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Types of abortion - what to choose?


Types of abortion: medical abortion, surgical abortion, abortion is the vacuum - side effects, indications, procedure, characteristics of each species

Pregnancy - a wonderful period in the life of every woman. But it is not always planned and desirable. In life there are different situations that force a woman to have an abortion.

The term "abortion" with medical and philosophical point of view

Medically. The term "abortion" refers to the process of abortion. Distinguish spontaneous abortion (Miscarriage) and artificialImplying medical intervention in the process of pregnancy. Expiring abortion abortion is classified into early (12 weeks) and late (12 to 28 weeks). Termination of pregnancy in the period after 28 weeks are called premature birth.

From the point of view of philosophy and morality. Abortion can be considered a real murder. In embryonic neural tube is formed already at 21day after conception. Abortion after 21 days - the deprivation of life of a living human being who feels and experiences all in the process of carrying out an abortion terrible pain. No wonder sincerely religious people strongly oppose abortion.

Types of abortion

There are the following types:

  • Medicamentous or tableted;
  • vacuum or mini-abortion;
  • or surgical tool.

Medical, or pelleted, abortion

This - the termination of pregnancy, during which surgical intervention into the body of a pregnant woman is not carried out.

How it is: Action medication abortionIt based on the fact that the drug taking is blocked generate vital for fetal development of the hormone progesterone. This leads to spontaneous cervical dilatation and, consequently, the output of the ovum.


  • This method of abortion is limited to a period 7 weeks. In addition, despite the seeming harmlessness and safety, medical abortion has some side effects;
  • All drugs used for medical abortion are hormonal (mifepristone, mifegin and mifipreks). Their method leads to failure of hormone in the body.

Side effects: Headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

In some cases, it is shown tableted abortion: It recommended for young and had not yet given birth to the girls in the early period of pregnancy, as this kind of abortion is characterized by a minimum list of negative consequences. Read more.

Vacuum abortion

Vacuum is also called mini-abortion. It is believed that this type of abortion more lenient than surgery and has fewer consequences.

How it is: Running without cervical dilatation usingspecial device vacuum aspirator, which significantly reduces the risk of various types of complications after the abortion procedure. Special probe connected to the pump, is introduced into the uterine cavity. Ovum is literally sucked out.


  • This method of termination of pregnancy is recommended at term 8 weeks. There are a number of side effects;
  • Characterized by less patient rehabilitation period, compared with an instrumental view of abortion.

Side effects: inflammation, bleeding, infertility and so on. d.

In some cases, it is recommended: Mini abortion is recommended for termination of early pregnancy (up to 8 weeks).

Surgical or instrumental, abortion

This is - the most dangerous and, at the same time, the most common method of abortion.

How it is: cervix expands special tools. And then the contents of the uterus scraping surgical instrument (curette).


  • It is carried out under general anesthesia and under ultrasound guidance;
  • Surgical termination of pregnancy is permitted for a period 12 weeks;
  • This method is very imperfect, since the probability of occurrence of mechanical damage to the uterine wall, entering into the infection and rupture of cervical muscles.

Side effects: infertility, bleeding, cervical rupture.

In some cases, carried out: Recommended for abortion later date (before 12 weeks).

What method of abortion is the safest?

Undoubtedly, the most safe and gentle for the female body in a modern way abortion is a medical abortion. The method is particularly prevalent in 1990.

Advantages of medical abortion:

  • The ability to interrupt unwanted pregnancy at the earliest timing, when the fetus is not yet formed;
  • The early period of the present abortion avoids surgery and not to injure the uterine endometrium.

The second degree of safety a vacuum abortion.

tool abortion - The most dangerous because of the need for surgery, which often entails negative consequences for the health of the female body.

It is worth - or not?

Before you take such an importantdecision, it is necessary to think well and to understand the essence of the procedure. The lack of the necessary housing, financial capacity and stability are not strong arguments for getting rid of the unborn child.

The ability to have children is not given to eachwoman. Many couples who have achieved a lot in life (financial situation, career, wealth) years undergoing treatment, spend fabulous sums of money to be able to become pregnant and bear a child.

Maybe not everything in life is as bad as it seems. Prosperity comes with time, and late pregnancy is not always successful. There will always be people who will be ready to help and support in difficult situations.

The situation is quite different if abortion is required for medical reasons. Modern methods of medical researchmake it possible to diagnose a variety of abnormalities of the fetus in early pregnancy. In case of detection of fetal diseases and abnormalities of the fetus, doctors strongly recommend to resort to abortion to prevent the birth of a sick child or underdeveloped.

Nevertheless, many women, even with the existence of such threats do not dare to go to an abortion and refuse abortion.

To do or not to have an abortion - it is a personal choiceevery woman. But before you decide on this procedure is to weigh all the "pros" and "cons". Another conversation, if it is a forced procedure and women simply have no choice. Then it is necessary to pull myself together and not to delay the operation.

If you are in a difficult situation and need a qualified consultation, go to the page and find out the helpline or coordinates of the nearest Maternity Support Center.

We wish you not to face such a choice. But if suddenly you are confronted with this procedure, and wish to share their experiences, we welcome your comments.

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