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Trichomoniasis in pregnancy: causes, symptoms and treatments for infections


Trichomoniasis in pregnancy is a threat to life and health of the child. To avoid the many complications, it is important to effective treatment of infectious diseases

The women at any age likely to developgenital infections, especially the vulnerability of the body increases during pregnancy, when the immune system is greatly reduced. In future mom trichomoniasis can occur during pregnancy, which is a danger to her and her child.

Trichomoniasis in pregnancy: causes, symptoms and treatments for infectionsTrichomoniasis or trichomoniasis - one of the mostcommon sexually transmitted infections. The causative agent of the disease appears celled parasite Trichomonas, which usually affects the mucous membrane of the vagina and urethra.

Every year, this sexual infection are infected a lot of people are not an exception, and pregnant women.

The main conditions of life TrichomonasIt is moisture in dry conditions the parasite dies. Thus, the mucous membranes of the female genital organs are a favorable environment for the existence and reproduction of the pathogen.

Symptoms of the disease

The incubation period of trichomoniasis can last from 2 days to two months. A woman expecting a birth of a child may not have any symptoms of trichomoniasis in pregnancy.

However, more often than not it is an infectious disease has an effect the appearance of yellowish-greenish vaginal discharge. They may be frothy in appearance with an unpleasant pungent odor.

In the later stages of the disease, may experience these symptoms:

  • Trichomoniasis in pregnancy: causes, symptoms and treatments for infectionsitching and burning sensation in the genital area;
  • a nagging pain in the abdomen;
  • pain when urinating;
  • heat in the abdomen;
  • discomfort and appearance of bleeding during sexual intercourse;
  • general weakness and fatigue.

Trichomonas provokes manydiseases that are sometimes help experts diagnose. Against the background of infection in pregnant women may experience such comorbidities as urethritis, cystitis, cervicitis, proctitis.

Often gynecologists find a future mother of cervical erosion, which was not before pregnancy. This is one of the most common occurrence of complications in women trichomoniasis.

Trichomoniasis in pregnancy: causes, symptoms and treatments for infectionsInfection has a profound effect onfemale reproductive system. Upon infection, Trichomonas parasites before pregnancy can cause female infertility. In pregnant women the disease is detected more frequently than in non-pregnant, due to weakened immunity.

Trich is often asymptomatic, and only become pregnant, expectant mother learns about the course in her body of this pathological process.

The more dangerous the disease during pregnancy

Trichomoniasis infection is dangerous for pregnant women, because it causes many disturbances in the body, among which most often occur:

  • kandilomatoznye sprawl;
  • Bartolini;
  • threat of premature birth;
  • spontaneous abortion;
  • premature discharge of amniotic fluid.

Premature birth and miscarriages are caused by inflammation of the membranes.

If a pregnant woman's bodyparasite Trichomonas increases the risk of infection of the child during the passage of his birth canal. Upon detection of infection in the child's body, treatment should begin as early as then treatment in most cases can yield positive results.

Diagnosis of trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis in pregnancy: causes, symptoms and treatments for infectionsRegardless of whether the symptoms appeartrichomoniasis or not, all pregnant women conducted a study to identify the body of the parasite. Analysis is done the first time you visit an obstetrician-gynecologist's office, when a woman becomes the registration of pregnancy, as well as on term of 30 weeks.

However, experts are not sure that theTreatment of trichomoniasis during pregnancy reduces the likelihood of developing complications. According to many gynecologists, she therapy may harm the baby. For this reason, treatment of infections during pregnancy only carried out with a serious manifestation of symptoms when the greatest threat to a child's life there.

When you first visit a gynecologist's office, whenwoman becomes registration of pregnancy, an expert takes a swab for microscopy studies. For the analysis, trichomoniasis taken separated from the posterior fornix of the vagina. This diagnostic method allows you to set the number of microbes and the degree of development of the inflammatory process.

The culture method used to confirm the diagnosis. It involves placing the biomaterial taken from the vagina into the medium favorable to the propagation of these parasites.

Trichomoniasis in pregnancy: causes, symptoms and treatments for infectionsDuring the study, experts unable to determine sensitivity of Trichomonas to certain antibiotics, so they prescribe effective treatment of infectious disease.

The most accurate method for diagnosing trichomoniasis modern polymer is a chain reaction. During the study can not establish whether there is DNA Trichomonas vagina.

The analysis is carried out very quickly, after 1 day already will know the results, and their validity is 95%.

How is the treatment

Trichomoniasis - a bacterial infection, so the main group of drugs used in the treatment of disease are antibiotics.

In order to destroy pathogens is prescribed to patients antibacterial agents, which are derivatives of imidazole:

  • metronidazole;
  • ornidazole;
  • tinidazole;
  • Naksodzhin;
  • atrikan.

Trichomoniasis in pregnancy: causes, symptoms and treatments for infectionsThese antibiotics are contraindicated for use up to 12 weeks of pregnancy due to the strong negative impact on the fetus.

Up to 12 weeks of treatment islocal vaginal suppositories - clotrimazole, Ginezol, Betadine. Sexual partners a woman has to go through the same treatment, regardless of whether he has symptoms of trichomoniasis or not.

After the sexual infection is completely cured, the reproductive function of the female body is fully restored and can once again preparing to become a mother.

After trichomoniasis pregnancies as well,as a completely healthy women. In order to avoid the dangerous consequences of the disease, should undergo a full examination of the body at the stage of conception planning.

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