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IUI pregnancy: symptoms and treatment of infections


What is the WCI. WCI risk during pregnancy. The main types of infections. What is the danger of RES in different trimesters. Signs of WCI in the fetus and newborn. Ways of infection in the body

Despite the normal course of pregnancy andeasy childbirth, born baby, which at first glance is healthy, it is a few days after birth sluggish, often regurgitates, not gaining weight. It is highly probable that during the period of gestation, he suffered from an infection. What are the past and how to avoid them?

Intrauterine infection of the fetus (IUI) - what is it?

About this condition is said in the presence ofthe expectant mother's inflammatory agents. Such diseases increase the risk of violations of fetal development. Infection occurs through a single circulation of mother and child, sometimes it happens at the time of the passage of the baby through the birth canal or if swallowed amniotic fluid.

The risk which exists for IUI pregnancy?

IUI pregnancy: symptoms and treatment of infectionsType of infection depends on its causative agent,which is embedded in the woman's body before pregnancy, or even during such. The most common pathogens are viruses (influenza, measles, herpes, salivary gland disease), fungi, protozoa (Toxoplasma), bacteria (chlamydia, pale treponema, streptococcus, E. coli).

The risk of infection increases with the influenceunfavorable factors: the presence of chronic diseases; Work on the production of malware; bad habits; constant stress; inflammation of the urogenital system. Increases the probability of infection of the child in the womb and in the event that a woman for the first time faced with the infection during this period.

Intrauterine infections called TORCH group. All infections in this group, in spite of the completely different pathogens, occur almost equally, provoke similar disturbances in child development. Analysis on IUI do during pregnancy, usually twice when registering on 24-28 week.

TORCH stands for the following:

  • T - toxoplasmosis;
  • O - other infectious diseases, such as chlamydia, syphilis, hepatitis A and B, enterovirus and gonococcal infection, mumps, measles, listeriosis;
  • R - rubella;
  • C - cytomegalovirus;
  • H - herpes.

The threat of IUI: in what appears during pregnancy?

IUI pregnancy: symptoms and treatment of infectionsHerpetic infections - sufficientcommon type of IUI. In most cases, the infection occurs at the moment of birth, that is, with no fee through the mother's birth canal. In identifying the period of gestation, usually prescribed elective caesarean section to a discharge of amniotic fluid. Infected babies after birth are treated with specific therapy, which is aimed at the most efficient elimination of the consequences for the central nervous system.

CMV belongs to the herpes group. Children often become infected in the womb, but there are cases of infection during childbirth. The main danger in this case lies in the fact that a woman does not affect the disease, but it is very bad for the kid. Expectant mother often infected due to immune deficiency, a position that becomes a factor for the penetration of the virus to the fetus.

Treatment is carried out by means of specificmedicines. In newborn infants who have markers of cytomegalovirus, rarely lead to abnormalities in development, so therapy is resorted to only in cases where there is a threat to the life of the child.

Chlamydia - a disease transmitted sexuallymeans. Expectant mother is still in the planning phase should be tested for the presence of such diseases, and be sure to cure any. It should be especially careful in sexual intercourse. Identify chlamydia helps analysis smear from the genital tract.

Upon confirmation of the diagnosis is appointedantibacterial therapy (antibiotics). Treatment of sexual partner and subject. The kid can become infected in the womb or at birth. The vast majority of newborn children do not show any pathology, possible frequent defecation, poor appetite.

IUI pregnancy: symptoms and treatment of infectionsToxoplasmosis - a very dangerous and widespread enough WCI. Pathogen (Toxoplasma) is the simplestparasite. Peddlers Toxoplasma - cats, rodents and birds. You can become infected through contaminated food, for example, if there was a sick bird whose meat is eaten as well as through the skin with scratches, bites received from cats.

You can solve this in childhood,letting the little girl in contact with animals. In this case, the disease does not occur during gestation in the future. This is because after the first infection, which occurs as light or SARS allergy, immunity is produced in the body. Otherwise, it will be necessary to take measures aimed at improving the baby after birth.

Rubella is included in the category of children's diseases. If you did not get it to move, it is recommended that the planning phase for the 3 months prior to the proposed date of conception to be vaccinated. If the infection has already occurred for the first time during pregnancy, there is a risk of miscarriage and a high probability of serious defects in the baby. It should be noted that the sick child first signs of the disease can arise only after a year or two after birth.

In what appears a danger IUI during pregnancy?

IUI pregnancy: symptoms and treatment of infectionsIf a woman has previously met with any of the above pathogens, then it should develop immunity to it.

Repeated infection of the immune system response to the pathogen and will not allow it to develop.

If the initial infection occurred during the period of gestation, the suffering and the mother and the child.

The degree of influence on the fetus in the majority depends on the time when infection occurred:

  • Up to 12 weeks (1 term) high probability of spontaneous abortion and fetal malformations;
  • IUI pregnancy, when the 2 came trimester (12-28 weeks), delays the development of the child, in the end, he is born management of small;
  • In the third trimester of all organs and systems of the fetusIt has already been formed, but the pathogens can harm them. Most of all suffering brain, because its development continues until the birth. Also suffering liver, heart and lungs.

Signs IUI arising during pregnancy

At this time, the woman often losing blood and urine tests. These two measures allow to constantly monitor the overall status of women and allow time to identify the presence of an infection in her body.

IUI Markers can be studied during pregnancy withusing a series of analyzes. In some cases, even an ordinary gynecological examination allows suspicious. However, many infections occur in a latent form, ie, does not manifest itself. In such situations, you can only trust a laboratory blood test.

Infection of the fetus and newborn baby can be determined according to the following conditions:

  • IUI pregnancy: symptoms and treatment of infectionsEnlargement of the spleen and liver;
  • Developmental delay;
  • Rash;
  • Jaundice;
  • Cardiovascular disease;
  • The disorder of the respiratory function;
  • Disorders of the nervous system;
  • Lethargy;
  • Pale skin;
  • Poor appetite;
  • Frequent regurgitation.

When signs of infection detected in the fetusLong before birth, a baby is born already with advanced disease. Infection just before the birth can lead to meningitis, pneumonia, enterocolitis and a number of other diseases in the newborn. Symptoms become visible only a few days after giving birth, but if the infection occurred at the time of passing through the birth canal, then appear immediately.

Ways of infection WCI

IUI pregnancy: symptoms and treatment of infectionsAs mentioned above, agents fall intobody scraps or in the womb, or at the time of delivery. The method of penetration depends on the type of pathogen. For example, the viruses enter the fetus through the fallopian tubes, vagina, when the mother becomes infected through sexual contact.

They are transmitted through amniotic fluid andshell, and blood. This is possible with the rubella placenta, endometritis. You can get sick and under normal sexual intercourse, use of raw water, poorly processed foods.

IUI treatment, practice during pregnancy

Therapy is assigned is not in all cases. Antibiotics are prescribed only in very severe cases, taking into account the type of pathogen and the condition of mother and child.

To improve the protective function of the body canbe assigned immunoglobulins. It is not excluded protivogerpetichnaya vaccination after conception. Treatment is adjusted individually based on the current trimester, comorbidities, presence of complications, and so on. N.

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