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Swelling in Pregnancy: how to fight it?


What if the swollen feet during pregnancy, and when you need to be treated by a specialist? Important recommendations for pregnant and planning

We all know that pregnancy - is not onlywaiting for the long-awaited miracle, but also a lot of problems for the mother's body. Her "side effects" are transferred in different ways - some of the women did not feel even the slightest discomfort, and someone goes through all the stages of gestation is extremely difficult and painful right up to the delivery.

"Side effects" of pregnancy

Swelling in Pregnancy: how to fight it?swelling of feet during pregnancy - a phenomenonphysiology, and almost inevitable. Your upper body is growing rapidly and increased in weight, and is the largest and uneven load on the legs. However, not always in pregnant swollen feet only for this reason. Provoke such an unpleasant phenomenon may be more dangerous causes, such as an increase in protein in the urine, and preeclampsia.

Since the amount of fluid in the body nurtured women almost doubled, it would seem, there is no reason to worry about the swelling.

However, obstetricians almost unanimously considered strong edematous phenomena bad sign that you need time to investigate and resolve.

Swelling of feet during pregnancy is fairly easyconfused with the banal set of weights. Weight increases during gestation - and this is absolutely normal process. But do not confuse one with the other, and it is important how any deviation can be seen faster, to seek professional medical help to the supervising expert.

So if your favorite comfortable shoes startedliterally bump into the skin, and increases the weight of about 300 grams per week, we are talking about stagnation, rather than a set weight on the background of intrauterine growth and development of the baby. What do you do when heavily swollen legs when carrying a pregnancy?

Why is formed swollen phenomenon while waiting for the baby?

"Why swollen feet during pregnancy?" - This question takes almost every newly made mother, especially if she is expecting first child and could not experience for yourself all the nuances of this period in the past.

We have already mentioned that the first reason for thisIt becomes banal physiology. As the growth of the baby in your womb, body weight begins to be distributed unevenly, and the surplus is concentrated in the upper body. Naturally, the rapidly increasing burden on the legs. Due to the fact that the fetus is growing quite actively, and weight jumps pregnant women are particularly rapid in the second and third trimester, lower limbs simply can not quickly adapt to this state.

In addition, the amount of liquid is increasedthe mother's body in half to two times. hatched a woman's body is also actively accumulates sodium, which, in turn, binds moisture and stimulates its stagnation in the soft tissues. There is a natural fluid retention, which may occur due to rather strong swelling.

Swelling in Pregnancy: how to fight it?It is worth noting that the addiction to salty,acute and smoking exacerbates this process. Therefore, future moms who love to eat homemade sausages or preservation can experience for yourself stagnation where sharper ones that are trying to adhere to proper nutrition.

at "Functional" swelling of the picture is almost always softer in the morning, but the evening edema become more powerful and visually prominent.

It should be understood that the cause of edema can become pathological. For example, the phenomenon is often experienced by women who have any kidney disease, or cardiovascular system.

And some of them may show itduring the period of gestation, and because the expectant mother may simply not be aware of their presence initially. In this situation, it is essential to pass adequate comprehensive diagnose and identify the specific abnormalities in the functioning of organs and systems at first.

Carefully, varicose veins!

If the swollen feet during pregnancy - is alsoIt can become a sure sign of rapidly developing varicose veins. Usually it is hereditary, and if prior to conception is not made itself felt, it can happen right now. Pay attention to your family history - ask your mother, grandmother and sister, when it began to torment their varicose veins. And if it happened during pregnancy, it is important you make an effort to ensure that this pathology is passed you.

If you have one leg swelled up during pregnancy,urgently refer to phlebologist or vascular surgeon. Did you have any other disease of the lower extremities, which must be treated right now. Also, if varicose veins is your genetic disease, it is important to take care of its prevention is still at the stage of planning of pregnancy. Go through internal consultation with a specialist, who will tell you about the medicinal drugs and multivitamin complexes, which are important to take in your case.

You will also need to adjust your ownlifestyle, start to move more, sit only in certain positions, to minimize junk food. And maybe wear a compression garment (stockings, socks or tights). If you are unable to do gymnastics or attend special physical education classes, at least try to walk more than walking in the fresh air.

Swelling in gestosis

Swelling in Pregnancy: how to fight it?This is possible when the expectant mother abnormally fastgaining weight. This stagnation start to apply not only to the lower limbs, but also on the whole body - face, neck, arms, waist. They are becoming heavier and do not pass under the standard action of women - receiving diuretic herbs, organization standstill, minimize salt intake from food.

It should be emphasized that preeclampsia (or as it is otherwise called, "Late toxicosis") - A rather dangerous obstetrical pathology.

In the severe form, it provokes a sharp increasepressure, protein excretion in the urine, placental abruption, and in the most severe cases - death. This disease requires constant monitoring, and possibly hospitalization.

What to do with strengthening the swelling?

What if the swollen feet during pregnancy?

The first thing that you need to take - an appeal to thewhich monitors specialist who conducts your pregnancy. If all pathological causes after a medical examination will be removed, the specialist will advise you to a number of measures that can help you get rid of the discomfort.

What a healthy pregnant woman swelling:

  • Remove from your diet sodium (salt). If you can not give it up completely,pinch its consumption to a minimum. Note that there are a number of products, initially containing salt in high quantities. It sauerkraut, conservation (including meat and canned), herring, black bread, sausages, various meats and harmful snacks (chips, crackers, dried, and dried fish);
  • "Fall in love" in a proper diet. Prefer frying steaming, stewing orbaking, choose only fresh and natural products, as a snack, use nuts and dried fruit instead of chocolate bars, give up caffeine in large quantities;
  • Drink a lot. The most common recommendation forpregnant women among physicians - drink more water. You should drink at least 2.5-3 liters of fluid per day, including soups, fruit drinks, tea, soup, dairy and dairy drinks;
  • Giving rest lower extremities. Try not to overload the legs. Sit so that they could throw on the rise. If you lead an active lifestyle, consult a specialist for knitwear shroud;
  • Swelling in Pregnancy: how to fight it?Most lie on your left side. Rest on your left side is not only the most favorable to the mother and baby, but also good for the kidneys. This position relieves them increased load, and they begin to function normally;
  • Move more. This does not mean that you should run crossor pass regulations in gymnastics. However, rest up at home you definitely should not. Try to walk more, choosing for this environmentally friendly place (wooded and park area). If possible, sign up for a special yoga or gymnastics for pregnant women - it also prepares you for an easy childbirth;
  • Do not self-medicate. Receiving diuretics (especially synthetic)It is harmful in itself. Think about that now you are responsible not only for their own health, but also for the health of their child. Not treated uncontrollably.

And most importantly - be sure to consult a doctor with all the complaints. Do not ignore the help of experts.

Let your pregnancy is easy and fun!

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