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Why stop growing belly a pregnant woman?


Why stop growing belly expectant mother? Factors affecting the growth of the abdomen, and the main reasons for stopping its increase

Growth in the abdomen during pregnancy isas an indicator of an individual, to talk about some normative values ​​at times impossible. Yet there is a certain relationship between the growth in the abdomen and the period of gestation baby.

Why stop growing belly a pregnant woman?In light of this, many women are concerned about when the stomach during pregnancy stops growing, and whether it is not dangerous for the baby. In our today's article we will try to deal with this pressing "pregnant"Problem.

Slowly but surely

There are times that women, especially ifpregnancy first they are very worried about the growth of his tummy. Some people think that their stomach is almost not growing, and so are starting to sound the alarm. In fact, the main symptom of pregnancy may vary in size very slowly, so that it is practically imperceptible.

The reason may be individual featuresthe female body, body type, or genetic predisposition. For medical advice, of course, is to apply, but if a pregnant does not observe any symptoms of concern, while not necessarily sound the alarm.

And the gynecologist is likely to reassure you that everything is going according to plan, and slow or fast growing belly during pregnancy - is a secondary factor. The main thing is that the baby was healthy and developing!

Do not growing, because soon give birth!

If a woman is at 37-38 weeks of pregnancy observes that the belly stops growing, you can not particularly worry and actively collect the bags for the hospital. In the opinion of "seasoned"During this period the size of the abdomen, and reaches its peak at many growth is no longer observed.

But exceptions are not cases where the mother's waist increases in size up to the birth.

missed abortion

Why stop growing belly a pregnant woman?Of course, if there is abdominal growth stops in the late stages of pregnancy, urgently need to seek medical help as this could be a sign of fading fetus.

But in addition to the termination of the uterine growth, there are plenty of related symptoms that testify to this fact:

  • Cease perturbations in the stomach;
  • Sharply increased body temperature;
  • May be present spotting.

Undoubtedly, these symptoms are urgentcause for treatment to the doctor, but the self-diagnosis is not necessary, as the final word can only be for a doctor after a series of necessary tests.

How to cope with the feeling of fullness

Unpleasant pregnant companion is feelingdistension in the abdomen, which is often observed in the first pregnancy. The reason is that the abdominal muscles are gradually getting used to the new position, which is quite typical for the ordinary state.

Especially the feeling of constant distention of the abdomen during pregnancy is present if the child's growth is very fast, or the baby is large enough.

In the presence of a weak muscular system in the areabelly is often a problem or discrepancy diastasis recti during pregnancy. At this point, a narrow strip of connective muscle tissue in the central part of the abdomen is stretched significantly, and after childbirth can be the cause of not only aesthetic problems but also cause physiological disorders in severe forms of diastase.

To avoid such phenomena, it is necessary tothe beginning of pregnancy to support the condition in tone abdominal muscles. Since the basic physical fitness will help you not to deal with this issue as the difference of tissues, and allows you to quickly return to an attractive shape after childbirth.

A great option is yoga, swimming, exercises on a fitball or gentle Pilates.

If you are a frequent visitor the feeling of fullness,ability to relax can be very useful. Because many future moms are wondering how to quickly and properly relax the abdomen during pregnancy.

Why stop growing belly a pregnant woman?After all, even in a dream pregnant may not fullyrelax, so a good rest is especially appreciated during the waiting child. In addition, the ability to relax the muscles very well come in handy during labor, when a woman will have to exert a lot of effort.

Some experts recommend to learnJacobson procedure, which is based on a strong initial tension of muscles and their subsequent relaxation. The alternation of alternate tension and relaxation in separate areas of the body makes it possible to monitor the status of each site separately and relax it if necessary.

On the eve of the birth, we are sure to performtechnique, not only at home but also on the way home or in public transport. This will get used to control the body in unusual places, which is very useful in the process of giving birth in a hospital.

Now you know the main reasons that influencethe growth of the abdomen during pregnancy, and you need to know about this issue. So be attentive to their inner feelings, and if you feel that something is not going according to plan, seek medical advice immediately.

After all, who, like any mom can quickly understand the status of their baby, and noted that he stopped growing. We wish you easy and painless childbirth, and child health and tasty milk!

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