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Drowsiness as one of the early signs of pregnancy


Drowsiness in pregnancy due to the changes in the female body. To feel cheerful woman should sleep more and follow some recommendations

Pregnancy causes significant changes in the female body, changes its physiology and psychology, and changes occur in the work of many internal organs, and even habits.

Drowsiness as one of the early signs of pregnancyTotal restructuring of the organism entails the appearance of symptoms, earlier unusual for a woman. The woman begins to disturb constant sleepiness pregnancy.

What causes drowsiness in pregnancy

Drowsiness, with mild nausea and weakness, is the main symptom of early pregnancy. These symptoms often cause women to think about the possibility of pregnancy.

This state of the body of the future motherIt is due to an increased level of progesterone in the blood. Besides the fact that this hormone has a direct impact on the reproductive system of the female body, and it affects the nervous system.

Due to the high levels of progesterone a womanfeeling weak, it becomes sluggish or even apathetic. So do not worry if you come drowsiness and weakness during pregnancy, because it is quite normal signs. Thus, the female body is prepared to leave.

Typically, a condition where a woman constantly wantssleep, goes to the end of the third month, because the body gradually adapts to new conditions. During this period, the expectant mother is experiencing emotional lift, a surge of strength and energy.

Over the entire period of gestation in a woman with childnormal pregnancy, usually two peaks are observed sleepiness: 36-37 falls on the second week. This is due to the intensive preparation of the body for the upcoming birth.

Pathological somnolence

Sometimes it happens that the lethargy and drowsiness onearly childbearing are the causes of occurrence in a woman's pathological processes. The reason for concern should appear as apathy, lack of energy and desire to sleep are constant companions of the expectant mother. In this case it is important to find the cause of the condition of the woman. Changes can be caused by excessive load, the new conditions, strong fatigue at work, lack of sleep.

However, one can not exclude the development of some diseases that manifest these symptoms.

If fails somnolence can occur pathological processes such as:

  • anemia;
  • preeclampsia and toxemia;
  • increased blood pressure.

Drowsiness as one of the early signs of pregnancyIn anemia, when the body is markedinsufficient amount of iron, a woman wants to sleep. The correct solution in this situation would be an appeal to the person who shall appoint a blood test for hemoglobin surrender and provide treatment on the basis of the research results.

If the drowsiness during pregnancyreally cause anemia, such a process should be accompanied by other characteristic signs. The woman will feel numbness, dizziness, hair becomes brittle, and pale skin. The reason for the constant desire to sleep can be a swelling or high blood pressure during this period.

How to deal with sleepiness?

Pregnant women in early pregnancyvery hard to work when you want to sleep constantly. Obstetricians and gynecologists say that the fight against this condition is not necessary, because it is a healthy physiological need for rest. Chronic lack of sleep is very bad for the future mother and her child.

To find a way out, sleep and do not refuse to work, follow these recommendations:

  • Many visit the open air, lots of walks;
  • Avoid crowded places;
  • Well ventilate the working area;
  • Try not to overwork, better to postpone the outstanding work the next day;
  • Be sure to rest well at night, even heavily loaded at work is not a reason for the reduction in sleep duration;
  • Daily follow feasible exercise;
  • To quickly wake up in the morning instead of coffee drink fresh fruit juice and eat a portion of muesli with fruit.

Drowsiness as one of the early signs of pregnancyTo fully relax the pregnant woman evensleepiness during the early stages of pregnancy, it is necessary with the use of leisure time. It will be correct if you are going to sleep as much as you want it, because of the holiday depends on the health of your baby.

If you've enjoyed the evenings entertaining friends, have to give up this hobby in favor of the peaceful evening walks in the fresh air.

For a more peaceful and deep sleep at nightuseful to take a warm shower and a glass of milk. Sleeping woman must be at least 8 hours a day, but it would be better if the expectant mother will have a rest in the afternoon. Going to bed should be no later than 22:00 as the most sound sleep falls on the period from 22:00 to 01:00.

Closer to leave the weakness passes, womanIt becomes more vigorous and active. That is why often when the drowsiness passes at birth abortion, talking about the imminent birth. If you sleep at least 10 hours a day, lethargy will accompany you during pregnancy.

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