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Thrush in pregnancy - how to treat?


Thrush in pregnancy: features, causes and symptoms. Treatment of thrush during pregnancy: traditional and folk remedies. Reviews and advice women

There is probably no such woman, who would notI heard of thrush. The disease - a very common phenomenon, and for many women, thrush becomes a constant companion. For the first time, many women experience thrush during pregnancy (see the most detailed Pregnancy Calendar). During this period, the body is more vulnerable due to reduced immunity. The disease is a consequence of the active propagation of the pathogen - fungi genus Candida.

But, given that the symptoms are similar toSymptoms of gonorrhea, bacterial vaginosis, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, and other infections when they occur should, first of all, to see a doctor. It is wrong, and the more self-treatment may do more harm than good!

The symptoms of yeast infection during pregnancy

When pregnancy is thrushsome potential hazard to the child and the mother. Candidiasis is able to complicate the course of pregnancy, it also increases the risk of infection of the fetus and is already

newborn baby. So do not trust the stories of friends that thrush - normal for a pregnant woman, this disease needs to be diagnosed and, of course, be treated.

Spin-white, usually cheesy, with lumps, itching, and sour smell - the main symptoms of thrush.

Also symptoms candidiasis are:

  • Pain during sexual intercourse and urination;
  • Redness of the vaginal mucosa;
  • Burning sensation;
  • Increasing the sensitivity of the genitals.

Specificity of thrush during pregnancy is a singular point

The use of most of the medicinesduring pregnancy for the treatment of various diseases is prohibited. Thrush - is no exception. And you believe the advertising, which promise to cure candida in one day and only one capsule - at least meaningless.

First, not the fact that the yeast will not returnagain after drug withdrawal, secondly, such a treatment could be dangerous for the child. Therefore, a treatment that can step up and my mother, and the baby may appoint a doctor after the installation of the correct diagnosis.

Strict adherence to all rules of individualHygiene - the first step towards successful treatment of thrush. Women who have experienced this disease, and themselves aware of this - shower relieves discomfort, itching stops.

But, alas, not for long. Within a short time, the opposite effect occurs - the itch increases, and with it, redness and pain. And, of course, alone hygienic procedures to treat enough - we need an integrated approach, with surfeiting different treatments.

The causes of yeast infection in pregnant women

Candidiasis is a marker of unfavorablecondition of the body. In addition to specific treatment of the disease with special antifungal drugs require a full examination of the definition and elimination of the main causes of immunodeficiency for him.

The main causes of yeast infection:

  • Chronic diseases of the liver and kidneys;
  • The struggle of the immune system with chronic inflammation of the glans (or other) of the sphere of the body;
  • Obesity;
  • Diabetes;
  • Reduced thyroid function;
  • Genital herpes;
  • Taking antibiotics and, as a consequence, intestinal dysbiosis and immune deficiency;
  • Admission prednisolone, metipred, dexamethasone (hormones) in the treatment of hyperandrogenism, immune disorders;
  • Dysbiosis, colitis;
  • Excess sweets in the diet, poor diet;
  • Illiterate reception eubiotics (products containing lactic bacteria).

Thrush Treatment of expectant mothers - what can?

yeast treatment besides medication includes a strict diet. From a woman diet

excludes spices, marinated, pickled, sweet and savory dishes, which increase the acidity of the vagina.

Useful, of course, are dairy products, fruits and vegetables. The list of the most useful fruit for pregnant women.

It happens that for the successful treatment of thrush quite strict adherence to diet and personal hygiene. But such cases are, alas, did not become the rule.

This is possible provided that the treatment started inthe early development of the disease. For a pregnant woman this development - the most favorable, given the impossibility of acceptance of drugs.

Basic rules for the treatment of thrush during pregnancy:

  1. Maximum frequent change of panty liners or even abandoning them;
  2. Excluding long-term exercise and staying under the sun during the hottest time of the year;
  3. Sexual rest (during treatment);
  4. The solution of internal conflict and the normalization of mental status.

The use of oral medications withantifungal for the treatment of candidiasis in pregnant women is categorically unacceptable. For topical treatments are used as creams, suppositories and tablets introduced into the vagina.

The cure is carried out depending on the chosen therapy and on the basis of safety of drugs.

