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Pregnancy & Footwear: Can I wear heels?


You learned that she was pregnant. And now, in your head a lot of questions that need answers. One of the dilemmas that women care about most - whether wearing heels during pregnancy.

The period of gestation of the child - a special time formost women. Upon learning of his situation, ladies abandon bad habits, start to watch your food, changing diet in favor of healthy and natural products. All this is well and good, but that's only many expectant mothers are missing one important point - the selection of clothes and shoes during gestation baby.

Of course, a woman wants to look beautiful andelegant even with a round tummy, but it is possible to wear the ladies in the position? Of course not. So today we'll try to answer one of the most popular questions asked by his lady gynecologists: "Is it possible for pregnant women to wear heels?".

Heels during pregnancy: to wear or not

Almost all gynecologists categorically opposed to wearing shoes with high heels during the childbearing.

This is due to the following factors:

  • Pregnancy & Footwear: Can I wear heels?Frequent wearing shoes with high heels has a negative impact on the location of the fetus and provokes the appearance of stretch marks stomach future moms;
  • Do not forget that when wearing stiletto center of gravity changes, and this has a negative impact on the spine;
  • If you wear high heels during pregnancy increases the load on the muscles of the pelvis, legs and waist. Such "Training" They may respond with pain in his back and legs expectant mother;
  • During pregnancy there is an increase in weightbody, with bundles on their feet because of the hormonal changes relax. All this leads to a huge load on the lower limbs, which can respond not only pain, but also provoke flat feet, varicose veins, and injuries.

The wearing of heels dangerous for expectant mothers

Pregnancy & Footwear: Can I wear heels?So, why can not wear heels pregnant?

As mentioned above, when wearing stiletto Centergravity changes. Tummy bulges forward and slightly slack. All this adversely affects the position of the uterus, which in turn, affects the location of the fetus in the mother. Ladies, constantly wearing high-heeled shoes may trigger a host of complications, such as preterm labor. Even in the early months of pregnancy to get involved in high heels is not necessary, because these shoes - additional load on the pelvic floor muscles. This can cause uterine contractions, and as a result, bleeding and even miscarriage.

Do not forget that during pregnancy someladies feel weak and dizzy. And if you add to this state also studs, the result of deplorable. Mom runs the risk of a number of injuries: strains, sprains or even broken. In addition, careless fall endangers life and crumbs. Is it worth the risk - decide for yourself.

Still, before you put on a beautiful high heels, weigh the pros and cons, so you do not regret.

An alternative to the heel can become resistantplatform or wedge. These shoes are more practical than the stud, but still dangerous. Therefore, choosing one or another couple, try, as far as you comfortably in it, check the resistance. Wedge platform or heel should be low and reliable.

Choosing shoes

Pregnancy & Footwear: Can I wear heels?Nobody says that pregnant women goonly in sandals, but the approach to the choice of shoes should be seriously and responsibly. Preference is better to give soft shoes made of natural materials on a flat sole and minimal heel. If you are interested in the question of what to wear heel pregnant is possible, the answer is - steady and whose height is no more than 5 cm in this case, no harm..

In the first trimester of pregnancy, future momsmay give preference to sports shoes with laces. It is convenient, practical, and the model can be found very beautiful and stylish. By the third trimester lacing - not the best option, tie shoes will be uncomfortable and difficult.

Buying shoes, boots, sneakers work out in the evening, since feet often swell in pregnant women. Try on your favorite pair several times. It is important that you have been in it comfortable and convenient.

Summer shoes for the period of gestation is recommended to take the baby with closed heel, such as ballet flats.

"Why?", - you ask. It's simple: open sandals with a heel fixed badly on his leg, so there is a risk of injury.

Choosing boots for the winter, buy them a little more,to avoid squeezing the legs, even if they otekut the end of the day. And yet, if the summer you can go pregnant in heels no higher than 5 cm in the winter, such experiments better not to. The fall in the ice can have dire consequences.

Summing up, I want to say, what to choose,a heel to wear during pregnancy - a private matter of each woman. However, you may want to give up high studs for their health and well-being of the future remains. If you completely remove from the wardrobe of shoes like you can not, then reduce to a minimum the wearing of it, as well as use special insoles that are a bit to reduce the load on the spine. If gathered heels on a long journey, take a spare pair of shoes. When the legs get tired, you can change the shoes.

Love and take care of yourself and the future baby!

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