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Why there is oligohydramnios during pregnancy?


Why the lack of water occurs during pregnancy, what is dangerous is the state as it manifests itself. Diagnostic methods and methods of treating water scarcity

Water shortage, as the name implies, is alack of amniotic fluid. This phenomenon occurs in approximately 20% of pregnant women. Under certain circumstances, it leads to complications and abnormalities during pregnancy and fetal development.

Why there is oligohydramnios during pregnancy?Amniotic fluid is very important, because they contain oxygen, nutrients, salts, vitamins, hormones, which are necessary for the normal development of the child in the womb.

In addition, they perform a protective function,creating a semblance of weightlessness and so oberegat fetus from the mother the possibility of internal organs pressure. When you hit the water absorb it, allow the child to remain unscathed.

They also protect against infection and otheraggressive and adverse effects. That is why oligohydramnios during pregnancy is a dangerous condition, because it reduces the quality of their protective functions.

The amount of water varies throughoutgestation period. Often, this occurs in the second trimester, but if it is found on the third, then this condition in some cases turns into serious problems. When the water in all 1-1.5 liter in the later stages, it is already possible to speak about their insufficient.

There are two types of water scarcity:

  • Moderate. Often seen as a result of poor nutrition. To fix it, a woman must simply establish its regime and diet. Often, doctors recommend foods rich in minerals and vitamins. By following a diet, you need to constantly come to the examination to observed the doctor;
  • Expressed. It requires a more serious approach, including drug treatment. The woman was placed in day care to preserve. The stronger the state is expressed, the higher the risk to the fetus. In this case, the possible development of many pathologies - deformation of the skeletal system, asphyxia (leads to disorders of the nervous system, the brain), abnormal limb development.

What is dangerous in pregnancy oligohydramnios

This condition is dangerous in that it has notif symptoms persist. Woman feels good physically and her condition does not deviate from the norm. In moments of your baby move, it feels pain, but it is unreliable indication.

To diagnose oligohydramnios can only specialist.

It will determine the presence of disease in the case of:

  • Backlog of size or location of the height discrepancy uterus;
  • His strong mismatch duration of pregnancy;
  • Inconsistencies belly size for this period.

If you find these symptoms, the doctor concludes that a pregnant oligohydramnios.

Every doctor knows how this affects the fetus. It appears at high risk baby is born with abnormalities of development with the expressed phenomenon.

To verify the accuracy of the diagnosis,carried ultrasound. According to the results confirm or refute the diagnosis. This study will ascertain the amount of fluid in the placenta, as well as the severity of the phenomenon and the condition of the fetus.

Causes of water scarcity

  • Why there is oligohydramnios during pregnancy?Abnormal development. Among all kinds of disorders and hereditary anomalies include renal and face. For a period of 23 weeks clarify this possibility, having a mandatory second ultrasound;
  • Lowering function shell secretion which forms the ovum, improper / inadequate development of the epithelium that covers the shell;
  • High blood pressure. Throughout pregnancy there are his jumps, but they are usually mild. If the vibrations are high enough, it can cause a decrease of amniotic fluid. Hypertension threatens to delay fetal development, slowing its growth, as well as fading. Water shortage during pregnancy, when it is 21 weeks, often caused in this manner. However, it is not uncommon, and throughout the first trimester;
  • Bacterial infections, which sufferedpregnant, not cured completely. Sometimes the danger is posed by the disease, which she suffered before pregnancy. In this case, a pathogenic flora found in the birth canal, and water. Typically this is set at week 21, when it is influenced by hormones starts to progress. In parallel, developing and water scarcity, which in term of 31 weeks has already pronounced;
  • Multiple pregnancy. The reason may be a non-uniform distribution of blood flow in the placenta. Then one child gets more nutrients and oxygen than the other. This can lead to the death of the weaker fetus, so pregnant in need of inpatient observation;
  • Water shortage during pregnancy, starting at 36 weeks,It arises from the perenashivanie. By this time the baby is already fully developed and may be born at any time. There are times that women carry children up to 40 weeks, but with 38 minutes often develops this phenomenon. The reason is the "aging" of the placenta, because it is already worn out and has outlived its time. As a result, it starts to flake off and is no longer fulfilling its direct functions. Doctors have to cause premature birth or conduct a caesarean section;
  • In some cases, pathology developsgradually, since the first week. It is usually found in the 12 or 22 weeks at a planned US. There is often due to obesity pregnant due to improper metabolism. Doctors important to know the degree of its severity and impact on the child. If the flow is not heavy, and not had time to affect the fetus, it can be saved. Pregnancy in this case is placed in a hospital, where it is up to the birth. It is necessary to adhere to a strict diet and find out the causes of obesity. This baby will be born a maximum of 37 weeks of gestation. This is due to detachment of the placenta. Therefore perform a cesarean section.


Before starting treatment, the physician determines the cause that caused this phenomenon, and conducts diagnostics. First of all the reason to be confirmed, and behind her, and the severity of disease. The specialist may prescribe a number of studies and analyzes:

  • Ultrasound and Doppler. Conducted to determine the amount of water in the ovum, the degree of refinement of the fetus underdevelopment, assess the quality of blood flow to the uterine arteries, umbilical cord and the brain of the fetus;
  • General blood and urine tests, a smear on an infection and diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. These activities will eliminate the possibility of infection of the fetus;
  • KGT will determine the status of the baby and his state of health.

Treatment of water scarcity

Methods used enough variety inDepending on the severity of the condition, its causes and trimester. As an example, if the term 27th week discovered a metabolic disorder and obesity, women prescribed drugs, normalizing the activities of the placenta.

Water shortage during pregnancy, detected on term31 weeks and more complex is treated using drugs to stimulate metabolism in the placenta, as well as vitamins and means to address the root cause of disease.

The treatment may be ambulatory, if diagnosed with a moderate degree, or stationary, if it is severe.

Ambulatory method is to maintaingentle treatment, the limitation of physical activity, the exclusion of heavy loads, taking drugs prescribed by the doctor, regular visits to the antenatal clinic. Often assigned to women in the second trimester.

Why there is oligohydramnios during pregnancy?The hospital was placed under conditions of severethe degree of pathology, as well as in the case for a moderate, the tone of the uterus is found. Such treatment is required, and women whose pregnancy oligohydramnios detected at week 32 or later.

Doctors sometimes prescribe a weekly ultrasound,Doppler and KGT to control the condition that the deterioration urgently take the necessary measures. If the pathology is strongly expressed and threatens the health of the baby, it is likely the destination of caesarean section. Also, with 33 weeks cause early delivery.

This pathology negatively affect the processchild bearing. In the first trimester, often because of her miscarriages occur. Moreover, it affects the process of childbirth - it is weak, and fights and attempts to become insignificant.

If the term is less than 32-34 weeks, it is necessary to carry out a caesarean section. For a period of 36 weeks may apply the stimulus fight drugs, and the woman will give birth to yourself.

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