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Papilloma during pregnancy: causes, symptoms, treatment


Many women during pregnancy disturb small formation on the skin and mucous membranes - the so-called papillomavirus. As far as they are dangerous for the mother and baby?

Pregnancy - is not only a great timeexpectations of the long-awaited birth of an heir, but the real test for the expectant mother. It was at this time the woman may experience a number of diseases and pathologies, with whom she has not experienced before. This occurs on the background of hormonal changes the body and reduce immunity, which is quite natural during pregnancy.

One of these troubles are papillomavirus -little education on the surface of the skin and mucous membranes. Let us find out how they are dangerous for the mother and the baby, and what methods of dealing with this problem to date there.

What is a papilloma?

Papilloma during pregnancy: causes, symptoms, treatmentVirus human papillomavirus (HPV) - the common name of a group of viruses,which number over a hundred. Today papillomavirus is the most common benign tumors that develops from the squamous epithelium and is formed on the skin in the form of warts or growths.

Serve these formations are on the neck, in the area ofarmpits, eyelids, under the breasts, on the mucous membrane of the mouth and nose, genitals and so forth. Externally growths are shaped like a cock's comb, or cauliflower, and their color varies from flesh to dark brown.

Dispatched papillomavirus touch andsexually. Women and men are equally infected with HPV, and the disease can manifest itself until several months after infection.

Most infected people are at risk,promiscuous and have bad habits such as smoking and alcohol abuse. Vulnerable to the virus, and people with weakened immune systems - for example, post-influenza, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as women in child waiting period.

Because of what appear papilloma during pregnancy?

More precisely, the scientific evidence thatwould prove the activation of HPV in expectant mothers, there is today, but there are certain assumptions about the causes of the disease in pregnant women:

  • Papilloma during pregnancy: causes, symptoms, treatmenthormone Activity. Everyone knows that in the period of gestationthe body of the future mother undergoes massive hormonal changes. Hormones can affect the growth of certain cells in the upper layers of the skin and provoke the emergence of nodules;
  • rapid weight gain. This occurs most commonly in the last trimester, when the fetus (as well as the expectant mother) begins actively to gain weight;
  • skin friction. Causes is simple: future moms weight increases and the usual clothes become tight. In areas of the skin friction with clothes (in the area of ​​the collar, armholes, groin) appear small balls, which subsequently grow.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

As previously mentioned, papillomas are small balls appearing on the skin of a pregnant.

The most common waiting period baby growths appear on the neck, face, upper chest, nipples, between the breasts, in the groin and armpits.

Papilloma during pregnancy: causes, symptoms, treatmentAn indication that a woman has HPV,almost always the appearance of warts on the skin and mucous membranes. However, to assume the presence of the virus in the body of the future mother can activate before the build-up. To do this, you must pass a special test for human papillomavirus (it is paid and shall be appointed at the request of a woman or a doctor's recommendation).

However, the signal can be the possible HPVand fibrinogen. Fibrinogen - a protein produced by the liver, which occurs due to blood clotting. If fibrinogen is elevated, this suggests that the body is withering away of tissue inflammation process either viral or infectious nature, in particular HPV.

How dangerous appearance virus papilloma during pregnancy?

All the women in "interesting"Position and faced with this problem, disturbing, how dangerous HPV for the unborn baby.

In most cases, these fears are groundless: the virus does not affect the health of the fetus, except in cases where the unpleasant growths affect the vagina and labia expectant mother.

Education, localized on the genitals,represent a threat to the health of the crumbs, which is to be born, because in this case the possible infection of the baby during its passage through the birth canal. And this, in turn, is fraught with the emergence of the disease in a child as warts (or respiratory laryngeal papillomatosis) of the larynx.

That is why in case of genital warts pregnant recommend to abandon vaginal birth and to resort to caesarean section.

And for most women, genital warts (socalled growths in the genital area) represent a serious risk, since in the absence of treatment and progression can lead to cancerous tumors!

Papilloma during pregnancy: causes, symptoms, treatmentThe main threat posed by the HPV,It is that in combination with weakened immune systems, women may be exacerbated (or will be) different diseases that cause complications of pregnancy and / or health problems in the newborn.

In addition, HPV during gestation can cause the development of candidiasis (thrush), which the baby during childbirth can also become infected.

Treatment of warts during pregnancy

Unfortunately, the methods of complete cure of the disease does not exist. Getting rid of it can only be through the elimination of symptoms, ie, removing themselves unpleasant growths.

To self-medicate and try to do it yourself is not worth it - remember that it can be dangerous both for the mother and for the baby!

If you have any papillomavirus, be sure to contact your gynecologist! He will appoint the necessary tests will determine the type of virus and prescribe treatment if necessary.

Remove papilloma during pregnancy in two cases:

  • when the growths are in places of contact with clothing (eg, in the neck or groin), and growing, they can be damaged by mechanical means;
  • if they are located on the labia and vagina, then there may be a threat to the child.

If the formation of localized on the body and notgives women the inconvenience (except, of course, the psychological discomfort), not hanging and inflamed, their removal is deferred until the time when the baby is born.

However, it often happens so that the HPV symptoms after delivery disappear by themselves.

Papilloma during pregnancy: causes, symptoms, treatmentSurgical removal can be effected bycircumcision growths special scissors or using frozen. This procedure is virtually painless (feels reminiscent of a mosquito bite) and does not require anesthesia.

But unfortunately, even the removal of entities notIt guarantees that they will not appear again. In 30-50% of cases after surgical excision of papillomas appear again at a time when the human body is reduced for any reason.

Prevention of disease

Most often, the build-up during pregnancythere are those women who are already carriers of HPV. To reduce the risk of unpleasant processes should protect yourself from hypothermia, do not wear too tight clothes and tight, to control weight gain, as well as to take the necessary to maintain immunity vitamin-mineral complexes.

To avoid infection, it is recommended papillomaswith caution to attend such public places as a room, a sauna, a pool, and the most important thing - to have sex with only one partner who is not a carrier of the virus. Remember that even condoms can not guarantee 100 per cent protection against genital warts.

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