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Do I need to take "Prednisolone" pregnant?


Why is used when planning pregnancy "Prednisolone"?
What is prednisolone test and what it is during pregnancy? Forms and dosages of the drug

The drug "Prednisolone" - a hormonal agent, a glucocorticoid, a synthetic analogue of the natural hormone. The drug can be administered topically and systemically.

Do I need to take "Prednisolone" pregnant?It is a white or yellowish powder, odorless, water practically insoluble. Compounds forms with methanol, dioxane, chloroform.

In the systemic application affectsmetabolism: water, protein, salt, - improves blood glucose levels, increases absorption of sodium, water digestibility, promotes protein degradation.

Effect of the drug: anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-toxic and antishock. Due to such a wide range, he found applications in many fields of medicine.

The use of "Prednisolone" during pregnancy

Apply the drug during pregnancyIt should only be prescribed by a doctor, which compares the risks of using the drug to the potential impacts that it may have on fetal development.

The indications for which the drug is administered during this crucial period, are as follows:

  • High risk of abortion in the 2ndtrimester and preterm delivery in 3 trimester. Steroid treatment in this case causes the maturation of the surfactant - substance enabling fetal respiratory function;
  • When a rare disease in women - hyperandrogenism. During this condition the adrenal glands and ovaries of women produce increased amounts of androgens - male sex hormones. In this case, the tone of the uterus increases, thereby increasing the risk of not bearing.

If the fetus is male, the imbalance increases - a hormonal system begins to work for the future baby since the formation of its reproductive system - from the beginning of the 2nd trimester. "Prednisolone" It blocks the production of androgens. Controlled by the state special-prednisolone test - during pregnancy androgen level is determined by application to the test strip drops of urine;

  • If a woman has a history of the disease -for example, systemic lupus erythematosus - or asthma, hepatitis, antiphospholipid syndrome, an organism may respond to pregnancy autoimmunity. As a result, the fruit will be perceived as a foreign body, and it will begin to produce antibodies which contribute to its rejection.

Assign "Prednisolone" may in case of severe toxicor states of shock. You may need to use a one-time, if antihistamines are ineffective or required to provide emergency medical care.

Effects of pregnancy receiving "Prednisolone"

When the vital importance of the use of "Prednisolone" It has only one contraindication - individual intolerance. It occurs infrequently. One-time use of rarely has undesirable side effects.

When applied to the system side effects include:

  • Do I need to take "Prednisolone" pregnant?weight gain;
  • renal failure;
  • menstrual disorders;
  • growth suppression in children;
  • function disorder of the hematopoietic system;
  • muscle weakness;
  • myopathy;
  • erosive lesions of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • mental disorders;
  • various skin reactions and more.

Proper function and dosage calculation individually reduce the occurrence of side effects, but to make their own "Prednisolone"Particularly long period, it is extremely dangerous.

In clinical practice, the appointment of the drug described cases of placental insufficiency, birth of a baby with low birth weight. However, such an observation unit.

During pregnancy "Prednisolone" It helps to make the fruit and get to the naturalbirths to women, who have a history of autoimmune disease, rheumatism, polyvalent allergy, and many other organic and systemic diseases.

However, prolonged use of fundsconsidered undesirable - it adversely affects the formation of the fetus. It was noted that the increased risk of maldevelopment of the urinary system, the emergence of "Cleft lip" and "Cleft palate", Disruption of the adrenal cortex, and fetal growth retardation.

With the introduction of lower doses of the drug no negative effects from taking in the formation of organic systems of the fetus and the backlog in the psychophysical development of already-born baby have been observed.

Prednisolone-glucose tolerance test alsoIt helps to identify the possibility of diabetes in pregnant women and in time to prevent this condition. The test is carried out in women who have had abortions due to organic problems in the later stages of pregnancy.

The drug is taken 10 hours before sampling andthen again, in the examination day, 2 hours prior to entry of glucose into the body. If blood glucose an hour more than 11.10 mg / dL, diabetes is confirmed. Dose "Prednisolone" depends on the weight of the test - 80 kg is approximately 10 mg over 80 kg it increased to 12.5 mg.

"Prednisolone" and planning to become pregnant

drug is given when planning conception ina number of occasions. If a woman is not enough female hormones produced by and the desired state can not occur due to hormonal imbalances.

Do I need to take "Prednisolone" pregnant?When a woman experiences recurrent abortion and it is necessary to reduce the body's immunity to arrest the further production of antibodies.

In the case where no children, age is still quiteyoung for conception, but there were reproductive system pathology that require surgical intervention - such as rapidly developing fibroids or adenomyoma, the woman the opportunity to accelerate the onset of pregnancy, to continue to carry out the operation to remove the uterus - hysterectomy.

When the serious side effects,associated with changes in the work of organic systems, skin or respiratory symptoms, medication is canceled immediately. In case of cancellation of weight gain is considered unnecessary - as soon as the treatment is over, weight loss occurs naturally without the appointment of a special diet and performing dietary measures.

Dosage form of the preparation and its use

Pregnant women may be appointed "Prednisolone" in any form, depending on the feasibility and diagnosis.

It produced the drug in the form of tabletsdose 1.5 and 20 mg. There is also a form of injection - 30 vials of solution and 25 mg for intravenous and intramuscular injection, eye drops - 0.5% ointment for topical use.

If treatment long usedtablet - the dosage is adjusted individually. Take medicine strictly required in certain hours during the meal, not shifting time by more than 30 minutes - it's extremely important.

In case of force majeure and a single application dose is given by injection.

Ointments containing prednisone as constituting,They are not considered means of a strong impact, so if a woman used a means to pregnancy for the treatment of eczema or psoriasis, the cancellation is not considered mandatory.

However, areas of skin that are in contact witha drug must be limited, and if possible replace any other drug, it should be taken into account. Therapeutic courses conducted in a short time, gradually canceling therapeutic agent for achieving the desired effect.

Eye drops used with caution - conjunctive cavities of the active substance is absorbed into the blood and into the placenta and hematogenous lymphogenous ways.

Do I need to take "Prednisolone" pregnant?Most pregnant women have to deal with prednisone as a component "Terzhinan". These vaginal tablets are appointed with 2trimester to treat bacterial vaginosis, and numerous studies have shown that this action is local, in the blood of the drug is not absorbed, and hence no negative effects on the fetus has not.

Women who are prescribed the drug forplanning pregnancy and during the different stages of her, give birth to healthy children. If the doctor considers it necessary to use, ignore the instructions undesirable.

The main aim during pregnancy - makehealthy child and give birth to it at the right time. Nobody realized without the need to appoint such a serious hormonal agent as "Prednisolone" will not.

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