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Impact on herpes during gestation baby: how to safely recover?


How does the antiviral ointment "Zovirax" work? Why is it considered relatively safe for pregnant women? Is it worth coordinating its use with a doctor?

"Zovirax" - ointment, long and firmly established in the pharmaceutical market as an effective tool to combat simple, herpes zoster and genital herpes, as well as chicken pox.

Accept or not - that's the question

Impact on herpes during gestation baby: how to safely recover?Patients unanimously assert that this ointmentIs the most effective for rapid treatment and relief of the uncomfortable symptoms of these diseases. But is it possible to use it during pregnancy?

Obstetricians-gynecologists assert that at the stageIt is better to completely abstain from using synthetic medicinal preparations. What can I say, even if the means of alternative and traditional medicine are often called into question, speaking when used in pregnant women.

However, practice shows that a woman in "Interesting situation" It is not so easy to implement this recommendation.

And all because during pregnancy immunity is strongly suppressed, and sometimes completely unknown diseases break into everyday life.

Fetching a child - a real test for a woman. From the first minute of fertilization, and until the delivery, she is responsible not only for her health, but also for the life of the unborn child.

Now every banal action can pose a potential danger for it.

Apply ointment Zovirax In pregnancy is used in exceptional cases and dosed. Before using it, you need to obtain permission from an observing physician.

"Insidious" protective functions of the body

Impact on herpes during gestation baby: how to safely recover?Immunosuppression - The process is purely physiological for any pregnant woman.

All the romantic sayings that from now on you- a single whole, remain only emotional experiences inspired by the happiness of a lady. The organism thinks otherwise. For him, the embryo is nothing but a foreign body. His tissues are incompatible with yours, and are considered alien to them.

But the wise nature provided for the entire reproductive process «From and to».

As soon as conception occurs, your body suppresses its own protective functions, so as not to tear away the life that has arisen in it. However, these mechanisms are not only for good.

Certainly, the child is reliably protected, but the woman herself begins to experience chronic exacerbations of chronic diseases, and often acquires new ones. For this reason, all gynecologists advise women "pregnant" Beware of any health risks. For example, in epidemiological periods you should not appear in public.

Impact on herpes during gestation baby: how to safely recover?And even if you have lived with a person suffering from herpetic infection for many years, "Defending" From infection, now is not the time to rush yourExcellent immunity and neglect of security measures. Some married couples are advised even to use a condom during pregnancy of a woman.

Herpes virus is present in the body of every person. In the overwhelming majority, he "Neutralized" During the early transfer of varicella.

Since you were sick with chickenpox in childhood, youBecame a healthy carrier of the virus. To him, your body produces specific antibodies. Both in everyday life, and during pregnancy, they reliably protect you from the virus.

And if everything happens the other way around?

It also happens in another way: The virus has already entered the body, however antibodies toIt did not work out. In this case, the insidious herpes is hidden in the ganglia - the nerve endings of your body. Once you expose yourself to the risk of infection from a person suffering from herpes in a sharp, open form, you can "Get" Chancroid, completely without waiting.

Impact on herpes during gestation baby: how to safely recover?This is especially dangerous during pregnancy. If a woman is a latent carrier - she has absolutely nothing to worry about: her child is reliably protected from intrauterine penetration of the pathogen.

If she got infected, already being in "Interesting situation", The matter is very complicated.

The fact is that as long as antibodies to the virus are not developed in your body, the fetus remains extremely vulnerable to infection.

Herpes, obtained by embryo on earlyTerms, can provoke fetal developmental anomalies, and even ugliness. A child can also become infected in childbirth, by intranatal route, if the mother has genital herpes.

Despite all risks and dangers, herpetic infection is not "Fatal" For pregnant women, and even more so does not requireAbortion, with the exception of a number of cases. Provided constant monitoring in the women's consultation and timely adequate treatment of pathology, women successfully nurture and give birth to healthy children.

Impact on herpes during gestation baby: how to safely recover?A woman is obliged to prescribe an antiviral drug of local and general action.

However, it is worth mentioning that only a doctor can prescribe it, based on the results of tests, indications and contraindications.

All the medicines that helped you in neutralizing the herpes virus in the routine of everyday life can be completely unsuitable, and even dangerous now.

But what if the annoying ulcer on the lips significantly reduces the quality of life and constantly recurs, breaking all the harmony and magic of the current pregnancy?

Zovirax and pregnancy

As we mentioned in the beginning of the material, the cream Zovirax Is one of the most popular and popular drugs against herpes. This is due to its high efficiency and safety.

Impact on herpes during gestation baby: how to safely recover?"Can I use Zovirax during pregnancy?" - that's how the question sounds "Seasoned" Women who have already experienced this antiviral agent before.

"Zovirax" - ointment that does not carry a teratogenic effectOn the embryo, but this does not mean that it can be used independently and uncontrolled. Indeed, this remedy is relatively safe for pregnant women, since it does not affect healthy cells, including fetal cells. The mechanism of work Zoviraksa Simple: penetrating under the skin, it is quickly activated by a specific enzyme secreted by the affected cells.

The active substance selectively penetrates intoMembrane cells and is part of their genetic apparatus, neutralizing the process of fission and multiplication of infected particles. Vulnerable viruses quickly leave the infected tissue and "Hide" In the ganglia. This process is enough to protect the fetus from the placental penetration of the virus.

Cream Zovirax Can be used during pregnancy, however, onlyAt a certain time and by a specially designed scheme. Otherwise, unauthorized treatment can be hard to turn against your gestation process.

What is dangerous for herpes baby?

Although herpetic infection is rare "Gets" Up to the child.

But if this happens, the process can be culminated with the following complications:

  • Impact on herpes during gestation baby: how to safely recover?Severe brain damage incompatible with life (especially in the first trimester);
  • Lesions of internal organs;
  • Pneumonia;
  • Chronic hepatitis;
  • Rashes on the skin and mucous membranes, prone to rapid generalization.

It is extremely important to visit the doctor regularly andTo discuss with him all the stages of treatment. Be sure to visit the ultrasound for the appointment of your obstetrician-gynecologist: screenings will help to understand what is happening with your baby at the moment.

Let your pregnancy be easy, healthy and happy, and motherhood will bring only satisfaction and joy!

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