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The dark band on the belly of pregnant women: causes, superstitions and omens


Why do I get a dark stripe on the abdomen of pregnant women? This phenomenon is caused by hormones: estrogen and progesterone. They stimulate secretion melanotropin

Pregnancy - is a sacrament, as a result ofwhich man is born into the world. The new position of women involves a lot of changes in her body, not only internal but also external. To fully enjoy the pregnancy, you need to know what "surprises"You can wait. The changes will not frighten and guard a woman if she is ready for them.

The pigmentation in pregnancy - a phenomenoncommon. Darken nipples, genital lips, the face can be covered with spots. Especially a lot of issues causing stripe on the abdomen of pregnant women. It occurs in 90% of cases.

Why is she there?

The dark band on the belly of pregnant women: causes, superstitions and omensMany future moms notice that their bellyvisually divided into two parts due to the strip which stood out on their body. But worry about it not worth it. Pigment band - this phenomenon is temporary and personalized. In some it may be lighter, while others - darker, and someone is absent.

Her appearance is caused by hormonalchanges that occur in a woman's body when she is pregnant. The main participants in the process - progesterone and estrogen. They provoke melanotropin secretion of the hormone, which produces cells that give the skin surface a dark color. Because pregnancy pigment unevenly distributed throughout the body.

Doctors explain the appearance of the strip so that there is no middle abdomen muscle tissue, and is present only connection.

As the growth of the stomach is stretched andIt becomes thinner. Therefore, a dark line appears at this location. It is not fraught with danger, so the expectant mother can not worry. This process is reversible, and after the birth it will disappear.

In women, this "attribute'May be different in color and concentration:

  • in some it passes through the stomach;
  • someone is from the navel to the pubic area.

It is noteworthy that women with light skin and hair, it is less visible, and sometimes non-existent. The strip darkens with each month of pregnancy, and it becomes dark brown closer to birth.

What factors affect its appearance?

The dark band on the belly of pregnant women: causes, superstitions and omensDefinitely say why some pregnant bar appears on the abdomen, and others do not, is very difficult. Scientists have identified a pattern: behold the more often it "decoration" dark-skinned woman with dark hair and brown eyes.

On the appearance of dark bands on the abdomen of pregnant women affected by climatic conditions, the amount of vitamin A that enters the body.

No such measures that would avoid this "Attribute". To reduce the appearance of the band, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight, and completely abandon the solarium.

When there is pigmentation?

Predicting the exact date of its appearance impossible. Some women are watching her in the early stages, while in others it occurs closer to birth. Experts say that the band, as well as other early warning signs that a new life was born a woman.

When the bar appears in the first trimester, theit is light, almost imperceptible. As the concentration of hormones in the body, it will darken. Many women are afraid, when she turns blue before delivery. But it is considered a variant of the norm, so do not worry.

The dark band on the belly of pregnant women: causes, superstitions and omensWhen it appears in pregnant stripe on the abdomen?

Often they see hyperpigmentation on his body after 12 weeks, sometimes it appears only in the third trimester.

Each case is different, in this matterrules and regulations. So no need to worry and to compare themselves with other women in a position to look for flaws in yourself and to think about why it appeared.

Of course, all pregnant women are interested in, whether it will disappear "attribute".

It may take 2 months toseveral years. There are times when it fades, but the track still remains. As a rule, in the next pregnancy, it will get dark earlier and stronger, but there are exceptions.

Under no circumstances should one try to remove "Label" any dubious ways. Pigmentation The features of the body, so you just need to be patient and wait for it to turn pale and disappear. Argue with the dangerous nature and experiences in this regard can adversely affect fetal development.

Interesting signs

All the changes that occur to the female body during pregnancy, have a scientific explanation. But long people try to predict the sex of the baby on it, its features.

The dark band on the belly of pregnant women: causes, superstitions and omensTo find out who you have to be born - a boy orgirl, enough to make uzi. But many women are willing to believe the signs and try to guess the baby on the floor belly shape, taste preferences, their appearance. This sign of pregnancy, as the strip, too, can tell you something interesting.

It is believed that if it is pale and reaches only to the middle of the abdomen, or absent, in tum "Settled" girl.

When the band is dark, long and ends at the edges, it is likely to be a boy. It is said that the uneven winding rim "Hints" on the girl, and the line - at the boy.

Coincidence, of course, occur, but the doctors deny these signs. They are confident that the shape and intensity of the color depends solely on the characteristics of the female body, their hormonal levels.

On the aesthetic side of a dark stripe does not lookvery attractive, but in the first place should be interested in a future mom baby's health and your own peace of mind. This may seem a minor problem when born long-awaited baby.

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