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Where to rest in the summer pregnant?


Where can a pregnant woman have a good rest in summer? Find out in which regions and countries the rest of a pregnant woman will not be associated with a health risk - her and her future child

Where to rest in the summer pregnant?

Every expectant mother needed emotional release. And of course locked in her "nest" before the birth of an heir did not want anyone, especially when in front of the summer, which promises a vacation for body and soul. Who said that a pregnant woman can not go on a trip? Can I get pregnant by airplane??

If there are no contraindications, it can very much! The main thing - to choose the right country and take into account all the recommendations that the crumb did not come into the world in a foreign country or on the way home.

When should a pregnant woman refuse to travel?

  • Where to rest in the summer pregnant?

    Placenta previa.
    This diagnosis suggests that any load can lead to bleeding due to low placental location.

  • The threat of termination of pregnancy.
    In this case shows the bed rest and calm.
  • Preeclampsia.
    Grounds for the diagnosis: swelling of feet and hands, protein in the urine, high blood pressure. Of course, on vacation and not a speech - the only treatment in a hospital.
  • Chronic disease in the acute stage.
    Given the need to control specialists, to move off more than a hundred kilometers from the city is not desirable.

If the pregnancy is quite easy, with health concerns and problems are there, then we can think about choosing the country for summer recreation.

Where to go in the summer the expectant mother?

The most favorable country for the rest of the future mother

Travel agencies are now offering a lot of options for a summer holiday - even the Sahara savage, though polar bears to Antarctica. It is understood that expectant mother such extreme trip completely uselessAnd a list of possible vacation spots easily reduced in view of common sense. The first thing worth thinking about - is the climate. Experts do not limit the choice of the country to relax, if there are no contraindications. In other cases, it is necessary take into account all the existing problems and their own tolerance of a climate. So, where possible and where you should not go to the expectant mother in the middle of summer?

In these countries are pregnant can not go

  • India, Mexico.
    The heat in these countries begins in the spring. That is, in such a trip awaits air temperature of 30 degrees. Of course, the future of such crumbs overload to anything.
  • Cuba, Tunisia, Turkey, Egypt, United Arab Emirates.
    Similar to the previous point - too hot and too humid for the expectant mother.
  • Exotic countries.
    Whatever your soul yearned for the exotic, bettera trip to wait. Any vaccination expectant mother absolutely contraindicated, as, for example, in Africa, will not do without the anti-malarial drugs and vaccination against yellow fever. What to say about the range and severity of the trip, tiring road, transplants and heat? Even every healthy man stand such a journey.
  • Chile, Brazil, Asian countries, Sri Lanka.
  • Mountain areas.
    Also cross out. Large height - is shortness of breath and oxygen deficiency. Neither the mother nor the child the benefit of such a holiday will not go.

Countries and places where good and useful to relax the expectant mother

  • Crimea.
    Crimea for rest expectant mother

    Dry beneficial Crimean climate is veryeven useful and mom and baby. Among other things, you can eat plenty of fruit, and mentality, close to the mother, not bring problems. Problems with language, too, is not there: most of the population of Crimea - Russian-speaking.

  • Croatia, France, Switzerland and all of Europe.
    The most ideal option for traveling expectant mother, climate into account.
  • Baltic States, Slovakia.
  • The mountainous part of the Czech Republic.
  • One of the hotels in the mountain lakes of Austria.

  • </ B>
    Europe to relax the expectant mother

    Italy (northern part).

  • Southern Germany (eg Bavaria).
  • Healing springs of Transcarpathia.
  • Azov, Sivashskaya Spit.
  • Bulgaria.

Precautions on vacation

  • Pregnant on vacation

    The best time to travel - first trimester of pregnancy. If the term is already more than thirty weeks, it is best to forget about the trip in order to avoid problems. Long-distance travel on this term banned.

  • Be aware of time zones. adaptation period in the other country may take - choose the country nearest to home.
  • The shorter the flight - the lower the load on the body. It is desirable that the flight did not take more than four hours.
  • Going by train, take tickets only on the bottom shelf, Regardless of gestational age.
  • Pregnant summer vacation

    Prohibited: dive and supercool. Bathe only when the sea is really warm, and do not forget that you swim alone with toddler.

  • Aggressive sun is harmful in itself, let alone in the state and even more worth from him beware. If you really really want to soak up the sun, then choose after 5 pm and before 10 am.

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