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The relieve toothache during pregnancy?


Dental problems are usually accompanied by acute pain, which is designed to satisfy potent drugs. But what expectant mothers? How to anesthetize the teeth during pregnancy?

Toothache during pregnancy is becoming realtest for women who think that their teeth treated in this period, you should not. Unfortunately, many women mistakenly believe that any kind of manipulation of the teeth and the use of pain medication can cause harm to the fetus. This article will discuss the main causes of tooth pain during pregnancy, as well as safe methods of alleviating the symptoms.

Why is there pain?

The reasons for the emergence of pain in the teeth, as well asinflammatory processes in the oral cavity may be many. Some people believe that such problems occur only in those who in good faith fulfills hygienic procedures to clean the mouth of food debris and bacteria.

However, during pregnancy can cause a number of objective causes of pain, which include:

  • The relieve toothache during pregnancy?Caries. In pregnancy, the amount of calcium in the body decreases sharply, resulting in tooth enamel becomes thinner. This leads to the formation of tartar and as a result, dental caries;
  • Increased acidity. During toxicity and changes in hormonal background may increase the acidity in the mouth, which also has a negative impact on the state of the enamel;
  • Stress. Often women in "Interesting" position under stress due tounstable hormonal and permanent emotional extremes. Mental instability is reflected not only on the state of the teeth, but also for many other body systems.

Note that only an experienced dentistcan assess the condition of your teeth and decide how best to deal with the problem. Fear of going to the dentist can only exacerbate the situation, with the result that the doctor will have to apply potent painkillers. After all, in running situations only such drugs can dull the pain.

What diseases can arise?

What can you do if a toothache during pregnancy? Firstly, you should immediately contact your dentist, and secondly, to find out the cause of the problem. Discomfort may trigger pathogenic flora, actively breeding in the oral cavity.

That is, it leads to the appearance of different diseases:

  • The relieve toothache during pregnancy?Pulpitis. When inflammation of the pulp often forms aching with sharp attacks
    pulsating pain;
  • Caries. When carious education creates "Gap" enamel, laid bare nerve endings. And in case of contact with food discomfort arises;
  • Periodontal diseases. As a result of inflammation of the gums, tooth roots become bare, which leads to unpleasant sensations;
  • Hyperesthesia. Increased sensitivity is often represented by sharp pains that occur during the use of hot or cold food;
  • Periodontitis. When inflammation is localized in the apex of the tooth root, people complain of a dull pain at bite of solid food. This indicates the presence of periodontitis.

If you find yourself in one of thethe above-mentioned problems, consult your doctor during pregnancy is not only possible, but also a must! In some cases, it is ignoring the problem could harm nascent baby's health. Therefore, to delay the decision is not necessary.

Analgesics for pregnant women

How can quickly numb toothache during pregnancy? Of course, modern drugs can relieve pain faster than rinsing or folk therapies.

But to make them all the same costs only on the advice of experts who can assign these types of drugs:

  • The relieve toothache during pregnancy?Analgin. Potent pill that can quickly remove any discomfort. But it has a number of side effects, which is why, and was banned in many European countries;
  • Nurofen. Until the second trimester of pregnancy can relieve the pain with this drug, but only in consultation with a doctor;
  • Aspirin. Fully discomfort this drug is not withdraw, but will allow some dull pain;
  • Paracetamol. This tool is considered to be the safest, but in strength can not be compared with analgin or nuforenom;
  • Metragil dent. Analgesics ointments to be rubbed into the gums, also allow for some time to forget about the existing problem. But they can have side effects, so before use should consult with a specialist.

There is a growing wisdom tooth. What to do?

Usually wisdom teeth begin to grow in 18-19 years,but sometimes this process occurs a few years later. What should I do if a wisdom tooth pain during pregnancy? Use ordinary tools to treat pain and can not be, because they can affect the state of health of the fetus. However, and let things take their course is not worth it, because sometimes the process of cutting teeth is accompanied by inflammation in the gums - pericoronitis.

To solve this problem in two ways:

  • Cutting of the gums in the dentist's chair;
  • Rinse.

The second method is more gentle, so consider it in more detail. The procedure for rinsing is necessary to make at least 3-4 times a day, which will relieve the symptoms.

To do this, with such components the solution:

  • 1 liter of warm boiled water;
  • 1 h. L. salt;
  • 1 h. L. soda.

All mix thoroughly and rinse work out for a few days. If this method does not work, it will have to turn to the dentist.

Folk remedies

What can be used by pregnant toothache at home? Unfortunately, certain ointments or solutions to eliminate no discomfort.

But there are several ways to alleviate some of the symptoms, namely:

  • The relieve toothache during pregnancy?A decoction of sage and chamomile;
  • Liqueurs with oak bark and succession;
  • Sea buckthorn oil;
  • Packs with yarrow and peppermint.

These methods have no side effects, as are made on the basis of only natural herbs.

Contraindications may be only in case if you have an allergic reaction to a particular type of plant.

How funds can not be used?

Self-medication often leads to disastrous results, so the experts draw attention to the methods and means which can not be used by pregnant in any case:

  • The relieve toothache during pregnancy?Warming inflamed gums external ways heaters and compresses;
  • Applying analgesics directly to the gums or tooth;
  • Acceptance of alcoholic beverages inside for the elimination of pathogens;
  • The use of drugs such as ketanov, ketorol or baralgin.

And, most importantly, what not to do in case of unpleasant sensations in the mouth, - to delay the visit to the dentist.

If a problem occurs, it must be promptly addressed. Since calcium in the body of pregnant too little, enamel damage can occur in just a few weeks.

How can I remove a toothache during pregnancy? Today Pharmaceuticals offers many effective tools to reduce pain. However, before using any of them need to ensure that they are safe for the intended installation.

Often, for some of the components included in thethe composition of drugs, people have an allergic reaction, which can only exacerbate the situation. Therefore, if you have problems with your teeth, first consult a specialist.

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