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Pulls and stomach ache - will soon give birth!


What to look for when a stomach ache before the birth? Soreness and allocation at the beginning of the generative process. When kameneet stomach? The dimensions of the abdomen before birth

When a woman's body prepares for childbirth, itIt is a series of changes. Among them there are both positive and unpleasant. Every mother should be acquainted with the forerunners of fast delivery, to prepare and psycho-emotional and physical plane.

Pulls and stomach ache - will soon give birth!One of the most disturbing phenomena in this moment -soreness. In such a situation you can not indulge in a panic, because the baby will be coming soon, and the woman must be absolutely calm and configured on a positive footing.

If the pain and pulls the stomach before birth

In most cases, paincaused by the so-called training bout. During this period, the uterus is actively preparing for the upcoming load, so make certain cuts. Doctors call this phenomenon the training or false contractions, because the real battle and attempts to come a little later.

False contractions may disturb a woman since20 weeks of pregnancy. They do not cause severe discomfort, but with each passing day becomes more tangible. From this they are distinguished by the irregularity and unevenness.

Many women say that they are similar topain during menstruation, that is only felt in the pelvis and abdomen. These are the same in nature and herpes usually begin with that sore back.

False contractions are characterized by the following phenomena: there are 2-3 weeks before the expected date of delivery; menstrual pain reminds, is aching, dull character.

Uterus well palpable this time isin a state of tension, it loses tone even at long intervals, and the fight lasted less than a minute. The pain of them passes by changing posture, walking or movement.

Careful attention should be paid to the following symptoms, as they indicate the beginning of labor:

  • Pain repetition rhythm, the interval from 10 to 20 minutes;
  • Regular reductions;
  • In between, the uterus relaxes quickly;
  • Breaks has been steadily reduced to 2-3 minutes;
  • Pain is herpes, common, oppressive character.

However, if a sore lower abdomen, uterus and hardenedspotting present, it means that the placenta is beginning to flake off because of their exhaustion. In this case you need to call an ambulance, so as not to give birth at home or to prevent miscarriage.

Abdominal pain in the last week of pregnancysometimes it caused by too much physical activity, which affected the abdominal and uterine contractions caused. In this situation, you should consult with your doctor. You may need to take 2 tablets shpy or a similar drug, to reduce spasms.

Pulls and stomach ache - will soon give birth!Stress can be the reason why pulls orI have a stomachache. It is particularly important to control their emotions in the later period, before delivery. We need to calm down and spend the rest of the pregnancy in a good mood and peace. Also, do not leave the house for a long time, because the battle can begin at any time.

Sometimes the pain occurs as a result of chronic diseases of internal organs, including the pelvis.

Pain just before birth

On the occurrence of a number of factors affect pain before the actual delivery:

  • The age and general health of the pregnant;
  • Physiological characteristics of the pelvic structure, muscle, and hormonal systems and other parameters of the body;
  • Menstrual disorders prior to pregnancy;
  • The position of the fetus in the uterus and its size;
  • The level of the threshold of pain, psycho-emotional state of a woman;
  • Preparedness for childbirth (emotional, physical).

If the abdomen before labor begins to pull itthe first sign of a false labor. They should be regarded as a preparatory period when the queen comes to tone, and its neck is shortened and reduced. That is painful at this period in most cases shows the preparation of the body, muscles, ligaments and tissues to normal labor.

Sometimes it helps to eliminate the discomfort of walking, changing body position or emotional switch - watching videos, reading.

Many expectant mothers might cause discomfortof fetal movements. In recent weeks, he took a comfortable position, turning mostly head down to the pelvis. Accordingly, there is a pulling sensation.

It is also necessary to mention that somewomen real contractions can occur atypically - a sharp sensation in the perineum. This fact, too, is taken into account, so it's best to reinsure themselves and consult with an obstetrician or gynecologist watching.

As evidenced by allocation?

When pulling the lower abdomen and before any selectionbirth, then you need to call emergency assistance. As you know, shortly before the onset of labor to move away mucus plug (transparent viscous liquid).

It stands 20-30 ml per day. But if at that time there was a strong pain, then, we need an urgent examination of the expert, as this indicates the beginning of the direct delivery.

kameneet stomach

Sometimes before birth, and to stone heavier stomach. It's like experiencing a lot of pregnant women. This feeling arises for several reasons one of which is training bout (Braxton Hicks).

If the stomach hardens, but no isolation,a woman can be confident that it is they. It is recommended to drink painkillers if feeling brings severe discomfort, or perform relaxation exercises taught in the courses for expectant mothers.

belly Size

Subject size remains one of the most disturbing. Many expectant mothers are alarmed when their stomach is too small for the last trimester. However, do not panic.

Very little belly in early pregnancy and before delivery

The small size may be associated with features or female body with pathologies of pregnancy.

Often, it occurs in large and highWomen with wide hips and curvaceous. When space in the pelvis much, respectively the growing fetus will hide it. Also, the belly is much smaller in nulliparous as their abdominal muscles is still quite strong. With each subsequent pregnancy, they are weakened.

Other reasons why the belly a little:

  • water shortage;
  • Wasting the fetus;
  • Incorrect position of the child in the womb, for example, when the baby lies crosswise, the bottom of the uterus becomes wider.

The gynecologist on routine surveys willmonitor height of uterine fundus, fetal development, state of the pregnant woman, so if the size of the circumference of the waist a little, but other indicators are normal, then do not worry.

Pulls and stomach ache - will soon give birth!By 36 weeks the stomach is gradually increased, but to achieve this period it ceases to grow, and to ourselves childbirth can feel that he has become smaller because of uterine prolapse occurs with the fruit.

If it is very small due to pathologiespregnancy, then you will need treatment. Doctor, if it detects any violation, send an ultrasound, CTG, analyzes. After the decision of the diagnosis assigned the required therapy. If your baby develops poorly identified or water scarcity, pregnant directed to the hospital.

The calm light and fleeting births you! And of course - health to you and your baby!

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