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Swimming and pregnancy: what is the use, and whether there is harm?


Swimming in the period of bearing a child strengthens health and helps support the body of a woman. Pleasant exercises will allow you to relax, relieve stress and prepare for childbirth

What is regular swimming during pregnancyUseful - known to many. But without specificity and real recommendations for future mothers can not do, because the correct conduct of water exercises can simplify the period of gestation and facilitate childbirth.

Why should pregnant women swim?

Swimming and pregnancy: what is the use, and whether there is harm?Physical exercises in water are much easier to carry by the body. If we talk about women in the situation, the weight, which is so palpable and inconvenient on land, does not interfere with the water at all.

That is why water classes will not only be effective, but also lasting. This "weightlessness"Makes the body soaring and light, which helps to relieve stress and fatigue.

It is important that swimming during pregnancy givesCorrect loading on many muscles of the body: back, perineum, legs, abdominal and shoulder girdles. This is necessary, because during the birth it is necessary to mobilize all the forces of a woman, and her body must be hardy and prepared for such a test.

Diving also plays a huge role in trainingTo childbirth. It teaches rhythmically to hold your breath when exercising. But do not forget that it is important to pay attention to respiratory gymnastics, not only in the pool, but also at home.

A kind of rehearsal is considered very usefulFights, which involves alternating tension and relaxation of muscles. Such training can help to gather and will give the opportunity to hone the algorithm of behavior during labor clashes to automatism.

Playing sports is a guarantee of health and endurance of a person. But all the same, why swimming for pregnant women is irreplaceable? Why should you give preference to this sport?

First of all, swimming, or rather, diving isPreparation of the baby for the upcoming birth. The fact is that when a person submerges completely into water and, correspondingly, detains a woman's breath, the child's emerging organism is prepared for oxygen deficiency that awaits him at birth.

Of course, the benefits of swimming for a pregnant woman are huge, but for all? Doctors say that there are no significant contraindications to water procedures in the basin.

Practically the only exception is the threat of miscarriage. Then this can not be a question, because a woman is assigned a bed rest for a long period.

But since each organism is individual, then it is safe to swim for an individual case, it is better to find out from a gynecologist. Only he decides whether to swim pregnant.

Begin water preparation of body and soul for childbirthCan be long before conception. This will help quickly get used to physical exertion, increase the tone of the body and join the healthy way of life. In addition, regular visits to the pool will increase the load in the exercises less noticeable.

Many do not know how to swim, but this does not mean at all,That swimming during pregnancy does not suit you. Why deprive yourself of such a useful lesson, because special sets of exercises for women in the situation do not require mandatory skills to stay on the water.

In addition to all the obvious advantages of training in the pool before delivery, there is one more thing - the formation of a woman's psychological readiness for the upcoming difficulties.

The future mother learns to listen and understand her body, becomes self-confident and acquires a clear understanding of her responsibility for the life of the little person.

To achieve a positive effect, you need to know how to swim pregnant in the pool.

Aqua-gymnastics for expectant mothers

Swimming and pregnancy: what is the use, and whether there is harm?A regular prolonged stay of a woman in the water helps her to absorb the sensations of the child. This group demonstrates this statement brightly, called the "Trickle", Which allows you to stay a little in the role of a baby.

It consists in the following: All women get up in the pool one after another, legs are widely spaced, thus creating something like a corridor. The last lady dives and swims between the legs of the previous and becomes the first. The same is done by the rest.

This action demonstrates to future mothers how difficult it is for a toddler to overcome obstacles during birth.

If we talk about whether it is possible to swim pregnant in the last months of gestation, then each doctor will boldly answer that it is not only possible, but also (in the absence of contraindications) is very desirable.

To have an idea of ​​how things are going on, consider several water exercises for women in the situation.

Of course, it's quite possible to practice alone, but it's safer and more comfortable to do everything in a team and under the supervision of a coach.

Warm up is a preliminary complex of group exercises. Prepare for the main load will help below description of its examples.

The group becomes in a circle and is divided in pairs. Holding on to the partner's hand, you have to press your knees at the same time and slowly sink to the water, while you can "clapIn the water with his legs bent.

Next, lie on your back, stretching your legs. In this position, start to breed and reduce legs, slowly bend your knees and pull them to your chest, then - straighten your legs.

After the body has come to tonus and ready to go to the main exercises.

They can be divided into the following blocks:

  • Exercises with a partner;
  • swimming;
  • Independent exercises at the side.

Let's consider some exercises of the basic block of employment:

  • Hold your nose with your hand, and knees, hanging in the water, ask your partner to turn you in different directions several times;
  • Holding hands with a partner, lay down on the water, faceWhile looking down. Pre-cross your legs from behind, bend and try to let the air out of the lungs for a long time. Such an exercise can be performed alone;
  • If you can swim, swim in the pool on your back, helping yourself only with your feet. You can also swim in a frog, while pushing away from the water with all the limbs;
  • The rim can be an excellent support when performingExercises. For example, holding his hands, move your legs, depicting riding a bike. Also, make simple movements with your legs - fold and bend at the knees.

If you plan to work in a group, then there is no need to look for a suitable set of special exercises, since an experienced trainer will select an individual program for each woman.

The mode and intensity of exercise during pregnancy

Of course, the benefits of swimming are palpable - it charges with vigor and strength for the whole day. But choosing the intensity of training, you must also take into account the duration of pregnancy.

In the first trimester, a 20-minute lesson is considered optimal every two days. Many future mothers claim that swimming early in the morning helps to get rid of nausea.

In the second trimester, there is no need to reduceNumber of occupations, since the risk of injuries in the basin is significantly lower than on land. Especially water protects the body from overheating during physical exertion.

The third trimester is practically the sameIntensity of training, but you need to focus on your feelings and, if necessary, reduce the number of training sessions. The only thing you need to think about is the purchase of a large swimsuit, since the forms will be rounded.

Swimming and pregnancy: what is the use, and whether there is harm?If you doubt whether you can swim during pregnancy and whether you need it, remind yourself of the following benefits of exercise in the water:

  • Development of many muscles of the body;
  • The formation of psychological and physical readiness for childbirth;
  • Communication with other women in the situation, exchange of experience;
  • Improvement of blood circulation and so on.

As you can see, the benefits of water procedures are enormous, and there are many pleasures from them. The main thing is to choose what suits you and your baby. Calm your pregnancy and light birth!

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