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Why are there and that is a strip on the stomach during pregnancy?


A strip in the abdomen during pregnancy occurs in almost all women waiting for the baby. Let us find out, which is why it appears and that can mean

Every woman knows: while waiting for the light of the child - the time of enormous changes in the expectant mom. Changing tastes, habits, lifestyle, and most importantly - changed her body. Increased weight, the breasts become more luxuriant, waist disappears, the hair becomes thicker and shiny, almost cease to fall.

And during pregnancy, even when "Interesting position" imperceptible to others, on the abdomen future moms vertical bar appears light or dark brown.

Today we'll show you why there is a strip on the abdomen during pregnancy and what it can mean, as well as tell a few interesting people signs of this phenomenon.

Why do I get the strip on the stomach during pregnancy?

The fact that each person and vertebrateanimals along the middle line of the abdomen there is almost invisible white band - the fibrous structure of the abdominal wall, consisting of collagen connective tissue. It divides the right and left rectus abdominis and formed by the merger of aponeurosis (tendon plate) of the anterior abdominal wall.

Why are there and that is a strip on the stomach during pregnancy?The white bar (with Lat. linea alba) is composed of connective tissue and practically has no nerve endings and blood vessels, so it is a longitudinal incision is most often used by doctors in surgical interventions.

Linea alba extends from the xiphoid process of the sternum and to the pubis.

Visually examine the line is almost impossible, because the color does not differ from the color of the skin of the abdomen all.

However, if a person gains a large amount of excess weight and belly increases in times, the band becomes significant, and the stomach as it is divided into two parts.

As we all know, the stomach during pregnancy also increases, however, the strip thus gets to the same and the darker color.

Why is it that pregnant stripe on the abdomen dark?

This phenomenon is caused by a naturalchanges in hormonal levels in future mothers. During gestation in women intensively produced somatotropin growth hormone. It is present in the body throughout his life, but in different amounts - from 5.1 ng / ml to 45 ng / ml, depending on the age and hormonal levels. The maximum secretion of this hormone occurs in people younger than 20 years, then during each decade, it is reduced by about 15%.

Somatotropin has a number of important functions, namely:

  • promotes the growth of long bones;
  • It stimulates the growth of muscle tissue;
  • normalises metabolic processes "Responsible" for metabolism;
  • increases human growth before the closure of growth zones (approximately 25 years);
  • accelerates tissue regeneration, restore them after the trauma;
  • regulates the synthesis of collagen;
  • lowers cholesterol;
  • It prevents the breakdown of muscle tissue.

While carrying a child under the influence of growth hormone abdominal wall is rapidly growing and dividing strip of connective tissue becomes more prominent.

Why are there and that is a strip on the stomach during pregnancy?But a dark stripe on the abdomen during pregnancy become thanks to another hormone - melanotropin.

This hormone stimulates the production of cellschanging the color of the skin - where the number of melanotropin in the body increases, on the tummy appears dark vertical stripe, the nipples become darker, freckles (if any) are noticeable.

In the course of pregnancy linea alba becomes darker and darker.

It is noteworthy that with each subsequent pregnancy strip appears earlier and more pronounced. Its size, shape and color of all women are different and depend on various factors.

When a band?

The time when the future mom notes on the tummy darkened linea alba, very individually. Someone like symptoms occur within the first week, someone - only in the third trimester.

But the majority of expectant mothers pigmentation dividing line becomes noticeable around 12-13 to the week when the tummy starts to grow and become more visible to others.

Why not have the stomach strips during pregnancy?

About ten to twelve percent of expectant mothersThey have dark stripes on the tummy. It depends not only on the individual but also on the geographical location of the area, where the pregnant woman, as well as the color of her skin. So, dark-skinned, dark-haired and dark-eyed ladies linea alba dark more often than in fair-skinned and light-eyed blondes.

If you notice that you do not have dark stripes, do not panic - it does not affect the development and growth of the fetus, as well as on the health of his mother.

When she disappears?

Typically, the brown linea alba and brightensagain it becomes invisible after about 4-10 months after the baby's birth, when the mother's body returns to normal hormonal balance.

The longer a woman in labor will breastfeed crumbs,the longer it will be noticeable vertical bar. However, this does not mean that a baby should be ahead of time, deprived of the precious breast milk.

How to make a strip less noticeable?

Remove the dark linea alba, alas, will not work,however, it can make it less noticeable. First of all, you should avoid contact with the skin to direct sunlight (although breastfeeding moms rarely take a sunbath on the beach). During solar procedures be sure to use a sunscreen with a high protection level.

Sunbathing better in the shade, but about the solarium during this period best forgotten at all.

Why are there and that is a strip on the stomach during pregnancy?The dark strip will become less noticeable if the power to correct the future or young moms. Minimize the intake of fat and meat dishes, black tea, coffee, cocoa, cola and so on. D.

The menu must necessarilypresent products that contain vitamin C and folic acid, as these substances are not only vital for the normal growth and development of the baby, but also to reduce pigmentation.

Enter in the diet of fresh vegetables, fruits, berries,greens, and instead of the usual tea or coffee drink infusions of rose hips. But to get involved in the use of carrots, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit is not necessary, because these fruits contain a lot of carotene, which is certainly very good for health, but at the same time contributes to increased pigmentation.

If you go to the beach and do not want the dark line was visible to others, simply to mask its foundation or powder.

Folk omens

Many of our ancestors believed that the shape and size of the stripes on the abdomen of pregnant women may mean what sex the baby will be born.

  1. So, if the brown line is long, dark and ends under the ribs, which means that parents should wait for the heir-boy;
  2. If the dark linea alba thin and short, or virtually invisible, the light is likely to appear little princess;
  3. According to tradition, the baby's sex can be determined and by how smooth and thick line;
  4. If the brown line crooked and thin, there will be a girl if flat and wide - a boy.

Of course, people's signs do not have nothing to do with scientific theories, however, many women say that the degree of pigmentation tummy accurately indicates the sex of the baby.

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