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Is it possible to read the character of the men on the face?


In what areas of life can be a useful physiognomy. How to determine the nature of human facial features. Types of facial and men inclination. Why is it difficult to read the women's faces

What indicates the shape of our faces and whetherfor sure to know what a person in front of you, just a closer look to his features? The ancient practice of reading people's faces is called physiognomy, and although much of the knowledge is lost, many of its principles and are available today to understand.

Why study physiognomy

Is it possible to read the character of the men on the face?If you are skeptical, you probablywill object - a person's character is too complex to be exhaustively could only describe their own ears and nose. In part this is correct, but on the other hand, still there is a link between appearance and inner inclinations and resources of each person.

We invite you to learn the principles of physiognomy and try to practice to assess whether it is applicable in life.

Ability to define the characters facial features helps to:

  • smooth some conflicts with relatives, to find a compromise, understand that the loved one is foreign, and that, on the contrary, it is clear and easy;
  • safe way to get information about the compatibility with the guy in the field of love - just by looking at his face;
  • quickly identify potentially dangerous people - aggressive, jealous, deceivers and pritvortsev;
  • learn a lot of interesting about the person only on the photographs;
  • to learn more about myself, and how much your appearance match the internal content.

The shape of the face and character of the men

The most popular communication system facial features and human nature It is based on three types of looks that with small variations can be considered a generalized description of all types of personalities.


  • long face;
  • high forehead;
  • Middle cheekbones;
  • square or rounded chin;
  • direct and long nose;
  • elongated ears.

Calm personality with a majorityan optimistic outlook on life. Prone to good nature, soft in communication, but will sit on the neck. Well able to communicate, but like to keep your distance, it usually does not deprive your friends and family a warm, family people and good workers.

Sometimes, due to the smooth nature and abilityto maintain a balance in the affairs become talented leaders. When other communication skills is diplomats from God, advocates solve issues without conflict.

If we are talking about a man with a great dealprobability we can speak of a stable, reliable character. Negativity can be manifested in the desire to avoid the difficulties and go with the flow, if a man internally weak or had a child a good example for others to follow, and most importantly, his father.

A circle:

  • spherical face;
  • bulging neck;
  • a massive neck;
  • soft features;
  • without cheeks cheekbones;
  • full lips or medium;
  • medium or short nose;
  • small eyes.

The soft nature of the conflict-which havenegative individuals evolving towards excessive cunning and selfish opportunism, in the positive - towards the ability to adjust under the circumstances taking into account the desire of interest close.

Such a man will always be well supplied material, because the money and the benefits that they can buy, are very important for his personal happiness. It is said about them "man loves his eyes"- His desire to enjoy the mind through sight leads to perception.

His companion must be groomed and desirableothers, with external data above average. Such people have a whole range of emotions, and the only developed and who know themselves have enough self-control. Most other types they occur whims and failures, which are not worth paying attention - he will understand and make an atonement for all.


  • Is it possible to read the character of the men on the face?high and broad forehead;
  • developed sharp cheekbones;
  • thinness lower third of the face;
  • medium or small eyes;
  • small and clean-cut mouth;
  • thin nose, long or not;
  • Narrow lower jaw.

A man with a well-developed business skills,his character straight and sharp like a blade. Excellent performing their duties, but it rarely gets out to the leaders. If the person is dominated by some negative feature, most likely, it will anger that prevents to collect all the fruits of their own achievements.

Pacify their anger can not every suchman best left alone with him - cool. Of undoubted and valuable advantages - high reaction rate, the courage in making and implementing decisions. Such people do not retreat before difficulties and overcome them with dignity.

If a person is unscrupulous achievementspurposes, this type will not be insidious lie, but rather take an open hostility, the result of which will depend on its internal resources. Vitality of such men are usually enough.

Features female physiognomy

Is it possible to read the character of the men on the face?Women have at their disposal all the meansappearance correction, early start to fight the signs of aging, most men make the plastic face - all together it is difficult to determine their nature, at least once.

To determine female character on facial features,have to ignore the presence of makeup that you will agree, is able to significantly change the external data - the eyes, jaw line and chin, shape of the lips. If you need to make physiognomic portrait of a woman, try to see her without makeup on his face.

In women, it is easiest to analyze the following forms:

  • Mouth: Neat, small - restraint, punctuality, liveliness of mind, exactingness to oneself and others; Large, sensual - ease of communication, a propensity for leadership, not fulfillment, perhaps greed and capriciousness. If the mouth is shifted to the side, it gives a nervous nature, prone to criticism, but the lowered corners indicate a hidden sense of guilt;
  • Nose: Short straight is an optimist; Short zvernuty - a cunning beast; Fleshy - sensual nature, loving and soft; Thin and bony - an intellectual, strict; With a hump - purposeful, unyielding; A long nose adds to the listed characteristics some conservatism, calmness and reluctance to change;
  • Forehead: Very high - self-conceit, rudeness, inability to compromise; Medium high - the nobility of the soul, the sharpness of the mind, the propensity to help people disinterestedly; Low - the pettiness of nature, capriciousness, self-indulgence, but at the same time the ability to give warmth to relatives.

Interpretation of the shape of the head and oval face for women coincides with the male types described above.

How to use knowledge about the character of a man on the facial features?

Physiognomy is an ancient and fascinating areaKnowledge of the person about himself, however in modern society it takes place, rather, an esoteric than an exact science, and hence its principles are becoming increasingly blurred.

If you decide to turn to this knowledge,Ask yourself, why do you need this: to make women's pride, to find confirmation of your strong qualities? To find fault with the familiar men? And maybe you want to learn more about a person who is not inclined to open up to a new acquaintance?

It is best to use the reading face of a man inCase, when there is no possibility to make your own opinion about a person by his actions. For example, with a new friend you communicate on the Internet, there are no common acquaintances (no one can know what kind of person he is), you know about his everyday life only with his words. Having met such a man on clothes - nothing else after all and does not remain! - you can start analyzing his features, it will be informative and in some ways valuable.

Is it possible to read the character of the men on the face?Finally give a valuable clue. Determining the nature of a person by facial features is difficult if you want to apply physiognomy to a foreigner, especially a non-European race. Based on the European type, it is possible to draw false conclusions about a person belonging, for example, to the Asian type.

Use in this situation, you can only someCharacteristics such as the formation of facial wrinkles and facial contours. The shape of the head, the section of the eyes, the features of the nose, ears and lips will give information not about the nature of the person, but about his national origin.

And most importantly, we do not advise making hasty conclusions,Because physiognomy does not dictate strict information, like a passport, but only gives some idea of ​​what your friend is inclined to and what potential he carries within himself. And how relationships will develop and how he will show himself to you is an individual sphere of personal communication.

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