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mucus plug Output: when this is the norm, and when - alarm bell?


How to distinguish the passage of mucus plug from the pathological process? When should I see a doctor? How to recognize a "right" clot?

The body of a pregnant woman beginsto function in a completely unusual mode from the first days after conception. It changes everything - from hormonal levels, blood flow to the direction and speed. The main substance that prolongs and preserves the process of carrying a child, is the so-called hormone of motherhood - progesterone.

mucus plug Output: when this is the norm, and when - alarm bell?Thanks to him "gates"Birth canal, ie, cervix remains tightly closed during all nine months. The cervical canal is filled with a thick gel-like substance, which is called the mucous plug. It was she who protects the unborn child from infection and diverse penetration uterine pathogens.

Passage of this mucus plug during pregnancy is considered to be the first harbinger of the approaching birth. It is for this "symptom"Expectant mothers recognize the signal of the need for early gathering in the maternity ward.

Mucous plug: how to recognize and avoid mistakes?

About the phenomenon of mucus plug, none ofwomen does not think outside of pregnancy. However, those who already resides in the "interesting situation", and watch for changes in your own body, know for sure - this dense clot of a transparent substance is a true advocate for the fetus. Just as our nose cavity secrete mucus for the purpose of protection against viral infections, cervix protects the child from all dangers almost daily encounters his mother.

Forerunners of birth, from time to timeIt appears from the 38th week of pregnancy, and include the discharge of mucus plug. However, it is not a universal phenomenon: sometimes a lump out of the woman's body is already in the process of delivery. Moreover, some confuse this event with such a dangerous phenomenon as podtekaenie amniotic fluid.

mucus plug Output: when this is the norm, and when - alarm bell?It should be understood that the true harbingers of births are not independent.

Upcoming events with your baby, you can feel the abdomen for a substantial omission "training " struggles, sharp minor weight lossamniorrhea. And here you should not rely only on the female, and now maternal intuition. It is important to listen to each signal of your body, in time to understand - here it starts!

When waiting for a discharge cork?

According to doctors, passage of the plug for 2 weeksbefore the expected date of delivery is considered to be optimal. However, not every body works in a perfectly-planned operation. If you see a mucous plug on your clothes - it does not mean that you can relax and obediently wait another fortnight. Your baby may begin to ask "to freedom"Already after 2 hours. Of course, panic, especially in your position, too, is not necessary. But inform her obstetrician-gynecologist, a leading pregnancy, you simply must.

The fact that there are pathologicalsyndromes in which the passage of the bunch is a signal to emergency measures for hospitalization. Call your doctor and explain when, how and under what circumstances you have moved the protective mucus. How does a clot? Does he smell? In what color is painted? Pre-inspect and ozvuchte all the nuances of a specialist.

What should be the cork?

Most women are interested in how it looks like the same one "right"Protective tube? In principle, its visual characteristics can vary and be different. Moreover, it may be fundamentally different from the appearance of the same woman at different pregnancies.

Experienced moms say, that multiparous clot moves away a little earlier. And this is not a banal "pregnant"Sign and clinically substantiated fact. The first deliveries are already several "reveal"The cervix and, therefore, the substance held therein is not so tight.

mucus plug Output: when this is the norm, and when - alarm bell?What is a mucous plug in pregnancy? It has no clear shape and resembles an ordinary bunch of gelatinous consistency. For some women, it is transparent, in some - a muddy hue.

The plug may include blood streaks, andin the normal course of pregnancy is not considered an anomaly and does not indicate a possible obstetric pathology. Also, the clot can be yellow, greenish and pinkish tint, and sometimes even include all those colors!

So, let's look at how Mucous plug departs distinguish pregnancy before birth, or have any chance of leakage of amniotic fluid?

  • Clot departs on average for 3-5 days before the expected date of delivery. Leaking water can start at any time, even when the resolution is still far up;
  • Color outgoing when pregnancy mucous plug - beige, yellow, transparent, streaked with blood. Water almost always have a pinkish tint or muffled salad;
  • The consistency of viscous mucus. Water is absolutely thin, watery;
  • The frequency of the output plug - a few days, portions equivalent to 1-2 tablespoons Rarely leaves the whole bunch at once. Water leaking constantly, there is a positive reaction "cough shock"(Separation increases with laughter, coughing, sneezing, sudden movements).

In case of divergence the actual "protective clot"Should simply observe the dynamics. If there is a suspicion of leaking water - need to urgently go to the hospital.

mucus plug Output: when this is the norm, and when - alarm bell?When the process of discharge of the bunch,woman feels about the same as in the critical days. It appears characteristic menstruation nagging pain in the lower abdomen and sacrum. This can happen at any time, especially during the morning toilet or in the shower. Then it is possible and does not see the phenomenon.

Another thing, if it happens otherwise. It's hard not to notice the obvious signs of slime on undergarments or bedclothes, especially since they are almost always abundant.

Why there are bloody streaks?

By the end of the process of gestation, the cervixgradually smoothed and shortened. This is provided by nature in order to expand and fully release the birth canal for the baby. At the same time injured small vessels and capillaries in the body of the body, which is why you can see in the bunch veins characteristic color. For this reason, the plug itself can have an intense brownish tint.

What to take?

  • If the plug is moved before the 37th week, it is important to urgently call the attending physician and report the incident. Perhaps you begin preterm labor, and here, every minute counts.
  • If this happened on the 38th week or later, to sound the alarm and call the doctor is not necessary. But be sure to mention this fact on your next visit to the antenatal clinic.
  • If along with the stopper of the crotch out a large amount of bright red blood, immediately call an ambulance! This symptom may indicate detachment or placenta previa!

Do not worry if the "real" battle has already begun, and the clot is still not visible. Firstly, it can go into labor, and secondly, you can simply do not notice it before.

mucus plug Output: when this is the norm, and when - alarm bell?And finally, the main question of all expectant mothers - when the natural "barrier"Lost, the child becomes vulnerable? No. His still protect amniotic membrane. It is still safe, if it is not marked leakage of amniotic fluid.

You have already encountered the phenomenonpassage of the bunch? Then your generations may start at any time - a few hours, days or even weeks. Now is the time to set up, prepare, gather my thoughts and look forward to seeing your favorite baby.

Try not to worry about nothing, gradually collect things that will take you to the hospital, Organize children. Let your motherhood will be most happy and carefree!

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