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HCG Pregnancy


Identification of normal and pathological processes during pregnancy, which may indicate high or low levels of hCG

Pregnant women need to take greatnumber of assays, some of them more than once. This often causes concern among women and doubt whether all they right? One of the tests, which are performed repeatedly fence is hCG pregnancy.

What is HCG?

HCG PregnancyHuman chorionic gonadotropin -specific hormone, which is produced by the chorion into the attachment of the ovum. This process occurs almost from the moment of conception, that is why HCG levels - a reliable criterion for early diagnosis of pregnancy, unless, of course, is valid analysis. For what level of analysis performed at HCG pregnancy for all three trimesters?

The fact that for each specific term characteristic results of this analysis.

And if the results show the data that go beyond the figure "normal", then your doctor will prescribe additional tests to check whether the child pathologies and whether it is developing normally.

The components of hCG are two particles: alpha and beta. In pregnancy, it analyzed the level of beta-unit of blood. This analysis can be done in two or three days delay. HCG level necessarily rise if the egg is fertilized, and since its conception took place about ten days.

For greater accuracy, it is recommended the re-execution analysis as well as intravaginal ultrasound.

Rapid tests for pregnancy, weuse in the home, also based on the detection of hCG. This method is sufficiently reliable to determine whether fertilization and treatment with the results of research in the antenatal clinic. The test detects a hormone contained in urine, where its concentration is nearly half that of blood.

HCG levels at different stages of pregnancy

Once fertilized oocyte,chorion (the outer membrane shell) actively allocates gonadotropin, and makes it quite quickly. Thus, in the first trimester hCG every two days grows twice. By the end of the first trimester reaches its peak, and then gradually decreases, while not changing significantly.

Therefore, it is the results of the study of the dynamicsHCG pregnancy allow the doctor to draw conclusions about the norm or pathology in its development. By assigning you this re-analysis, your doctor is reinsured in the early detection of possible abnormalities - is not worth because of this worry.

The rate of hCG at a particular stage of pregnancy -the concept is quite relative. Even in different laboratories reference values ​​can be different. Only a qualified gynecologist-endocrinologist can give you a precise answer whether there is a deviation in your analysis or not.

HCG standards by week pregnancy:

pregnancy Week The level of hCG
1-2 25-300
2-3 1500-5000
3-4 10,000-30,000
4-5 20000-100000
5-6 50000- 200000
6-7 50000- 200000
7-8 20000 - 200000
8-9 20000 - 100000
9-10 20000 - 95000
11-12 20000 - 90000
13-14 15000 - 60000
15-25 10000 - 35000
26 - 37 10000 - 60000

Non-normative values ​​of hCG

In cases where the results deviate from the norm,and increased levels of the hormone or too low, there is reason for further investigation. It is important to specify correctly set the duration of pregnancy, otherwise you will get exactly the standards discrepancy hormone and weeks since the beginning of fertilization.

Significantly elevated levels of hCG in pregnancy - is ideally identifier prolific fertilization. hormone concentration increases in proportion to the number of embryos.

Elevated levels of this hormone can also talk about the stock:

  1. toxicosis;
  2. of preeclampsia;
  3. Fetal abnormalities;
  4. Perenashivanie.

Also, elevated levels of HCG can trigger diabetes or synthetic progestins.

Low levels of hCG in pregnancy iscriterion for the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy, the threat samoaborta, perenashivanie and chronic placental insufficiency, which is dangerous for your baby. When missed abortion HCG can also fall sharply. Stilled or regressing pregnancy - is the destruction of the embryo, where the hormone stops being produced, and there is hCG assays fall.

HCG PregnancyIn such a situation is usually monitored by the speaker, that is, the analysis dealt several times, and the results clearly show the change in the blood levels of the hormone.

In some cases, pregnancyinstalled incorrectly, and then the dynamics of hCG is not correct, so do not rush to panic and despair. It happens, so assigned additional US and only on the basis of its results, make a determination.

If it turns out that the ovum is not, and hCG levels in the blood significantly - this is called a false positive result.

There might be one effect of the following factors:

  1. Hormonal drugs (oral contraceptives);
  2. Residual effects of a previous pregnancy or abortion;
  3. horionkartsinoma;
  4. Molar pregnancy or relapse;
  5. Cancer tumor.

In this situation, the gynecologist will advise you to what expert to contact for further examination and treatment.

How to take the test for hCG

For maximum reliability and accuracy analysismust pass correctly. For it is from a vein on an empty stomach, and preferably in the morning. On the eve of exercise should be excluded for the most reliable results. If you are taking any hormonal medication, be sure to inform the technologist before the delivery of the analysis.

Whatever the results of your analysis of hCG - do not panic and do not take too much in my head. The doctor interprets them correctly and calmly explain everything to you.

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