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Main causes and symptoms of edema in pregnancy


Why do I get swelling during pregnancy? How to define them, and as evidenced by their presence? How to get rid of Run-off

Status pregnancy greatly affects the bodyany woman. At this time, there occurs a lot of metamorphoses. All of them generally lead to increase in the load on the organs and systems. That is why it may be unwell or even manifest a hidden disease.

Main causes and symptoms of edema in pregnancyIf the body have indolent disease, pregnancy can affect it more vivid manifestation.

It is desirable that a woman is still at the stageplanning pregnancy passed the most comprehensive examination of the body, passed all the necessary tests in order to have the child-bearing with no face difficulties due to not dolechennoy disease, because they can be dangerous for both the expectant mother and the fetus.

One problem states that occur in this period of life women are swelling. Typically, they occur in every pregnant, some more pronounced in others - less.

Normally, pregnancy is this phenomenon - a symptom of a disease associated with the cardiovascular system or kidneys. But worth noting that "pregnant"May occur for these reasons.

In addition to the obvious swollen, which are visible to the naked eye, and can be hidden (internal), which are more dangerous. In medicine, they are called pastoznost tissues.

Symptoms of covert and overt edema occurring during pregnancy:

  • The main symptom is swelling of internaluneven weight gain. In the third trimester, women should add 300 grams per week, but if this figure varies or becomes much more, then it is definitely a violation of fluid output system of the body;
  • The familiar, long since worn-shoes starts to press his feet;
  • Rings with difficulty or not at all removed from the hands.

The complexity of the diagnosis of hidden edema caused by the fact that determine their presence can only be on uneven or excessive weight gain.

To confirm this phenomenon, the attending physician may resort to several methods of examination:

  • Weigh-in speaker. This is a mandatory procedure, which is performed at each visit. It is because it is possible to discover hidden edema;
  • Research diuresis. The event is to compare consumption and liquid. Healthy people, including a pregnant woman should highlight? from drunk. At the same time take into account not only water, juice, tea and other beverages but also a variety of soups, juicy vegetables, fruits and berries. This test is recommended to spend 3 days in a row to get the most accurate result;
  • Also guided by measurements over time. the circumference of the ankle is usually measured. If it is for 1 week increased by more than 1 cm, then it is a clear sign of excess fluid in the body;
  • In addition, often resort to the method Blisteringsample. This procedure is simple, painless and not dangerous. In the forearm injected normal saline (0.2 ml). Make it a small needle, leaving a small blister appears. If the body is all right, then an hour later there will be no trace of him.

Often, swollen hands and during pregnancy. Usually the legs with too swollen. In addition, this phenomenon can be seen on the belly, and even on the face. Most often it affects the eyelids, because of anatomical features they absorb excess water like a sponge.

What can be dangerous swelling that appeared during pregnancy

  • Main causes and symptoms of edema in pregnancyPreeclampsia. Swelling may be the initial stage of this dangerous disease. Typically, pre-diagnose "dropsy"When dialed weight exceeds 20 kg. This condition can be treated and corrected. It is very important to prevent the subsequent appearance in moche.Esli high blood pressure and protein, these symptoms are still there, then threatened the life of the fetus. If the ankle joint and adds a circumferential accompanied nephropathy, this means that preeclampsia already in the first stage. In the future, it may be pre-eclampsia - unfavorable condition of the fundus and brain sudorogi.Poslednie - the most dangerous for the life of the baby in the womb, in fact cause premature aging of the placenta and fetal hypoxia. Treatment is usually required only in the second stage of the disease, that is, when the protein appears in the urine, and this is carried out before correction;
  • Cardiovascular disease. In women with such abnormalities are usually swollen lower limbs and upper remain normal. State accompanied by shortness of breath, heart palpitations, sweating, and cyanosis of the kind of the upper lip;
  • Kidney disease. Typically, swollen fingers, eyelids, face in pregnancy, accompanied by pathology in the kidney. There are bags under the eyes. Most often, doctors ascertain glomerulonephritis - kidney disease immunoallergic nature. Other urological diseases including pyelonephritis, do not give visible edema;
  • Water retention in the body. Usually swelling occur in the last weeks of pregnancy, as in the first two trimesters body gradually accumulate water. It is enough to make a simple test - click on the front shin. If the pit is formed is white and is not aligned at once, it is a clear sign of excess water.

Treatment of edema in pregnancy

To eliminate the swollen, depending on what they were called, use medicines, traditional medicines and dieting.

Main causes and symptoms of edema in pregnancyAs during the course of treatment and ina preventive measure, the principal assistant is proper nutrition. We can say that it is likely dietary. It is important that the woman in this period followed their weight.

To diuretic system worked betteruse celery, cress lettuce, apples and parsley in small quantities. Irreplaceable there and garlic and onions, because they promote better blood circulation, but also to be zealous not worth it to them. I recommend taking vitamins.

Sometimes a doctor prescribes artificial, but it is possiblereplace them with natural products. In particular, important vitamins E and C, which are contained in the bell peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, strawberries, melon, cashews and almonds, sunflower seeds, corn, soybean oil, and wheat germ.

It is recommended to reduce salt intake because of its fluid is retained in the body.

If swollen hands, fingers, the doctor mayappoint diuretics, but in small amounts and for a short while. In some cases, may prescribe diuretic teas, but they also take only a gynecologist appointment.

As an aid used vitamins and drugs to strengthen the blood vessels, because it is through them the liquid is absorbed.

Despite the fact that the swelling is accompanied by almostevery pregnant woman in the last weeks, you should always consult with your doctor about this, because they can be signs of latent diseases, if ignored, may result in deplorable and very pregnant, and the baby.

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