenix eyes to give the talent and creative nature, "the eyes of the lion" are considered to be characteristic of a person prone to a fair decision and a successful organizer.

What can tell her eyebrows?

Immediately worth mention that human nature on the eyebrows will be difficult to define in relation to women - too often they change the shape of this part of the face:

  1. Thick and hard eyebrow - a sign of a strong-willed nature, obstinacy, intransigence;
  2. If eyebrows are longer than the eye - so the person in front of you with amazing intelligence and vulnerable soul, a faint brow line symbolizes cunning;
  3. Thick and shaggy the brow arch "shout"About the resourcefulness and determination of the owner.

The nose and mouth in the traditional physiognomy

The nature of man - we read in the faceLong nose in ancient China is not considered a fault: on the contrary, its owner is considered a reliable and positive person who could be trusted with public office.

The wide nose gives people calm, even temperament, without manifestations of elation or unrestrained aggression, and the short length of the nose indicates the lightness of nature, kindness and openness.

Crook in the nose or high bend on the bridge of the nose characterized by powerful people, proud and ambitious, in women this form will also talk about the qualities of outstanding business.

Too narrow nose promises holder heavy and bleak life of the workers of trouble, and broad wings with her also emphasize thrift human nature.

Physiognomists not lose sight of the tip of the nose: its shape is also different. If it is too sharp and resembles a bird's beak - a man prone to violent revenge, and if the tip of the nose sags, then in front of you - the person having hypersexuality and well aware of her appeal.

Snub nose end up is independent of morals, talking excessively, and the inability to keep a secret.

The convex nose belongs natures often kind, soft-minded, friendly and smiling, but its acute form can be one of the signs of deceit or treachery.

The reading of a person's character by the shape of the mouth, should be given considerable attention to its size.

Close your mouth can speak eloquently about indecisiveness or frequent variability of the owner of opinion.

If the mouth is more like a bent bow, then the holder is inclined to tender and prolonged attachment and absolutely not able to assume leadership positions.

Small mouth can be a sign of weak character and cruelty - depending on the overall shape of the face and chin.

Wide mouth shows a certain ambition and brilliant organizational data.

Thick lips - always a sign of a special sensuality of nature, that's why the classic sexual characters always draw and write out exactly this form of lips.

Thin-lipped people in China thought cowards, and if the corners of her mouth were located at the same asymmetric, then another, and liars.

If the lower lip appears as compared to the top - that man is inherent selfishness of some, but if the opposite - indecision, multiplied by the inner vanity.

If a person's mouth as it sinks in, then he can be equally peculiar and prudence and stubbornness.

Strongly bent down corners of the mouth to symbolize the strong-willed qualities and rigid inflexibility of the owner.

If the lips and mouth of the person are in constant twitching - he nervously exhausted and has increased excitability.

Mowing the mouth (in any direction) - a symbol of sarcastic attitude towards life and the tendency to variability in the relationship.

Read an in-kind on the ears

The nature of man - we read in the faceSharp ears that resemble a fox ears - definitely regarded as a sign of cunning, resourcefulness, but they also talk about the inner mental weakness.

Often sharp ears of the owners have a strong body, but weak in spirit, so there are unfortunate in business and public life.

Long earlobe heralds longevity to the owner and said his smooth and quiet character, short lobes are inherent in people violent and swift judgments on.

About a man's character is also able to tellcheekbones and chin, and even the location of moles on his face. Chinese sages through observations could not only draw general psychological profile of a particular individual by providing a list of good and bad traits, and even predict the destiny of man, having in front of him only his portrait.

However, conclusions about the identity and character can not be done only on the basis of any one considered part of the face - necessarily requires comprehensive approach and a detailed study of all character traits generally.

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