Preparations for the treatment of yeast infections in pregnant women:

  • miconazole
  • clotrimazole
  • Pimafucin
  • Nystatin

Treatment of candidiasis is necessary for both partners to avoid re-infection, a sexually transmitted.

Medications for the treatment of candidiasis can be divided into local and systemic. TO system include tablets, which, acting on the intestine, absorbed into blood and then penetrate into all tissues and organs of the female body.

Systemic drugs affect all cells throughblood, completely destroying the pathogen, but not suitable for (limited) for treatment during pregnancy because of the side effects and toxicity, and hence - the risk to the unborn child.

Therefore, drugs such as Nizoral, Levorinum, Diflucan and others are forbidden during pregnancy.

TO local treatment of vaginal creams and include tablets andcandle. This is usually a cream or candles "Pimafucin", or candles with nystatin. "Clotrimazole" for the first trimester of pregnancy is contraindicated, and in other undesirable trimesters.

Website warns: self-medication can damage your health! All submitted tips - for information, but to use them is prescribed by a doctor!

Reviews c Sections:


A couple of months ago, again covered this thrush. The doctor "Terzhinan" prescribed, I was treated, and, lo and behold, everything went. But it turned out that sooner rejoiced. ?? Thank God, not scratched anything but cheesy discharge, and from dailies did not give up. ?? I worried for the child. I would not harm the beetles ...


The girls, a lot of tools exist harmless for kids! "Livarol", for example, suppositories. I personally helped. A friend advised the seventh month of pregnancy. Do not despair!


It was treated four times with varying degrees of success. And she again infection, got out. The doctor says, if you do not bother, you can not heal. I wonder if anyone had this experience? What happens if not treated? Smoking is harmful to the child? Or should I just change the time to the doctor? Old The doctor probably already balls for commercials ... ??


Here I am in your ranks, girls. ?? Actually I never had thrush. And then I got out during pregnancy. ?? Also I wondered - to treat or not to treat. The doctor said that thrush can trigger preterm labor. Decided - to treat. I have 26 weeks. Discharged candle "clotrimazole", say - will not harm dityu.

Thrush and immune deficiency in pregnancy

Not every pregnant woman developsthrush, although fungi are found in the vagina and intestine each, and pregnancy becomes one of the factors that are conducive to proliferation of Candida. Thrush always - signal from flagging immune system and provided a long, if not unsuccessful treatment it becomes a symptom of a serious disease of the body. That is why for the treatment of candidiasis is administered immunomodulatory (eg, rectal suppositories with viferonom) and bracing products, and multivitamins.

In respect of probiotics containing useful bacteria, bifidobacteria only possible application. Lactobacilli increase the reproduction and growth of fungi!

Traditional methods of treatment of thrush during pregnancy

To destroy candida fungi known to manyfolk methods. Many among them, and alkaline solutions. Not everyone known fact that alkaline solutions are able to break the natural microflora of the vagina. And get involved in such

means treatment is not recommended. It is much more effective medical treatment in conjunction with thrush folk remedies, and under the supervision of a physician in order to prevent harm to your body.

In pregnancy, women are very often usedtraditional methods for the treatment of candidiasis. The most popular methods - cleaning the solution of tetra sodium borate to glycerol, a decoction of oak bark and soda solution. Besides these, the following national means and methods:

  • Per liter of water - a teaspoon of iodine and soda. After adding a solution in a basin with warm water, to sit in the bath for about 20 minutes once a day.
  • Per liter of boiling water brewed tablespoon calendula (St. John's wort, birch buds, chamomile, or juniper). After infusion and percolation, infusion is used for sedentary baths.
  • Per liter of lukewarm water - two tablespoons of honey. After thorough mixing trays used for seating.
  • In a teaspoon of vegetable oil - a couple of drops of tea tree oil. After thorough mixing, used for topical treatment of thrush.
  • Per liter of water - three tablespoons chopped burdock root (dry). Boil for five minutes. After cooling and straining used for sedentary baths.
  • Drinking on an empty stomach in the morning, thirty minutes before meals, fresh carrot and apple juice.
  • Eating garlic and onions
  • Per liter of boiling water ten tablespoons of leavesblack currant (dried and crushed). After bringing to a boil and brew for ten minutes, add the broth, two or three finely diced garlic cloves. Bring to the boil again. After cooling, the broth add the lemon juice (one). After straining to take three times a day for half a cup.

