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Mucous plug: it looks like when the leaves?


During pregnancy the body to protect the mother and fetus cervical mucus of women is formed. It thickens and clogs the uterus. Know when to be released mucus plug and what it means

One of the signs of fast delivery is outputmucus plug. Many pregnant women waiting for the firstborn, little imagined that this mucus plug, when it should move and how to behave in such a situation.

Mucous plug: it looks like when the leaves?All these issues should be clarified at the end of the third trimester, to not be afraid of sudden discharge of mucus from the vagina.

What is a mucous plug?

Clot mucus in appearance and texturereminiscent of egg protein - this is how it looks mucous plug. It is formed about the end of the first month of pregnancy the cervix under the action of hormones.

When the fertilized egg travels to the uterus andimplanted there, the cervix swells, softens and fills the cervical mucus, which produces its own cervical cells. Then the mucus thickens and seals the entrance to the uterus, preventing the fetus and the mother's body from infections.

In late pregnancy, under the influence of the hormoneEstrogen softens mucus, and the clot out. This typically occurs immediately prior to delivery or for several hours or days, 2 times per week. Sometimes the mucus moves during the inspection at the gynecologist. In this case, the cause of divergence becomes the tone of smooth muscles of the uterus, due to the reduction is ejected.

Cork can go as a whole or in parts. For some women, it gradually moves away for a few days in the form of discharge resembling in appearance the beginning or end of menstruation. Pregnant and can not notice a discharge of mucus, it just comes out when you urinate, or taking a shower. Often she leaves during childbirth.

Not to be confused with normal mucous plugvaginal discharge, you need to figure out how it looks. Parous women notice that the mucus plug pregnant looks like a jelly. As a rule, it has a yellowish, beige, pinkish, brownish color can be colorless.

Mucous plug: it looks like when the leaves?What color tube is dependent on a pregnant womanthe presence of blood in it. The clot can be viewed streaks of blood, due to the fact that during the opening of the uterus small capillaries burst and blood enters the mucus. If the blood slightly, the color will be pink if more brownish. If the clot is no blood, what color it will be, then?

Usually white or beige. A small amount of blood in the tube - it's completely normal. If there is a lot of blood or she stands in front of or after a discharge cork during pregnancy, you should consult your gynecologist. There is the risk of detachment of the placenta.

How and when it moves mucus plug in pregnancy

Plug all women depart at different times: someone just before the birth, someone in the process of giving birth, and someone a few days before giving birth. Normally it comes out not earlier than 14 days before delivery. If the clot has departed earlier than 38 weeks, you must consult your doctor immediately!

If the output of the clot and moved still waterregular contractions started, it's time to go to the hospital. If other precursors of birth is not observed, collected in the maternity ward early. It is important to consult a doctor if the clot of red color, it has a lot of blood.

If the mucus is normal color, is to inform the doctor at the reception, he decided after the examination, in time for you to pre-natal department of the discharge of her or even possible "take a walk".

As the tube moves during pregnancy whatfeelings may be accompanied by its output? Very often there is no way out of the bunch of unpleasant or even of any sensations. Many women do not feel they will know that he went on the stains on underwear or bed.

Mucous plug: it looks like when the leaves?This is especially true for situations where the tube goes in pregnancy parts. Sometimes the clot out sensitively, but no pain, just a feeling that something flows from the vagina.

Before birth output plugs may be accompanied bynot strong pain impulses, pulling pain and tension in the abdomen. After that, the pain felt like menstruation, which blends in with the fight. It heralds the beginning of the generative process.

If the contractions occur every 10 minutes, time to go to the hospital. If the interval between contractions for longer, they are not strong, there is still time to get ready and shower.

In any case, after a discharge cork is already possible to expect the imminent appearance of the baby. So, stay calm and get ready for the birth of a miracle!

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