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Why do gums bleed during pregnancy? How to cope with this problem?


Many complain that the gum bleeds during pregnancy. It is necessary to know what is the reason for such a violation not to lead to the development of serious problems

It's not a secret for anyone that in pregnancyThe immune system becomes weak and the metabolism in the mother's body is disturbed. First of all, calcium metabolism worsens, which leads to serious problems with teeth. In this case, it is worth remembering that the woman in the position is responsible not only for herself, but for the child, and his teeth.

Why do gums bleed during pregnancy? How to cope with this problem?Many representatives of the fair sex complain that during the period of bearing the baby they "Lost all teeth". That is why, if bleeding gums during pregnancy should urgently apply to the dentist.

Due to timely consultation, treatment will be safe and effective, and it will also be possible to prevent the emergence of many health problems, both in the mother and in the child.

Possible consequences of bleeding gums

Women in the situation are recommended carefullyMonitor your health, because any infection passes to the child, which can lead to irreparable consequences. It should also be taken into account that any diseases in the weakened organism of the mother develop with great speed.

If the pregnancy bleeds gums andThe woman did not go to the doctor on time, then there is a risk that the baby will be born with a low weight. In addition, oral infection, can cause the appearance of the baby's caries.

In case of complications, miscarriage or premature birth may occur. According to statistics, in 30% of cases the oral infection of the mother passes to the fetus.

Why does the gum bleed during pregnancy?

The main reason for this problem is,That in the body of a woman in a position, there is a restructuring in the metabolism. In addition, serious changes occur in the hormonal background. The hormone progesterone makes the gums softer.

It is also worth mentioning about the increase in volumeCirculating blood, which in turn leads to the fact that the gums become more susceptible to the action of bacteria. In addition, the composition of the plaque changes on the teeth, and this causes the development of harmful microorganisms.

To the causes of bleeding can be attributed as wellChange in the composition of saliva and toxicosis. Another reason why there are problems with the gums - non-compliance with oral hygiene. A thick plaque becomes the basis for the development of gingivitis, which in simple terms is an inflammation of the gums.

If a woman does not go to the dentist, the problem may worsen and develop into periodontitis. This complication is treated long enough and difficult.

Symptoms of Inflammation

In some cases, there are other signs that there is an infection in the oral cavity:

  • Swelling of the gums, sweeping to the cheeks;
  • Can smell strongly from the mouth;
  • Presence of a raid;
  • Reddening of the gums and their flaking from the teeth;
  • Itching, burning, pain:
  • In some cases, the temperature may increase.

For the first time gingivitis can develop for 3-4 months. The disease manifests itself in an easy degree, and only the gingival papillae. The more serious the problem, the more the area of ​​defeat spreads. If you do not start treatment, the gums and papillae that begin to block the teeth may increase.

Gingivitis is in two forms: edematic and fibrotic. In the first case, blood can appear not only with mechanical damage, but also during sleep. The gingival papillae grow so much that they can completely hide the crown of the tooth. In the second case, bleeding does not appear so often.

What if the gum bleeds during pregnancy?

Why do gums bleed during pregnancy? How to cope with this problem?If symptoms are found, you need to see a doctor immediately. The dentist must also be visited as a preventive measure.

During the examination, the doctor will be able to diagnose and prescribe the necessary treatment. At the same time, using gentle preparations that do not affect the child in any way.

In addition, sanitation of the mouth is carried out. At the stage of pregnancy the doctor can only stop the development of the disease, but the full course of treatment is allowed only after the mother stops breastfeeding.

In no case should the ladies in the situation not agree to treatment with arsenic. It is forbidden to use anesthesia, and also to carry out prosthetics and bleaching.


To treat bleeding gums during pregnancyPhytotherapy can be used. To destroy the infection, you can use St. John's wort, oak bark, string, etc. All these plants are absolutely harmless to the child, but they act as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Of the herbs you need to prepare a decoction. For this 2 tbsp. Spoons of the chosen plant fill with boiling water and put on fire, for 5 minutes.

After it is necessary to cool the broth and rinse out their mouth after each meal, but not less than 5 times a day:

  • If you find that the gum bleeds, thenRinse your mouth with warm water and a little sea salt. After that, rub a few drops of homeopathic tincture of calendula and St. John's wort into the gums;
  • You can do other procedures to removeinflammation. To do this, you need to have sun dried banana skins, which, using a grinder to grind into powder, you need to take 2 tsp. In powder, chop the sea salt, which will need 3 tbsp. Spoons. Mix the powder of salt and banana, and add olive oil there, and then mix well. As a result, you should get a mixture, the consistency of which is similar to sour cream. Rub it with your index finger in the gums. Do not spit out saliva, hold for 10 minutes, and only then rinse your mouth. Do the procedure 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening;
  • In order to stop bleeding gums can be used fir oil, In which it is necessary to moisten the bandage and apply it to the inflamed place for 5-10 minutes. Doing such manipulations is recommended daily, until pain passes and other symptoms disappear;
  • In the treatment of gingivitis, you can use Kalanchoe juice or a mixture of sea salt and honey in a 1: 4 ratio. The mixture must be rubbed into the gums;
  • Prepare the rinse liquid: Mix the linden flowers and oak bark powder in an amount of 1: 2. Pour a mixture of 1 tbsp. Boiling water and heat on water for 3 minutes, and then leave to infuse for 5 minutes. Rinse the mouth with a warm infusion;
  • Gum sauerkraut has a firming effect on the gums, and it also relieves hemorrhage. It can be in any quantity;
  • You can use a decoction of chamomile. To do this, 1 tbsp. Spoon inflorescences fill 1 tbsp. Boiling water and leave for 30 minutes. Broth rinse your mouth after eating. Chamomile has an anti-inflammatory effect;
  • It is also recommended to carry out a gentle massage of the gums. For this it is enough to simply eat apples and carrots.

It is worth considering that many plants are forbidden to use during pregnancy, for example, sage or millennia increase the tone of the uterus, and this can lead to miscarriage.


Follow the hygiene of the oral cavity,To reduce the risk of problems, as well as prevent a relapse. To clean the teeth is 2 times a day, and not less than 20 minutes. Choose a soft brush and fluoride paste.

Why do gums bleed during pregnancy? How to cope with this problem?It should be borne in mind that if a pregnant woman isMornings, then you need to brush your teeth only an hour after the attack of vomiting, as the acid in the stomach can destroy the enamel, and brushing your teeth will only exacerbate the problem.

It is also recommended to use dental floss,To remove contamination between the teeth. After each meal, rinse your mouth. All these manipulations will help to avoid the development of infection and the spread of microbes.

Experts also recommend correctingRation and include in it products with a high content of calcium, but it is better to refuse sugar. Do not drink carbonated drinks. Can damage the enamel and citrus products.

summing up

During pregnancy, a woman not only answersFor himself, and for the child. That's why you need to carefully monitor your health and with minor deviations immediately go to the doctor. This will help reduce the risk of serious problems and diseases in the fetus.

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