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Can I use oxolinic ointment during pregnancy?


How does oxolinic ointment, indications and contraindications for use of the drug, the use of preventive and curative purposes

Pregnant women because of their condition muchprone to colds. The body is significantly overloaded and catch any virus is quite simple in this period. The immune system in expectant mothers a little weakened, besides graft at this time can not be done.

Can I use oxolinic ointment during pregnancy?If a woman becomes infected with influenza or SARS, thetreatment of the disease is delayed due to the inability to take antibiotics and some antiviral drugs. Furthermore, if there is any risk of infection complications of pregnancy or fetal development.

To protect themselves from infection with harmful germs canusing non-drug methods: honey, herbal infusions, ginger tea and other preventive measures. But very often these methods are not enough and have to resort to the help of pharmacology.

The vast majority of experts advise to use a unique tool, used both for prevention and for treatment - oxolinic ointment.

We can say that oksolinka as it is popularly called, is one of those substances that do not have contraindications to the use of pregnant women. In addition, it is readily available.

Why oxolinic ointment is used during pregnancy?

  • No contraindications as during childbearing and breastfeeding;
  • Simple mechanism of action. Means more concentrated than other similar drugs, so struggling with a variety of adenoviruses is much more effective. Medicines that are made on the basis of oxoline have a weaker effect due to the lower concentrations of substances;
  • It provides local protection. It lay in the nose, mucous so treated does not give viruses to penetrate further into the body;
  • When symptoms of primary herpes ointment can lay over the eyelid or skin smear;
  • To eliminate nasal congestion, acidification eyes.

Can I use oxolinic ointment during pregnancy?The prophylactic use of 0.5% ointment, and when already expressed disease - 1-3%. It is worth noting that the application of the ointment should be coordinated with the attending gynecologist or general practitioner.

It is possible to detectallergic reactions, which can cause more serious consequences for both mother and child. In addition, instructions to the drug should also be very well studied pregnant.

It should be noted that the ointment can help prevent or cure only adenovirus or herpetic disease, but do not or fungal infections.

That is, it is used to treat:

  • Herpes and rhinitis;
  • Viral diseases of the skin and eyes;
  • In order to prevent colds and flu.

Dangers when used oxolinic ointment

As with all medication drugs, this meansIt has contraindications. Oxolinic ointment is not dangerous, but the instruction states that the risk of pregnancy it is not defined. That is of special studies with this category of consumers was conducted. This in turn suggests that it may not be absolutely safe for women in the period of life.

Accordingly, to use the means atpregnancy is not recommended. Moreover, it is not always a viable option, for example, to combat infections and mutated viruses can affect the nasal mucosa and cause its hypersensitivity. It is worth noting that, like many other drugs, oxoline can increase blood pressure, which would entail the tone of the uterus.

Based on the above, it is possiblestate that to get involved in the ointment during pregnancy is not necessary. It is better to give preference to preventive measures, such as aloe juice and agave, teas with lemon and honey, etc.

As used oxolinic ointment during pregnancy

Prophylactic and therapeutic use different dosage and number of tabs ointment on mucous membranes.

As a preventive measure:

  • Used 0.25-0.5% oxoline;
  • The course should not exceed 25 days;
  • Lay not more than 2 times a day at home;
  • When visiting crowded places used every time before going out;
  • Number of ointments administered to the nose, should be the size of a match head;
  • Mortgaged means rubbed on the available body of the perimeter;
  • Wash, coming home, because it absorbs the adenoviruses.

Can I use oxolinic ointment during pregnancy?When the substance used for treatment hasmanifested disease, the number of tabs is increased to 3-4 times per day. But the rate should not exceed 5 days. Apply the product every 4 hours. 1 hour prior to the next tab should thoroughly rinse the nose with warm water to get rid of drug residues and slime, which already accumulate pathogenic microbes.

When ointment is used to treat herpes or other skin diseases, it is applied directly to the affected area of ​​skin once every 2 h. The previous layer must be washed off before this.

Oxolinic ointment used during pregnancy - the preparation of a wide spectrum of antiviral action, which found recognition among physicians.

Even despite the fact that the side effects of this tool is not yet fully understood, it is a leader among peers due to efficacy and safety.

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