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Is it important to proper breathing at birth?


What is the proper breathing during labor? Breathing Technique in childbirth and fights. How to breathe during labor? Behavior and breathing during labor

Breathing during labor is a part of the process,it helps women to relax, to push and push the child. Those who have already given birth, knows what needs to be breathing during labor. But those who decided to become a mom for the first time, would be superfluous to familiarize themselves with breathing techniques and trained in advance.

How does it help?

Is it important to proper breathing at birth?From anatomy lesson everyone should know thatthe air entering the lungs, helps to saturate the body with oxygen, which is vital to all living organisms. The way a person breathes, depends on many things. Deep rhythmic breathing allows sufficient to provide oxygen and mom and baby.

During labor, a woman experiences a lot of new emotions, and if it is not prepared to keep up breaths will be difficult.

This will prevent:

  • Fear;
  • Pain;
  • confusion;
  • Uncertainty.

To say in advance how it will be generations in your case, no one can, unless you are prepared in advance.

When a person is frightened or tense his breathing becomes shallow, it is often "missing"The air and then it blows. In this tense the muscles are the shoulders and neck, heart was pounding "catching"Pressure. Very soon, the lack of oxygen will cause dizziness and loss of consciousness, and then who will give birth to?

Proper breathing technique during labor will help to overcome the pain, to save energy and to direct it in the right direction, to give the required amount of oxygen and the baby, and her mother, to reduce stress.

The ability to control themselves can play a majorrole will enable timely action to avoid breaks. A sufficient amount of oxygen the baby will help to smooth the stress that a child is experiencing at the moment of birth.

What techniques are used?

To be ready and not let panic overwhelmthemselves should be more during pregnancy to prepare for childbirth. The best way to learn how to focus and do not panic - it is meditation. Optionally, go to "astral"Most importantly, learn to control and direct the work of light forces in the right direction.

Since breathing at birth should be deep, to behave properly can help the following exercises:

  • Support the right rhythm to help the word "relax". Inhaling mentally or aloud pronounce the first syllable of "re-ee", the second on the exhale - "la-à-ax". The duration of both actions must be the same. Before the release of the air, try to relax;
  • Some prefer to breathe in a row. Inhale - 1, 2, 3, exhale - 1, 2, 3, 4. Everyone can choose their own rhythm and to consider how much it is convenient, the main difference between inhalation and exhalation should be no more than 2 units.
  • You can imagine yourself in the role of Maria Sharapova - tennis player screaming. Inhale necessary nose, exhale mouth. Exhale accompanied "sound design"- Ah-ah-ah-ah or oh-oh-oh, how someone conveniently.

However, in the latter case, no shoutshelp, as only selected force. It is better to inhale nose and folding his lips to blow the air force. Training will help to work out the motion to automatism, and then at the right moment the brain react adequately to prevent panic confuse you.

In many countries there are special courses,where women are taught to practice breathing at birth and behavior. There are sessions for partners, so that men could also help women to focus. Visit them is recommended to all those who give birth for the first time and who care about the safety of their own and the child.

How to breathe during labor?

Is it important to proper breathing at birth?

Contractions - is involuntary contractions of the uterus,which are precursors to the onset of labor. At first, they appear and disappear, but eventually become regular. During the fight the woman feels a sharp pain, and stretching muscles of the back and abdomen. Contractions with a gap of less than 10 minutes indicates the imminent appearance of the baby.

At this point we must try to relax,otherwise the cervix will not be able to open on time because of the strong muscle tension. Correct behavior can help avoid this. Reliance is only on their strength and breaths technique.

First, try to pull myself together andrelax, align the light rhythm. Inhale for 4 accounts and nose, exhale for 1-6 and by ingestion. Since the body is filled with oxygen, panic retreat, the cervix will unfold as it should. In addition, the bill would divert a little from the pain, and it will be easier.

With increasing frequency of contractions, the rhythm changes. Breaths are becoming more frequent and superficial, from the outside it resembles a dog's breath on a hot day. You breathe the surface, through the mouth.

Slightly lower threshold of pain will help breathing by the technique of "train". At the beginning of the bout fast rhythm and superficial breath, at the peak draws air through the nose and exhale through your mouth making frequent, at the end, try to calm down and regain rhythm. Tracking breathing during labor and birth distracts from the pain and fear does not raise panic.

How to proceed with the vain attempts?

Over time, will be added to the struggles of attempts, it is alsorandom muscle contractions, but they allow the child to move up the cervix and help a woman's body pushed the kid out. If you behave properly in this period, it all goes very quickly and without serious consequences for mother and baby. That all went well need to listen to the advice of a midwife and help yourself breathing.

Breathe and push should be strictly according to the "team"Gynecologist, the doctor sees how the fruit andIt helps to adjust its movement. Duration attempts less than a minute. During this time, you need to take a deep breath and as you exhale try to push out the baby. So Breath is too long. Then a few short breaths, trying to gain strength, and then take a deep breath and a long exhale.

Try to concentrate on the pressure forceuterus. If it does not control, then the voltage can burst blood vessels in the eyes and get out of hemorrhoids. The hardest thing is to push the baby's head, as the body will be released, you will not even notice. After this you should go for short superficial breaths until you can not recover the rhythm and draw air in a smoother rhythm.

Proper breathing during labor to help pushbaby 3-4 attempts, and thus decrease the time of your suffering. In addition, if the forces for the final spurt is not enough, deep breaths allow fast enough to relax and get some rest. After that, with new forces can push.

Learning to breathe we must advance

Is it important to proper breathing at birth?Childbirth - the process is not easy and very responsible. Pass it quickly and easily, or will be delayed for a few hours, up to 50% dependent on the mothers. Regular exercise will help to avoid some of the side effects.

In the initial stage after the deep breaths maystart to feel dizzy. Normalize the state, you can breathe in the cupped palm or delay the air in the lungs for a few seconds. If you have dry mouth enough to touch the tip of the tongue to the palate, or rinse your mouth with water, drink is not desirable.

Proper breathing during labor helps the baby to be born healthy and less sick in the future.

Pediatricians say that survived birth anoxia children get sick more often than their peers. So the technique is better "unlearn"In advance and bring it to automatism. Easy and fast delivery to you, as well as the health of you and your child!

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