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Should I eat tomatoes during pregnancy?


During the period of gestation of the child it is important to eat right, in the diet should be fruits and vegetables. Is it worth it to eat tomatoes during pregnancy - an issue in which you need to understand

During the gestation of the baby in expectant mothersThere is a huge amount of questions about the correct, and most importantly, healthy and healthy nutrition in this crucial period of life. Excitement of pregnant women is understandable, as some, at first sight harmless products, can cause allergies. Now let's try to figure out whether it's possible to eat tomatoes during pregnancy, what their benefits are or they are harmful.

The benefits of tomatoes, what is it?

Should I eat tomatoes during pregnancy?In the spring-summer period, as soon as there areThe first tomatoes, they occupy an honorable place on the table of many families. Vegetables are added to various dishes: salads, hot snacks, soups. Such a love for tomatoes is understandable - they contain a lot of vitamins and trace elements, which are so useful for human health.

Not everyone knows that tomatoes are excellentAntioxidants, occupying a place of honor among the known natural antioxidants. Due to their properties they have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. This vegetable contains lycopene, which has a powerful anti-cancer effect. It protects healthy cells of the body from the negative effects of pathogens.

Tomatoes have antidepressant properties,Have a positive effect on the nervous system. Since they contain serotonin, the use of tomatoes increases efficiency, improves mood and gives vivacity.

Due to the content of phytoncides, the vegetable hasAnti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. So, it is now clear that tomatoes are a storehouse of useful substances. But back to the main question - can pregnant women have tomatoes?

Can I eat tomatoes for future mothers?

Probably, no doctor can uniquelyAnswer such a question. Because everything is very individual. As mentioned above, there are a lot of useful substances in tomatoes, and therefore they still need to be consumed, but with a certain degree of caution.

This is due to the fact that not everyone can eat this red fruit, there are a number of contraindications, which should not only listen to pregnant women.

So, when using tomatoes you need to know:

  • Tomatoes are a very strong diuretic. These future mothers should consider. Especially those who have problems with the kidneys, the bladder or have urolithiasis. With such ailments, there are many tomatoes you can not. Otherwise, there may be an exacerbation of the disease;
  • People with a diagnosis of "arthritis"It is strictly forbidden to consume this vegetable. Of course, this disease is more often diagnosed in the elderly, but it is not uncommon for young women to have such ailment;
  • There is this vegetable in the last months of pregnancy, and also before the expected date of birth it is impossible. Abuse of tomatoes can provoke an allergic reaction in a future baby;
  • Tomatoes - seasonal vegetables, so it is recommendedThere is it in the spring-summer period. It is advisable to buy a product grown (if possible) near the place of residence. It will have more vitamins and nutrients.

If the future mother does not have the aboveDiseases, a tendency to allergies and she does not have the last trimester of pregnancy, that is, tomatoes can be, but not abused. 2-3 fresh vegetables per day - this is the norm, is no longer worth it.

Why do expectant mothers sometimes so pulls on tomatoes?

Should I eat tomatoes during pregnancy?Pregnant women often notice that theirTaste preferences during the bearing of the baby can change. Someone really wants a variety of fruits: bananas, apples or kiwi. Others, on the other hand, want to eat sweet or pickled cucumbers. Such gastronomic changes are quite understandable.

In a woman's body, a baby grows, who needs to eat well and receive the necessary vitamins and trace elements. It is the crumb of "Requires"From the mother there is one or the other product to make up for the shortage of any substances. But why do you want tomatoes?

It's simple. They contain many useful vitamins and microelements. They have a pleasant taste, they blend well with different products. Using vegetables, the future mother saturates the body with the necessary vitamins. This allows her to feel good, and the fetus to develop properly.

By the way, people say that if a woman wants to constantly tomato during the child's birth, then she will have a boy. But this, of course, is only superstition.

The use of bananas, kiwi, cherries, cucumbers andTomatoes during pregnancy, as well as other products, in no way affect the sex of the unborn child. Of course, fruits and vegetables are rich in minerals and vitamins. This contributes to the development of the fetus, but does not determine the sex.

Can it be salted tomatoes for future mothers?

Nutrition experts strictly prohibitWomen in the period of bearing a child to consume too salty and pickled food. Let's try to figure out why pregnant women can not eat salted tomatoes and what are they harmful?

Should I eat tomatoes during pregnancy?It's all about the salt that is used forCooking tomatoes. It has the property of accumulating in the body. This leads to undesirable edema, kidney problems and cardiovascular system. Excessive consumption of salt during pregnancy can adversely affect both the health of the pregnant woman and the development of the child.

It is also worth remembering that during saltingUse vinegar. This component is undesirable for pregnant women. Vinegar can cause heartburn, it negatively affects the stomach. Therefore, from the use of any products in a salty and marinated form during the period of bearing the baby is better to give up.

And in general, pregnant women are encouraged to consume all vegetables and fruits in fresh form, as thermal treatment will deprive the products of some amount of nutrients.

Now you know what the benefits of tomatoes are forPregnant women and who should stop using this vegetable. And remember the main thing: during the carrying of the baby even the usual products, if there are them in unlimited quantities, can cause harm. Therefore, know in every way, take care of yourself and the crumbs!

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