  • In five tablespoons of honey, lemon juice, onion and orange mix thoroughly and drink four times a day on a tablespoon.
  • Three times a day - ten drops of tincture of ginseng.
  • To lift the immunity - royal jelly and propolis.
  • At half-liter of water - 200 g sugar, 250 gcrank meat grinder to onions. After boiling cook for two hours. Next, add a couple tablespoons of honey and after straining drink a tablespoon three times a day.
  • Aloe leaves (at least three years of age) inquantity of 500 g of washed, dried and sent for five days in a refrigerator. Next, turn the leaves in a meat grinder, and adding honey (in an amount equal to the amount of aloe) and a glass of Cahors wine, mix well. Accepted for half an hour before meals, three times a day on a tablespoon.

Website warns: self-medication can damage your health! All submitted tips - for information, but to use them is prescribed by a doctor!

Comments from the forums:


The girls, the gynecologist is obliged to appoint and treatmentyou and my husband! Be sure! Otherwise there is no point to start. In general, there is a recipe. Cream "Candide" for supruzhnika. Let smears it after a bath at an interesting place, and sex life - only in a condom. Not to get a yeast infection cycle in nature.))


Record, puzatiki! Subtracts the list of procedures for candidiasis pregnant:

  1. Eat natural live yogurt that contains Acidophilus. It is also possible that the yogurt - on the tampon into the vagina and on the half hour. Then prosprintsevatsya.
  2. Three cloves of garlic inserted into the vagina (a powerful anti-fungal agent with the active ingredient, allicin).
  3. Thong - in the trash. Wear underwear, does not disturb the circulation of blood.
  4. The warm baths are not lying for a long time. Candida loves warm and damp environment.
  5. Sticking unleavened diet.
  6. Douching is not used (during pregnancy should not be).
  7. Avoid excess of sugar in the diet. The more carbs and sugars - the more multiplies in the body of Candida.


Hmm ... I can imagine that that will be decided to shove a garlic. ??


I'm a doctor "Terzhinan" written out. At night, I put the plus pile up even bandage, soaked with sodium tetraborate. In the morning - a new bandage with "Nystatin". In short, for the week easier. To celebrate, my husband and I "celebrated", and everything is new. ?? Now, from the beginning ... And her husband dessert - "Fluconazole". ??

Prevention of thrush during pregnancy

From thrush is not insured, no woman, however, there effective ways to get rid of yeast infection. Prevention of candidiasis recommended by all gynecologists. But before planning pregnancy should be excluded all the factors in the long term able to trigger this disease:

  • Stress;

  • Avitaminosis;
  • The weakening of the immune system;
  • Hormonal disbalance;
  • Chronic diseases;
  • Eating disorders;
  • antibiotics;
  • Close underwear;
  • Soap with perfume and other intimate perfumes.

prevention means for thrush

Most important for the prevention of thrush -drugs to enhance immunity. Typically prescribed multivitamins and rectal suppositories with viferonom. Compliance with the basic rules of prevention to help guard against the disease:

  • Use bifidoproduktov and exclusion flour, sharp, sweet;
  • Eating yogurt with probiotic cultures;
  • The use of garlic and onions;
  • Careful hygiene;
  • Use a condom during sexual intercourse;
  • Wearing c / b free laundry.



Sponsored pills do not help, and folk remedies are comfortable only at home - in the vacation they are not really something to apply. There are only candles. ??


What there is prevention! All I keep, but still crawled! Smears bad written "Terzhinan". Do not like it to me, the side effects began some. Itching, for example, it was not before. Does anyone know "Terzhinan" is not dangerous in the 12th week?


With pregnancy, the thrush began simplyCrazy! That's horrible! With dandies I do not give up at all! Sex vrachiha forbade - increased tone. And how much to suffer? Before giving birth? My husband suffers, I am suffering, gaskets are boring! What else can you treat? I tried everything. ??


Try the cream "Pimafucin"! Removes itch well or a candle. We have the same problem. I still had Clotrimazole. So far, unsuccessfully. Good luck to all in a difficult struggle!


Something to me, too, this prevention is not particularlyHelped. ?? Although, the reason, you see, in the sores are chronic. How many cotton linens do not wear, and if there are problems inside, especially in gynecology - then wait for the thrush. ??

Website warns: self-medication can damage your health! All submitted tips - for information, but to use them is prescribed by a doctor!

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