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Risk of scarlet fever during pregnancy


Is there a cure scarlet fever without medication during pregnancy? The more dangerous complications of scarlet fever during pregnancy?

It is believed that scarlet fever is a child's disease. Indeed, it can often be found in young children, but there is no age limit for the disease.

What effects of scarlet fever, if it occurs during pregnancy, will the pregnancy be interrupted? Is the condition reflected on the development and formation of the fetus?

How to treat the disease, if symptoms of scarlet fever appeared during pregnancy?

Scarlet fever

The disease occurs when the streptococcus is introduced into the body. It is transmitted by airborne droplets and contact routes, the incubation period can be 10-12 days.

Signs of scarlet fever:

  • Risk of scarlet fever during pregnancySore throat - yawn bright red - the clinical picture resembles a purulent sore throat;
  • heat;
  • General malaise and weakness;
  • A small rash on the body that disappears when pressed.

The rash appears on the third day after the onset of the disease.

The disease can occur without symptoms or with mildly symptomatic symptoms - only with the appearance of a rash.

In order to avoid complications, the disease should not be carried on legs.

Scarlet fever during pregnancy

For the development of the fetus, the danger of scarlet fever during pregnancy does not represent. If the future mother is sick, the pathology when introducing the infection in the body in the child will not arise.

The danger is different - the treatment is done with penicillin antibiotics, but they already pose a threat to the future baby, especially when used in the early stages.

In the first trimester it is undesirable to use any medications, much less antibiotics. Their use can cause miscarriage, disrupt the formation of organic fetal systems.

Treatment of scarlet fever is only a warm drink,Bed rest and herbal decoctions is impossible, especially since pregnant and herbs can be drunk with restriction. Even chamomile, which is considered one of the lightest and harmless types of plant raw materials, which has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, should be set aside before delivery. It has a choleretic effect - even if it is light - which can trigger an interruption.

If the disease is not treated, then there is a very high risk of serious complications from the urogenital system - pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, - or sepsis.

These diseases pose a threat not only to women's health, but also to her life. In this case, shock doses of antibiotics will be used.

If a spontaneous interruption does not occur,Then the decision on the continuation of gestation is taken after a thorough examination of the fetal conditions - do an ultrasound study and take the amniotic (amniotic fluid) for analysis.

Risk of scarlet fever during pregnancyWhen pregnancy is late, scarlet fever is less dangerous. You can already use antibacterial drugs. The basic systems of the fetus are already fully formed.

However, the risk of complications in the genitourinarySystem of woman and future baby. Intoxication with scarlet fever during pregnancy in early and late periods is equally dangerous, but to save the life of the child, you can make a caesarean section.

Currently, it is possible to save lifeInfants born on the 26-28th week, at the end of the 2nd semester. According to the physiological development, such babies catch up with their peers born on time, during the year.

Treatment of scarlet fever

At the first symptoms of the disease - whenHigh fever and sore throat - it is necessary to give up active life and change to bed rest. The first 3 days it is still unclear what disease will be and even the doctor can diagnose angina, but the best way to protect yourself from possible complications is to immediately go to bed, regardless of whether there is a pregnancy

Rash in the form of small specks appears on the bodyFor 3-4 days. In order not to take it for an allergic reaction, the following test is carried out. With a slight pressure, it pale, and when strong - the skin becomes golden in color. Localized pimples on the face, the torso and the groin. Disappear rash in a week, there are no traces after them.

It is interesting that the language because of the large accumulation of streptococci, red to 4 days, can acquire a green color. True, this symptom is not mandatory.

Rinse out purulent raids, as with angina, it is impossible. Rinse can relieve the pain in the throat, but not for long. They themselves pass as the general condition is eased.

After the appearance of the rash, the skin becomes dense and rigid, begins to peel off. This may be a sign that the recovery is close.

For treatment, antibiotics are prescribed fromPenicillin series, in case of their intolerance - from tetracycline. Antibiotic drugs must be used necessarily - an infection on the bloodstream is carried throughout the body, which causes a high risk of complications. They include vitamins, vitamins C, B, A, immune agents of various types.

Such therapy can be used only in late pregnancy - in the first trimester it is more dangerous for the development of the fetus than the disease itself.

Risk of scarlet fever during pregnancyCurrently, scarlet fever is not consideredA serious disease, it is easy to cure with the use of antibacterial drugs. Her danger in pregnancy is that antibiotics are not desirable during this period. With an easy flow of scarlet fever, you can do without drugs at all.

If contact with a sick scarlet fever wasWomen before the birth, she should warn doctors about it. In this case, a decision can be made about preventive measures - the mother and the newborn babies will be injected with antibacterial drugs.

Do not self-diagnose and self-medicate! This can be dangerous for your child's life!

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