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Late-term abortions


How are abortions late in pregnancy. Stages saline abortion. Stages of surgical abortion

In the later stages of pregnancy are known the following methods of interruption:

1. Salt abortion
2. Surgical
3. Criminal

The first two methods are used officially only in case of medical indications the woman or the fetus.

With regard to criminal abortion, the woman come to him in case of a strong desire to terminate the pregnancy and the lack of legitimate medical indications for termination.

Let us consider a saline abortion is performed and how a surgical abortion performed by the expansion of the uterus and remove the fetus in late pregnancy.

Saline abortion

In the later stages are used as surgicalmethod of abortion and abortion saline (salt priming). Saline abortion, presenting a huge risk to the woman's life is still used, although less frequently.

It is carried out by means of pumpingamniotic fluid and its replacement saline. The child, being in the caustic solution, painfully die within a few hours of a brain hemorrhage, chemical burns and poisoning. In a day, sometimes 48 hours after the baby's death, the physician removes the body.

In some cases, after filling the salt children survive, remain disabled.

Surgical abortion

Another method of abortion used to terminate a pregnancy in the second trimester if necessary.

It is a method of expansion and removing the fetus. The cervix expand and forceps and suction tube removed child.

Residues fetal tissue is removed by vacuum aspiration. After the procedure, possible bleeding.

Stages of surgical abortion

A child is trapped at random by using a special clamp
B. On parts of the child's body is derived from the vagina
C. The remaining body parts are clamped and stretched out.
D. The baby's head is clamped and crushed to pass through the vaginal canal.
E. The placenta and the remaining parts are sucked out of the uterus.

This medical abortion produced by 20 weeks after the last menstrual period

criminal abortion

Criminal abortions can be performed assurgical expansion of the uterus and fetal extraction in pieces, and with the help of salt method. There are other clandestine and illegal, "folk" methods of abortion in the later stages, but they are very dangerous for a woman's life and can lead to her death.

If you still admit the thought of committing this terrible procedure and seek national way as to have an abortion - read the book "Criminal Abortion" Lomachinskogo AA

Whatever the cure did not seem to have an abortion a woman is notwishing to give birth, we should remember that abortion always leads to health problems. They can occur not only once (eg, bleeding), but much later, including the formation of malignant tumors.

The only indication for abortion, the morelate-term abortions, is irreversible pathology of the fetus and a direct threat to a woman's life, but there are cases when a woman does not matter what was decided to give birth, and a long-awaited baby is born without bringing maternal no harm, and deviations corrected in its development, and the kid can live a full life of a healthy child.

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