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Green selection in pregnancy: what is the reason?


What are the causes of the green discharge during pregnancy? What will help to effectively eliminate them? Diagnosis and treatment of diseases, the symptoms of which are green discharge

If pregnancy occurs in the bodyIt is a series of metamorphoses. Characteristic signs of this state may appear in the first days after conception. Many women worry about the selections. Which of them are considered normal, and to what should be taken with caution?

How are allocation during pregnancy?

Green selection in pregnancy: what is the reason?Immediately after the attachment of the ovum to the uterus starts to develop a secret, which subsequently form the mucous plug. Usually at this time allocation amplified and even change color.

But we must be vigilant, because suchchanges may occur due to these or other complications or diseases. Do not worry ahead of time, but should be familiar with the signs that indicate health problems to them in time to diagnose and begin treatment.

Transparent mucus is usually not a symptomany deviation from the norm, but if it is accompanied by the release of itching, burning, pain or discomfort, you should contact a specialist. This must be done, and if a lot of mucus, or it acquired a peculiar odor.

Causes of green discharge in women

Abnormal discharge can causea large number of factors. For example, white-yellow mucus, accompanied by discomfort in the pelvic area and genitals itch, may be indicative of an allergic reaction to laundry detergent, panty liners or synthetic underwear. To get rid of such a breach, it is enough to eliminate the irritant.

The yellow-green discharge during gestationthe child is a sign of inflammation of the reproductive organs: the ovaries or fallopian tubes. Often they are accompanied fever and pain in the lower abdomen.

If the green discharge are present, but they are veryscarce, and have a darker shade, it is possible that it is a collection of pus, indicating the presence of microflora in the vagina aureus or E. coli. Identify these harmful microorganisms quite easily with the help of delivery of analyzes.

Yellow-green, yellow-brown and bubbling green discharge in women testify about the disease, sexually transmitted diseases. Very often, we are talking about gonorrhea.

If the mucus looks like a loose film and has an unpleasant fishy smell, then the woman probably dysbiosis vagina. At the same time, the green color can indicate an acute infection.

Symptoms of the disease during pregnancyindicate that the disease has been received during this period. Pathogenic microorganisms can live in the body for quite a long time without giving anything himself, but when reduced immunity, makes itself felt. It is often during pregnancy have an effect hidden current or poorly cured of the disease.

White-green discharge in pregnant women arepoint to the emergence of thrush, especially at risk are women who took antibiotics shortly before. This disorder is not a great danger, but requires special attention during the childbearing.

Another unpleasant aspect is thata color may indicate a missed abortion or threatened abortion. This usually occurs when the infection overcomes the protective barriers of the external genitalia and hit the fruit. In this situation needed urgent hospitalization.

In the last trimester of pregnancy, this phenomenonmay indicate chorioamnionitis - inflammation of the membranes. This pathology is often striking, and amniotic fluid. The big danger she represents when the fetus is infected. The disease is usually accompanied by a rise in temperature, and blood analysis indicates inflammatory changes. Women need to be hospitalized.

Green isolation after childbirth, along with fever and abdominal pain suggests endometritis development.

Green selection in bacterial vaginosis

Green selection in pregnancy: what is the reason?The reasons for provoking change the highlight color, are quite diverse, but very often it is bacterial vaginosis - a pathology that manifests itself with a decrease in immunity or poor hygiene.

When the disease is changing the composition of microflora invagina. Quite often, after research found a smear bacterial vaginosis, it reduced the number of lactic acid bacteria. The result is a grayish or greenish goo with an unpleasant odor. This irritation and swelling occurs in the external genital organs. There may be pain during intercourse, burning during urination.

Bacterial vaginosis be treated inwithout fail, especially during pregnancy. If you do not take action, then gardnerelly will increasingly influence the microflora, complicate the treatment and increase the risk of contracting infectious diseases.

Diagnosis and treatment of disorders

In the first place when a mucus thatgives concern to visit the attending physician-gynecologist. In no event it is impossible to designate themselves any drugs, based on friends advice. It is worth remembering that the allocation of green can indicate pathology development, and sometimes even several.

Self in the normal state may causeadverse effects. During pregnancy, the risks increase. It is important to closely monitor their condition, because many conditions pose a risk to the unborn child, especially if they do not get rid of before the birth of the baby. And the woman may face problems, which sometimes lead to infertility.

Even if there is any doubt about the fact thatgreen discharge during pregnancy are pathological, should consult an expert. It is worth spending a bit of time, but make sure that there is no reason to worry than to miss the moment when you need to start treatment.

On examination, the doctor will take a smear test. After receiving the results of the study, a diagnosis. If you find any disease, they need to be treated urgently. Women are concerned that medication drugs can harm the baby.

But modern pharmacology has developed manymedicines for women in this situation, and they are completely safe for both mother and child. It should be noted that the rejection of the therapy is a far greater threat to health than medicines. Every woman who has noticed a yellow-green mucus, should bear in mind that all of these diseases can be treated.


It is impossible to completely protect yourself fromdisease, a symptom of which has the appearance of green discharge, but still prevention measures - is better than cure. That is why they should be paid enough attention.

When child-bearing is recommended to adhere to the following points:

  • Green selection in pregnancy: what is the reason?Wash hands before and after contact with the genitals;
  • Only use special means for intimate hygiene, which do not contain fragrances;
  • Do not wear synthetic underwear uncomfortable and not to use panty liners with flavors;
  • Attend all scheduled inspections;
  • Healthy food.

It should be noted that in most casessuch phenomena indicate the presence of disease, so it is important to pay attention to changes in their nature. On infection indicates odor, itching and burning.

From any pathology must be disposed of before the birth of the baby, to protect herself and the child from possible complications and infection.

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