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Tonsillitis in pregnancy - necessarily require treatment!


What is tonsillitis during pregnancy - symptoms and causes of. The consequences of delayed treatment of tonsillitis. Treatment of chronic and acute tonsillitis. Folk remedies

During pregnancy, even such a phenomenon asSore throat is a concern. And it is right. As it turned out, this is the first sign of the manifestation of tonsillitis, a disease that carries a potential health threat not only to the sick, but also to the child.

What is tonsillitis?

Tonsillitis in pregnancy - necessarily require treatment!This inflammation of the tonsils in the throat, which areA natural barrier to various infections. Usually accompanied by pain in the throat, fever, dry cough, febrile condition, difficult swallowing.

It is the tonsils that take the first blow fromViral infections, hypothermia, or cold drink, which is met with a sore throat. Therefore, the removal of inflamed tonsils in childhood is a thing of the past, instead, medical treatment is used.

According to WHO data from the chronic formTonsillitis affects about 20 percent of the world's population. Pregnant women are no exception. But if ordinary people can drink antibiotics and take other methods of treatment, then for pregnant women everything is more complicated.

On the one hand, the disease can harm the health of both mother and child, and on the other, antibiotics are dangerous to the fetus.

However, it is very important not to start tonsillitis during pregnancy and at the first signs of manifestation of the disease, women should seek medical help and not self-medicate.

Symptoms of acute and chronic tonsillitis in pregnancy

The aggravation of the disease occurs in late autumn andWinter. Acute tonsillitis causes prolonged hypothermia of the body, as well as pathogens - bacteria of pneumococcus, staphylococcus or streptococcus, which enter the body through the air. It is also called angina.

You can talk about it when there are such symptoms:

  • Dry cough;
  • A lump in the throat;
  • Feverish state, temperature up to 39 ° C;
  • Headaches and muscle pains;
  • Increased tonsils, presence of plaque on them;
  • Weakness, fainting;
  • Lymph node consolidation;
  • Pain when swallowing.

If the disease goes to a chronic stage, thenLong-term inflammation adversely affects the body's immunity, that is, there are no barriers to various infectious diseases. And pathogenic pathogens are able to settle in other vital systems of the body.

The causes of chronic tonsillitis

Disease from the acute form to the chronic passes under the influence of the most different reasons:

  • Not treated throat;
  • Prolonged hypothermia;
  • Lack of vitamins;
  • Weakened immunity;
  • Inflammation of polyps or adenoids, curved nasal septum;
  • Severe tooth decay;
  • Sinusitis.

To avoid illness, pregnant womenIt is necessary to eat fully, introduce into the diet fresh fruit, vegetables, greens, take vitamin complexes prescribed by a doctor, avoid hypothermia, carefully Heal throat diseases, Get treatment from a dentist.

Consequences of chronic tonsillitis during pregnancy

If a pregnant woman observes several or all of the above signs of the disease, she should definitely consult a doctor.

The consequences of inflammation of the tonsils are as follows:

  • Tonsillitis in pregnancy - necessarily require treatment!Development of late toxicosis;
  • Weakening labor activity;
  • The provocation of miscarriage at early stages and premature births at late;
  • Mom's disease carries for the future child the threat of intrauterine infection, oxygen starvation;
  • The risk of infection of a woman and a fetus increases, due to weakened immunity;
  • Dangerous tonsillitis and pathology, which causes the heart and kidneys of the pregnant;
  • The most dangerous consequences are infection of blood and inflammation of the brain.

Treatment of chronic and acute tonsillitis in pregnancy

In order not to be afraid of exacerbation of chronicTonsillitis in pregnancy - it is better to get rid of the disease at the planning stage of the child. But it is possible to treat and in pregnancy with the help of an otolaryngologist.

Pregnant women are allowed the following procedures:

  • Flushing of the tonsils with antiseptic;
  • Rinse with herbal infusions;
  • Lubrication of the tonsils with disinfecting solutions;
  • Use of medicinal sprays with local effects.

During pregnancy, the following methods of treatment are prohibited:

  • Physiotherapy;
  • Taking medication with an antihistamine group;
  • Treatment with antibiotics is possible only in late pregnancy with a direct threat to the life of the child from streptococcus bacteria.

Treatment of chronic tonsillitis with folk remedies during pregnancy

Many women, deciding what to treat chronic orAcute tonsillitis in pregnancy for the impossibility of treatment by pharmaceutical means, turn to folk medicine. Here they are offered inhalation, gargling with various herbal decoctions, taking medications inside.

In the people it is considered that to treat this disease withThe help of herbs is harmless, but in fact it is far from the case. Treatment is more sparing than medication, but with an overdose or improper intake can lead to undesirable consequences.

The most common means is water orPropolis alcohol solution, its extract or pieces. For pregnant women it is harmless, the only thing that can be allergic to it. At use, consultation with the doctor is obligatory.

Tonsillitis in pregnancy - necessarily require treatment!Horsetail field treat a chronic form of the disease. Juice is oiled with tonsils, and the throat is rinsed with a decoction. Because of the inflammation of the tonsils, painful sensations are possible.

Inhalations are considered aTreatment of the disease. It uses steam from boiled potatoes, decoction of eucalyptus leaves and pine needles. This method has one important minus. Frequent overheating of the body weakens immunity. There are also contraindications for this remedy: skin sensitivity, face redness, couperose, vasodilation.

It is recognized that non-traditional methods of treatment in some cases produce a good curative effect, even much stronger than the means of official medicine.

However, they should not be used thoughtlessly, especiallyAt a tonsillitis on early terms of pregnancy, after all health is your main value. Also, do not forget that you are not only responsible for yourself, but also for the life and health of your child.

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