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The rate of platelet in a pregnant woman, or as indicated by the level of their blood?


When the expectant mother donates blood for analysis, it was tested and the level of platelet count. This is to ensure that on this indicator to determine the state of health

In preparation to become a mother, a woman several timesshould donate blood for analysis. This highly informative method to determine whether all right with her health does not endanger the child something. In some cases, study reveals any problems, and then the woman has to undergo such a process often survey.

Analysis shows what levels of leukocytes, erythrocytes in the blood. In particular, it allows you to identify the level of platelets, which also says a lot about the health of the woman.


Blood platelets are called elements functionwhich is in its clotting and stop when vascular lesions. Responsible for their formation bone marrow, and the particles serve to protect the body.

The rate of platelet in a pregnant woman, or as indicated by the level of their blood?The number of these elements may varyDepending on the state of health of a variety of physiological processes, including at gestation. Thus, in the normal state the number of particles is 150000-400000 / L, but the rate of platelet count during pregnancy below that, and can range from 115,000 to 140,000 / microliter.

This is due to the fact that during gestation the amount of liquid blood becomes greater, and the duration of the life of the particles is reduced.


How particles protect the human body? When there is a mechanical damage to the vessel, including the blood starts to flow. The brain receives a signal about the danger, which is why on the injury received platelets. Sticking together, they form a semblance of a protective film, which does not allow the blood to continue to flow out of the vessel.

The process of bonding is called aggregation. To determine its degree, hold a special study - coagulation, involves the use of inductors. They are substances that provoke the bonding process.

The rate of platelet in a pregnant woman, or as indicated by the level of their blood?Normal platelet aggregation in pregnancy is about 30% -60%. The indicators that go beyond these limits, reveal a violation of clotting function.

Due to malnutrition, reducedimmunity gipoagregatsiya bleeding can be observed (decline in the bonding process). Symptoms states are hematoma, bleeding. Gipoagregatsii danger lies in the fact that at the time of delivery in expectant mother can open bleeding.

Due to dehydration during pregnancythere may be a platelet hyperaggregation. Provocateurs dehydration typically appear diarrhea, insufficient fluid intake, toxemia. If the bonding index increased slightly, it is not always serious implications. When he greatly exceeded, it is fraught with the appearance of thrombosis, venous congestion, and the early stages of these events can trigger the spontaneous interruption of gestation.


When it comes to the level of normal cells, thereIt means that reducing their number should not exceed a certain threshold. Otherwise, the state is not normal. Excessive reduction of platelets is called thrombocytopenia.

In this case, the expectant mother shows an additional examination in order to determine the causes of the phenomenon, which is usually a symptom, not a separate disease.

To identify provoking disease should be performed:

  • coagulogram;
  • General blood analysis;
  • Medical history;
  • additional diagnostic methods are used if necessary.

A significant decrease in platelet count in pregnant women may be indicative of such diseases:

  • The rate of platelet in a pregnant woman, or as indicated by the level of their blood?preeclampsia;
  • Allergy;
  • Bleeding;
  • The presence of viral infections;
  • Lupus erythematosus;
  • Violation of blood clotting process.

Additionally, this symptom may indicate that the expectant mother eats or takes the wrong medication antibiotic group.

Given that the decrease in blood platelets during pregnancy indicates various diseases, the method of how to raise their level depends on the initial treatment of the disease.

This state is very dangerous. Firstly, at the time of delivery in expectant mother can open bleeding. In this regard, the doctor who observes a pregnant woman, you need to gather a council, which will deal with the question of what is the method of delivery permits the most suitable for her.

Second, low platelets during pregnancycan lead to internal bleeding in a child when he is born. This development can be observed when thrombocytopenia is an immune character.

The rate of platelet in a pregnant woman, or as indicated by the level of their blood?In addition to the elimination of the main causes of the phenomenon,raise the level of particles and allow other methods. An important role is played by the power in this matter. Expectant mother should eat more fruits, meat, fish and vegetables.

To increase the number of platelets, you must pay special attention to the apples and other fruits, berries and vegetables that contain vitamins B and C.

But from the products, the composition of which contains acetic acid, should be abandoned. It should also be excluded from the diet any conservation.


This phenomenon is not as dangerous as in the case withwhich reduced the level of particles. Identify it allows coagulation in which hyperaggregation detected, indicating that the number of elements in the blood exceeded.

This condition can lead to the formation of clots in the vessels of the expectant mother and the baby in the vessels.

As is the case with thrombocytopenia, a phenomenon usually a symptom of any of the diseases:

  • tumors;
  • Infections in the acute form;
  • Diseases of the blood;
  • Deficiency of iron;
  • Inflammatory processes in the body.

The rate of platelet in a pregnant woman, or as indicated by the level of their blood?At elevated platelets complications canoccur not only in the early stages of pregnancy, but also in later. They appear thrombophlebitis, thrombosis, and as a consequence, varicose veins. If you are caught up with these ailments should be a daily morning perebintovyvat tibia, before getting out of bed.

Instead, you can use bandages orthopedic stockings. When gestation female fetus is sometimes difficult to find the proper treatment for it, that would not prevent the development of the child.

In some cases, a power correction. This measure is appropriate when a small increase in particle level.

It is recommended to eat more fruits and sourfruit, use a vegetable oil, fish oil, tomato juice. It is necessary to drink plenty of fluids if there are no contraindications. It should be excluded from the diet of pomegranate, lentil porridge, nuts, walnuts, black chokeberry, banana.

In disorders of the coagulation system bycounselors you can hear that the problem can be solved with the help of decoctions, tinctures. Following such recommendations do not need to - follow doctor's advice, not to harm themselves or the baby.

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