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Rates of weight gain during pregnancy. The causes of variances


Every future mom is preparing for the fact that its weight during pregnancy will increase and after childbirth have to deal with the consequences. But not everyone knows what the rate of weight gain

The question of optimal weight gain duringPregnancy is equally of great concern and doctors, and future mothers. For the first it is, above all, concern for the health of the woman and the baby, well, for the second - feelings about their appearance and shape. Although, it must be admitted, not all mothers care about their visual appeal during this period, especially if the child is a welcome and long-awaited.

Rates of weight gain during pregnancy. The causes of variances However, every woman who wants to becomemother, should clearly understand that in the prenatal development of her unborn child and his health is equally bad for both overeating and malnutrition.

Controlling weight gain and volume during pregnancy is mandatory performed at each visit the antenatal clinic for future mommy.

At home, women are also recommended to control weight gain, at any moment it was possible to respond quickly to its abnormal increase or decrease.

What is the norm?

To determine whether your weightnormal weight and calculate the indices during pregnancy, body mass index neobhodimorasschitat in your normal state. This requires your body weight divided by height previously squared.

If the result is less than 18.5, itIt is not sufficient, if the figure is within 18,5-25 - you all right and losing weight you do not need. With average from 26 to 30, we can talk about the presence of overweight and the need to take urgent measures. Well Aesli calculator showed 31 and above, this indicates the presence of obesity.

Depending on the resulting BMI before pregnancycalculates the weight gain during it. We are talking about that a raise that will not harm your health malysha.V this hard work will help special table:

BMI and body weight before pregnancy Set Weight, kg (mandatory minimum) The maximum possible range of masses (safe), kg
Up to 18.5 - Insufficient 12.5 18.0
18,5-25,0- normal 11.5 16.0
25,0-30,0- excess 7.0 11.5
More than 30 obesity 5.0 9.0

Every pregnant woman especially in the thirdtrimester of pregnancy must always keep before the eyes of the figures to be able to control their weight daily. For the convenience of calculation you can search the Internet and use the calculator to calculate the weight gain during pregnancy, as well as the finished calendar average weight gain for the week.

Why is recruitment and decline?

Rates of weight gain during pregnancy. The causes of variancesEverything that happens to a woman at a time when it is in an interesting position, there is a reasonable and even scientific explanation. It concerns and dialed kilograms. Everything, that "added"During pregnancy your body distributes very rational.

Given the right set of weights it is distributed as follows:

  • 3 kg of the total weight of typed takes the weight of the child;
  • during pregnancy increased uterine weight to 1 kg;
  • About 500 g of gaining the placenta;
  • 1.5 kg takes extra blood volume;
  • 1 kg is given amniotic fluid;
  • an average of 500 g grows breasts;
  • tissue swelling adds another 1-2 kg;
  • fat "layerin store"Takes 3-4 kg.

That is what constitutes "increase"During pregnancy! Naturally, all these figures are quite approximate and depend on the individual, as for each woman will rule his.

But they demonstrate very clearly why the increased weight and where exactly he was "is".If All the added"according to the rules"That to lose weight after pregnancy will not be difficult.

Deviations from the norm

What do you do if during beremennostipribavkaweight does not meet standards? First, do not take any independent action. Secondly, you need to notify the doctor as soon as possible, which leads your pregnancy.

The cause of weight gain may be incorrect and unbalanced diet, regular overeating and food "for two". If the increase was very sharp, it is likely to cause etomuyavlyaetsya tissue swelling caused by the violation of the outflow of fluid and inadequate kidney function. No independent action taken without consulting a doctor is not necessary.

And especially do not try to reset the dialedduring pregnancy weight through diet. If and to the extent necessary to resort, then this should be done on the doctor's recommendation. In any case, reduction vesabuduschey mothers during pregnancy should be carefully monitored.

As for the lack of weight gain, here too it is impossible to sit "idly". After all, it means that the mother is not able to provide your baby with all the necessary minerals, vitamins and nutrients in its entirety.

Rates of weight gain during pregnancy. The causes of variancesIt is important to understand that the lack of necessary for the normal development of the components of a negative impact on the process of formation of the child's internal organs.

Remember that excess weight duringpregnancy and the lack of it, should be cause for concern and motivate to action. Often it becomes a cause of morning sickness, which not only hurts women dizziness and nausea, but also adversely affects the health of the child.

A woman should always remember that it is responsible for the little man, whom she has a heart and that any change in her condition should not go unnoticed.

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