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Why a stomach ache during pregnancy: possible causes and remedies


Why stomach hurts during pregnancy? The answer to this question bothers many pregnant women. Let us, for whatever reasons there may be pain in the stomach while waiting for baby

Lovely waiting period long-awaited babyfor the expectant mother often overshadow the various types of ailments. Women most often complain about the fact that during pregnancy stomach ache - a phenomenon causes confusion and fear. Maybe with a baby is something wrong? Maybe I something is seriously ill?

Why a stomach ache during pregnancy: possible causes and remediesDefinitely answer the question why a stomach acheduring pregnancy should not be, because the reasons for the fact a lot. Fortunately, many of them are quite harmless and caused exclusively by natural physiological processes in the body of the future mother.

Let us find out the most common causes of abdominal pain during gestation.


This is probably the most natural causeoccurrence of unpleasant sensations in the abdomen in expectant mothers. The fact is that the uterus is held in the pelvic area between the ilium through the connective tissue - ligaments.

During fetal growth weight and size of the uterusincreased many times, ligaments, respectively, are stretched more, which causes them to spasm. For these reasons, during pregnancy hurts the lower abdomen, groin and suprapubic area.

Abrupt momentary spasms occur more frequentlyjust during exercise - for example, when a woman raises or carrying something heavy, while running, intensive walking, climbing the steep stairs, or simply when you cough or a sudden change in body position.

Discomfort associated with the sprain usually occur from 12 weeks did not cause the slightest risk of maternal and fetal health.

What to do? To the pain stopped, it should relax, take a horizontal position and take a few deep breaths. Drug Treatment such situations do not require.

Bowel problems

Abdominal pain in expectant mothers can oftencause such banal phenomenon, like constipation and bloating. The thing is that after conception in a woman's body several times the amount of the hormone progesterone increases "responsible"For the relaxation of smooth muscles of the uterus - so wise body takes care of the fetus.

But apart from the uterus, progesterone affects the relaxation of muscles of the intestine, thereby preventing normal peristalsis, causing constipation, excessive flatulence.

What to do? First, review the diet: eliminate from the diet of fastening and cause fermentation in the stomach foods (beans, white and black bread, pickled and canned vegetables, fatty and fried).

Observe the fluid and electrolyte balance, dailyDrink at least 1.5 liters of pure non-carbonated water, eat often, but little by little, about 5-6 times a day. If, however, and these simple tips will not bring long-awaited relief, consult your physician - he will appoint a harmless laxative and carminative drugs.

The tone of the uterus

Why a stomach ache during pregnancy: possible causes and remediesIf from time to time during pregnancy sore abdominal muscles, there are painful cuts, and the abdomen becomes rigid, as if petrified, it is a sure sign of uterine tone (reducing its muscle).

Uterus - a muscular body, and like all other muscles,it can be reduced periodically. Partly contractions - a completely natural physiological process, it can occur at all stages, particularly in the third trimester.

Calling tone can:

  • stress;
  • exercise (lifting weights, brisk walking);
  • cough, vomiting, sneezing;
  • inhalation of harmful chemical vapors;
  • heavy flow of colds and viral infections (ARI, SARS and so on. d.).

What to do? To get rid of these unpleasant sensations, especially, neutralize the cause. For example, if you are too agitated, take a deep breath and think about your baby. If you are tired of the exercise, lie down and relax. Typically, in a relaxed state of the uterus tone disappears.

But remember, that can only be called harmless short-term painful uterine contractions caused by apparent irritants.

If the uterus is in a good shape for a longtime and often hardens, causing discomfort, you should immediately consult a gynecologist, because the cause chronic tone are such serious problems, such as uterine fibroids, hormonal disorders, the threat of termination, STI (sexually transmitted infections by) and so on.

The threat of miscarriage

Drawing pain in the lower abdomen during the first weeks of pregnancy, accompanied by vaginal discharge from light cream to brown color is one of the characteristics of the threat of interruption.

The causes of this scourge are many factors:

  • hormonal imbalance;
  • Rhesus-conflict mother and fetus;
  • disorders of the thyroid gland;
  • anomalies of the structure of internal genital organs;
  • violation of the gene structure of the fetus;
  • trauma;
  • and a variety of other infections.

What to do? Unfortunately, the risk of miscarriage in the first trimester is the most dangerous for the life of the fetus.

Therefore, if you in the first weeks of pregnancystomach ache, worried suspicious discharge from the genital tract, immediately seek medical help, procrastination can lead to very dire consequences. As a general rule, to save the life and health of the fetus future mom recommended treatment in a hospital.

Late toxicosis

If a woman has a sore upper abdomen during pregnancy, worried about a severe headache, sharp weight gain, puffiness of the face, swelling of the eyes, calves, feet, most likely, the doctor will diagnose "late toxicosis".

It is a violation - it is still called "preeclampsia"- Usually develops during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy in women with high blood pressure and because of the presence of protein in urine.

Preeclampsia causes pathological changes in the blood vessels, which in turn, affects the blood supply to the placenta and the vital organs (liver, kidney, brain).

Why a stomach ache during pregnancy: possible causes and remediesWhat to do? In the case of the above symptoms should promptly see a gynecologist - he will measure the pressure and verify the presence of protein in the urine. In mild form of the disease the woman is prescribed bed rest, a special diet and reducing the pressure of drugs, all the while controlling the level of blood pressure and the presence of protein in the urine.

In severe preeclampsia at term of more than 37 weeks, usually doctors recommend the stimulation of natural childbirth.

But pulling cramping, similar tocramps during menstruation, and events occurring after 37 weeks, evidence of impending birth - so the body preparing for the upcoming delivery. Disturb such sensations you do not have to.

Successful you birth and a happy motherhood!

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