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How to awaken the erogenous zone in women


Why is it important to stimulate the erogenous zones in women before and during sex. The most pleasant erogenous points. How to massage your erogenous zones. Lovemaking with the objects

Some people still believe that one attraction toPartner is enough for good sex. But it's not for nothing that the skill of lovers is equated with art! Gradual excitement and foreplay give a longer and more qualitative pleasure, try and see for yourself.

Do you know the erogenous zones?

How to awaken the erogenous zone in womenIt is important to know the zones of your body and the points on your bodyYour partner, to help you both relax, relax and reach the peak of excitement at the same time. In addition, orgasm after sex with a prelude is brighter and gives a deeper release than a fast, impatient or monotonous copulation.

To irritate the erogenous zones, the partners beginLong before sexual intercourse, perhaps, even in a period when they refrain from contact. To know in this way the beginnings and boundaries of sensations, one's own and one's partner, is very important for mutual understanding in bed, where we prefer to communicate without words.

To have such a peculiar conversation by touchingGave the result, the partners should be able to listen to each other's reaction. Open people usually do not have any problems expressing their feelings: it's nice, and so - do not do it better. But in dealing with shy, inexperienced or slightly passive partners, you need to focus on the body's response, and not wait for verbal prompts.

The most common erogenous zones of the female body

The female neck seemed to be created for excitement. Her caresses cause a tide of tenderness in most women. It can be stroking your fingers and kissing - from one side and the other.

The wrists are also sensitive, and theEspecially good is the caress of this point, so it's that you can do it anywhere, even in the presence of other people. The wrists of the hands are often bare and touching them are not considered to be anything intimate (and in vain).

The inner crook of the elbow is also very sensitive - a kiss in this place is strong, especially if it is tender.

The popliteal cavity on the leg is the most unobvious, but effective point. You can tickle, kiss, try to bite, if it does not cause protest.

Girls know that the most exciting pointsOn the head there will be earlobes. To bite them during a love game is like blasting a sex bomb, and this is adored not only for a woman, but for a man.

Sexual arousal can be strengthened ifDo a foot massage. However, not everyone accepts this method - sometimes caressing the soles of feet cause a feeling of shame. But most men like the look of an elegant female leg, so do not deny your loved one the pleasure of playing with this part of the body.

How to awaken the erogenous zone in womenThe inner side of the lips, tongue and gums are one of theThe brightest transmitters of sexual arousal. No wonder people are kissing! A masterly executed kiss on the inside of the lips starts with a half-turn. Both the upper and lower.

The area of ​​the sacrum - from the waist to the coccyx - is well stimulated, even through clothing. Stroking from top to bottom and massage are preceded by good sex.

How to have an erotic massage

The main rule of sexual massage - noRudeness. It would be nice to use the technique with increasing power, but it's important and time to stop, so as not to interrupt the romantic evening at the most interesting place due to unsuccessful traffic.

Methods of massage of erogenous zones to a woman:

  • It is always better to start with gentle touches: fingertips, sliding movements on the back of the hand or its edge;
  • Skin-warming touches are not rubbing, as in ordinary massage, but stroking with minimal pressure, with the entire palm of your hand, without lifting your hands from the surface of the skin;
  • The pressure should also be very very shallow, two or three fingers, while you can slightly move the skin and let go (blood flows to the place of massage and causes a pleasant sensation);
  • Pinch can be used at the request of a woman, but more oftenThey are all pleasant only in those places where there are rather deep muscles - these are buttocks, forearms, hips; Tweaks of the chest, neck, back and underarm areas to most women are unpleasant, and sometimes cause pain or tickling, which has little to do with erotic stimulation;
  • To the most erogenous zones in women - in the field of genital organs and mammary glands - it is enough just to touch, apply a palm and make several vibrating movements.

Awaken erogenous zones in women can,Using different objects with contrasting touch. So, a trick with a piece of ice is well known, stroking with a soft cloth or a fluffy feather, the slightest scratching with a thin sharp object (not a needle, of course!).

How to awaken the erogenous zone in womenThis kind of caress is not designed for tactileSensations, like a massage, but on irritation of skin receptors. The best places for such caresses are the back, buttocks, stomach, inner side of the thigh, forearm, wrist, neck.

Strictly speaking, part of the head with hairIs not an erogenous zone in either women or men, but the effect on it gives some a noticeable effect of relaxation and stimulation simultaneously. So, to massage your head or pull it by your hair is also a love affair.

If you are going to train a geography partnerYour body, encourage actions with a voice, a sigh, any sound that shows that you are having fun at this moment. Such mutual training takes time, but the effort expended is worth it!

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