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What does asthenic constitution


Asthenic asthenic physique and character - the features and characteristics. The difference between men and women astenikov. Raising a Child-astenikov

Hearing the phrase "asthenic constitution"Not everyone understands what is at stake. What features has the people, which so characterized? Astenikov, translated from Greek means - weak. People of this type are underdeveloped, painful, they are in poor health. They find it hard to endure the cold weather. Even in summer the feet and hands astenikov cool.

Let us consider in more detail the distinctive features of asthenic constitution and characteristics of the facial features.

External signs of asthenic type

What does asthenic constitutionOne of the main signs of asthenic typeBody of people, is a thin build. The deposition of subcutaneous fat in them slightly. Due to rapid metabolism, they do not recover.

Even with the inclusion of high-calorie diet of sweets and baked goods, is not always conducive to weight gain.

The torso and face astenikov elongated, narrow shoulders. Limbs too long, because of what the body seems disproportionate. Disharmony strengthens excessively low or high growth. Astenikov characterized by low muscle mass and underdeveloped muscles. Skin such people has a pale sickly with increased dryness.

Features of this type of people

The pride astenikov not hold. Despite this, live modestly, not trying to stand out from the crowd. Some in adolescence are periods of rebellion and a desire to be seen. But soon it passes, and asthenic nature takes its warehouse. Getting into the awkward, often far-fetched situations, they turn red and get lost.

With age, the character becomes asthenica little softer, a person learns to put up with its own character. Despite this, they are haunted by a sense of frustration and inferiority. Because of what the individuals of this type are very vulnerable and touchy.

Long remember uncomplimentary remarks of other people in relation to themselves and are very experienced. It does not try to find out the reason of negative attitudes and analyze the events.

Very long and painful experience of conflictsituation, mentally scrolling through all your actions. Because of what have become scattered, anxiety and poor sleep at night. Astenikov not suffer any change. Whether it's a change of scenery, or the mode of operation of the day, all the knocks it out of the rut. Being in an unfamiliar society, they are lost and behave stupidly.

With age, the negative symptoms are aggravated again. In old age asthenics annoying relatives, so that they were near inseparable. Dissatisfaction and intolerance toward old age increases.

As for the gastronomic preferences,asthenics love sweets and can use them without any restrictions. But even this does not always help to gain weight. In addition, they love acidic and salty foods. Often drink alcohol, which can lead to alcoholism.

Features asthenic physique in different genders

Men with asthenic constitutioninsufficient body weight. Compared with the average representative of the stronger sex of its size and weight are reduced. Among them are rarely found undersized individuals. They are usually high.

What does asthenic constitutionIn astenikov thin shoulder bones, flat or sunken chest with clearly defined edges. On the belly there is practically no body fat.

In some cases, there are deposits on the female type or saggy belly, waist is highlighted. Some age-rounded hips widen the pelvic bone.

Men of this type quickly grow old. Early skin becomes flabby and faded, covered with a dense mesh of wrinkles. Because metabolic disorders muscle atrophy sooner.

Women with asthenic physique similar tomale external features. However, among them most of undersized fish. Externally these women look lean, fragile and weak. Often there is underdevelopment as separate parts, and the whole body.

Characteristics of people with asthenic constitution

Positive character traits:

  • accuracy and integrity;
  • the absence of violent emotional manifestations;
  • thoroughness in the performance of any process;
  • decency towards others;
  • indifferent to the families and friends;
  • integrity in the performance of their duties.

Negative moments in nature:

  • shyness and modesty;
  • gloominess;
  • uncommunicativeness;
  • irritability often on trumped-up about;
  • unwillingness to take responsibility;
  • uncertainty and reluctance to defend their opinion.

Every person has some features appear more others less. However, asthenic type can be combined with other options.

How to raise a child-astenikov?

To astenikov of the child form a healthy person, it should be understood adequately. It is not necessary "break"His nature, trying to make him"ideal"Human. Any stress, whether physical or psychological, must be strictly dosed. Make a daily routine for the baby, taking into account nutrition and sleep.

Surround your child with love and care. He must feel the support of the parents and know that they will always support and help him regardless of whether the rights of the child or not. With close people are a reliable protection from external hostile world.

What does asthenic constitutionOnly such an attitude will help shapepsychologically healthy person. All this must be skillfully combined with the physical and emotional hardening. Teach toddler art of relaxation as soon as possible. Teach him positively perceive the world.

Help your child to master the technique of analysissituation, their fears and anxieties. Asthenics Children are completely dependent on their parents. Therefore, adults should make every effort, love and care, to raise healthy in all respects a man.

When other people talk to astenikov, they unwittingly have a desire to subordinate such individual. They often cause other irritation.

One must be careful not to hurt the feelings of astenikov. It is necessary to take it with all the quirks, and provide account support to bestow kind words. Only then it will be your faithful friend.

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